Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 301

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The Legendary Man

One Condition

“Jonathan! No!”

Seeing Jonathan raise the gun, Sophia quickly ran in front of his gun barrel with her arms in the air.
She was using her body to stop him from shooting.

“Aunt Sophia, get out of the way!”

When Jonathan saw her standing in his way, he frowned and said, “This is between Emmett and me.
Don’t interfere!”

“I can’t let you do it!” Sophia bit her lip and stated, “Jonathan, I know this is between you and him.
However, do I need to remind you that I’m Emmett’s daughter? Without him, I would have never been
born into this world. As his daughter, how can I stand by and watch you end his life? He is my father!”

Upon hearing that, Jonathan furrowed his brows and questioned, “Aunt Sophia, have you forgotten who
sent an assassin to assassinate you last night?”

Someone who is willing to harm his biological daughter has no right to live in this world!

“I didn’t forget!” Sophia bit her lower lip so tightly that it looked as if it was going to bleed. “I will never
forget that the closest person I have in this world tried to take my life last night!”

As she spoke, she couldn’t help but turn to glance at Emmett and Loretta, who were kneeling behind

Her gaze was full of despair, and she was utterly devastated.

What can be more devastating than finding out that my own parents want to end my life?

The second she turned around, Emmett instinctively lowered his head, not daring to meet her eyes.

“Jonathan, listen to me. Please put the gun down.” Sophia looked at Jonathan and pleaded, “Whether
you want to admit it or not, they are ultimately your grandparents! Even if you cut ties with the Goldstein
family, you can never change the fact that you are blood-related to them! If you end their lives today,
I’m afraid Daniel and Elizabeth won’t be able to rest in peace. After all, the people you plan to finish off
are your father’s parents!”

When Jonathan heard Sophia mention his parents, his hand that was holding the gun suddenly started

The only people that could inadvertently affect his emotions were his parents, Daniel and Elizabeth.

From the day he had his memory, he knew that his parents had given him the greatest parental love in
the world.

Even though Daniel was the prestigious eldest son of the Goldsteins, he would bring Jonathan to go
fishing, shrimp catching, or hiking every day after work.

Sometimes, he would even secretly take Jonathan to go shopping.

As for Elizabeth, she used to be a megastar.

However, she was willing to give up the life of a celebrity and stop being the center of attention for the
sake of her son. Instead, she traded her glamorous life for one that left her preparing food and sewing
clothes for Jonathan.

Elizabeth went from being a megastar who never stepped in the kitchen to a virtuous model wife and
mother for her son.

Yet, all of it ended because of that car accident.

From then on, Jonathan became a destitute orphan who wandered the streets.

Consequently, the person he hated the most in his lifetime was the man kneeling before him and
personally kicked him out of the Goldstein family, Emmett.

There was no one else he hated more than Emmett.

He hated Emmett more than he hated the enemy general who stabbed his chest and almost ended his
life back when he was on the battlefield.

“Jonathan, I’m begging you. Please.” Seeing that Jonathan was still not lowering the gun, Sophia
abruptly fell to her knees in front of him.

“Snob, I’m begging you! Please spare their lives! If you insist on taking a life for a life, take mine! Take
my life on their behalf!”

“Aunt Sophia, what are you doing?” The moment Jonathan saw Sophia kneel in front of him, he
hurriedly stepped forward to help her up. “Please, stand up!”

“I won’t get up!” She continued to kneel stubbornly, refusing to get up. “I won’t get up until you agree to
stop! If you don’t agree to stop this, I will never get up!”

“Aunt Sophia, you’re forcing my hand!” Jonathan uttered grimly.

“If you think that I’m pushing you into a hard corner, then I am!” Sophia bit her lip and stated, “Let me
be the bad guy, then!”

“Aunt Sophia, you…”

Jonathan wanted to say something else, but he swallowed his words.

What else can I say? If I am determined to finish off Emmett and Loretta, even Andy can’t stop me, let
alone Aunt Sophia. However, she’s kneeling in front of me right now. What other choice do I have? Am
I really going to finish off Emmett and Loretta before her?

“Aunt Sophia, please stand up!” After a long moment of silence, he finally spoke up. Regardless,
despite hearing Jonathan’s words, Sophia continued to kneel and refused to get up. “Jonathan, if you
don’t promise me, I will not get up!”

“Fine, stand up. I promise!” Jonathan let out a long sigh and threw the gun in his hand away.

In my years of being Asura, once I raise my gun, I never put it down. Moreover, I never had mercy
whenever I was finishing off my target. It is a habit I have developed during my years on the battlefield.
However, today, I broke the record for the sake of Aunt Sophia!

“Snob, did you just agree?” The second Sophia heard his answer, she widened her eyes in surprise
and looked at him incredulously.

Even she herself did not expect Jonathan to agree so straightforwardly.

“Yes. Can’t you see that I’ve already thrown my gun away?” Jonathan reached out to help her to her
feet. “Stop kneeling on the ground. It’s chilly, and you might catch a cold!”

“Don’t worry. I have a strong body. I will not catch a cold so easily.” Sophia shook her head in an
unbothered manner. After that, she looked at him, bit her lip, and said, “Thank you, snob! I know I’ve
forced you to do something you are unwilling to do. I’m sorry!”

As soon as she finished her words, she suddenly grabbed both his hands.

“Why are you apologizing to me? Don’t forget that you are my aunt!” He glanced at her calmly and
proclaimed, “I can spare their lives, but on one condition!”

“What is it?” she asked anxiously.

“From now on, the Goldstein residence belongs to you, and the two of them will have nothing to do with
it anymore!” Jonathan looked at Emmett and Loretta, who were still kneeling on the ground, and said
coldly, “Furthermore, from today onward, I don’t want to see them step a single foot into the Goldstein

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