Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 300

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The Legendary Man

Identity Exposed

“Aunt Sophia?” Jonathan instantly recognized her voice even when he was not looking at her. “What
are you doing here?”

“I sneaked out,” Sophia quickened her steps and stood in front of him. “Something was bothering me
after you had left. My guess was right. You’ve indeed come to the Goldstein residence!”

Sophia had been having a bad feeling after Jonathan left the hotel. She was worried that he might act
on impulse.

After leaving the hotel, she immediately rushed to the Goldstein residence.

“Andy Morsley!” Jonathan’s expression turned grim; then, he turned back and he yelled at the yard that
was empty, “Get the hell out of here!”

In the next moment, a middle-aged man then emerged from a corner of the yard.

“Mr. Goldstein…”

Clad in a black blazer, the man looked rather guilty.

“Who gave you the permission to let her out?” Jonathan gave Andy a killer stare.

Oh no, he is going to kill me now!

“How could you blame me, Mr. Goldstein. You told me to protect her but didn’t ask me to stop her from
going anywhere…” Andy started breaking out in a cold sweat.

“Are you dumb?” Jonathan gritted his teeth and looked at Andy. “Don’t you know why I came here?”

“Mr. Goldstein, I…”

Before Andy could defend himself, Jonathan interrupted. “Enough with your explanation. Go back after
this, pack your belongings and meet Dorian at Mysonna.”

The second he heard Jonathan’s order, Andy instantly dropped his knees. “Forgive me, Mr. Goldstein!”

“Please give me another chance. Please don’t send me to Mysonna!”

Oh no, Mysonna is basically hell on earth! The sandstorm in that hellhole would last more than twenty
hours a day.

The worst was the freaking windstorms! It happens more than twenty days a month!

What a bloody torment!

I’d rather lock myself up in a room for half a year than spend a month in Mysonna!

“Are you trying to bargain with me?” A cold glint flashed across Jonathan’s eyes. “Try defying my order
once more, and I’ll put you in Mysonna for the rest of your life!”

Instantly, that warning sent chills down Andy’s spine right away!

All he could do was kneeled on the ground outside the door and dared not utter a word anymore.
Meanwhile, Emmett and Sophia were struck dumb when they heard Andy’s name.

Andy? Andy Morsley? The man kneeling outside is Andy Morsley? How is that possible?

Are you kidding?

Both Emmett and Sophia could not believe what they heard!

Is this a joke?

Andy Morsley is one of the Kings of War from Asura’s office and is in charge of hundreds of thousands
of elite soldiers!

Asura had personally assigned him to his office. With his effort, Andy had successfully led the Morsleys
to become the leader of the four prominent families! And yet, he’s kneeling before Jonathan and
begging for his forgiveness?

Emmett scoffed, “Stop acting, Jonathan. Do you think you can fool me by finding someone to
impersonate Andy Morsley? How stupid do you think I am?”

I am not a kid!

“If you think you can convince me that the person is Andy, I might as well admit I’m Asura!” he added.

What a joke. Andy had stained his hands with the blood of countless enemies, and you expect me to
believe that useless coward kneeling outside is Andy?

I am sure he has killed at least a few thousand lives!

The moment Emmett finished his sentence, the grim-faced Loretta who was kneeling beside him
reprimanded, “Shut up, Emmett!”

“Why should I?” Emmett let out a cold snort. “Is he worried that I might expose the impersonator’s

“Keep your mouth shut if you wanna stay alive!” Loretta would have slapped Emmett had she not been
hit by the bullet.

What the hell is he thinking?

Emmett might be too stupid to assess the situation, but Loretta was way smarter and she clearly knew
who the man was!

The so-called silly man who kneeled outside the door was none other than the legendary Andy Morsley
—one of the Kings of War from Asura’s Office!

Loretta had taken a peek at Andy from a distance during a dinner. Though years had passed, she could
still tell the man who was kneeling outside was Andy!


Emmett was not amused and wanted to rebuke her, but he saw that Loretta kneeled on the ground and
bowed in Andy’s direction. “Mr. Morsley!”

Mr. Morsley?

Emmett’s expression drastically changed when he heard the name.

He knew Loretta much more than anyone else. She would never kneel before anyone unless she knew
the person.

“You mean he’s really Andy Morsley?” Emmett looked at her in disbelief.

“Obviously!” Loretta shot daggers at him.

“If the man is Andy, does that mean Jonathan is…” Emmett’s eyes widened.

He turned his attention to Jonathan right away.

Andy would not bow to anyone else except the one and only Asura!

No! No way! That’s impossible!

The boy we kicked out of the family ten years ago is that godlike legend?

Even Sophia could not help but ask in disbelief, “Is he really Andy Morsley?”

“Of course.” Jonathan nodded.

He did not intend to reveal his identity to Sophia just yet, but looking at the turn of events, he could not
hide it from her anymore!

“Didn’t you say he’s your comrade?” Sophia kept looking at Jonathan and Andy back and forth.

She remembered Jonathan had once told her that Andy used to be his dormmate and had fought side
by side in various battles!

Why would the man kneel before Jonathan if they’re comrades?

And why would he address him as Mr. Goldstein in such a respectful manner?

“He’s my comrade, but he also works under me!” Jonathan looked at Sophia and said nonchalantly.
“There are things I wish to tell you but haven’t had the time to do so. I’ll explain to you clearly after this!”

All of a sudden, Jonathan lifted his gun again and aimed at Emmett’s head. “Now, let me settle old
scores with this man first!”

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