Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 299

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The Legendary Man

Stop It

“What do you think?”

Jonathan gave her a cold stare. “Do you remember what I said to you before you left Jadeborough?”

He continued, “I said if you dare to disturb Josephine again, I’ll destroy the Goldstein family. It looks like
my warning has fallen on deaf ears!”

“What are you talking about?” Loretta looked confused. “What do you mean I disturbed Josephine? I’ve
not met her since the day I left Jadeborough.”

“That’s enough! Stop acting!” Jonathan lost his patience.

Loretta was still trying to put up an act but Jonathan lost his patience and yelled at her, “You sent
someone to assassinate Josephine after you left Jadeborough, didn’t you?”

“What? When did that happen?” Loretta looked shocked.

“Quit acting.”

Upon seeing the expression on her face, Jonathan could not help but snort. “I guess you’ll only admit if
I tell you the assassin told me the truth, huh.”

“He must have spouted nonsense!” Loretta bit her lips and refused to give in.

“You should know if he was telling the truth.” Instead of wasting time, Jonathan pulled the trigger. Bang!
Without hesitation, he fired a shot at Loretta’s femur!


She dropped to her knees and kneeled before Jonathan.

“You b*stard! How could you shoot me? I’m your grandma!” Loretta reprimanded him while shrieking in

“I only have two family members ever since my parents passed away a decade ago, and they’re
Josephine and Sophia!”

“You and Emmett, on the other hand, are worse than strangers. At least strangers wouldn’t try to kill

The color drained out of Loretta’s face. “Traitor! You’re the traitor of the family!”

She was all worked up that her chest was heaving.

Loretta would have mobilized her connections to get rid of Jonathan had he not held her at gunpoint.

You bast*rd, I’ll skin you alive and burn you in your grave!

“God will punish you for your evil deeds,” she cursed.

That was a very vicious curse.

“Oh, really? If that’s the case, God would have punished you and Emmett first!” Jonathan looked up at
her with a scowl. “What kind of parents would throw their grandson out of the house when their son had
just passed away? My father probably wept in his grave!”

“And what kind of grandparents would leave their grandson in the lurch for more than ten years? As
parents, you’ve failed miserably!”

“Who are you to call me a bast*rd? Who the hell are you to even criticize me?”

Jonathan recalled the night when Emmett and Loretta threw him out of the Goldstein family some ten
years ago.

I will never forget what you did to me then!

The memory was so clear—it was the darkest moment in his life!

As the eldest in the family, Jonathan still found it hard to believe that his grandparents would kick him
out of the house when his parents had just passed away.

Did they know how hopeless I was? Did they even care?

Did they know the housekeeper kicked me to stop me from knocking on the door of the Goldstein
residence during the thunderstorm? Did they know I had a fever at that time?

Do they know how much I hate the Goldsteins even to this day?

I will never forget the pain and trauma that came along with that!

Jonathan did not exterminate the Goldstein family because he thought Emmett was the one who
placed the fresh bouquets on Daniel’s and Elizabeth’s graves. Had he not spotted the bouquets,
Jonathan would have led the Four Asura Guards to Yaleview and razed the Goldstein residence to the

Had he destroyed the family back then, Emmett and Loretta would not have had a chance to attempt to
assassinate him over and again.

“Do you know what’s my biggest regret in life?” Emmett stared at Jonathan and snorted. “I should have
sent someone to finish you off when I kicked you out of the family. Had I done that, you wouldn’t have

stood a chance to hold me at gunpoint!”

“You are nothing but a bloody beast! How dare you insult me!”

“Jonathan, I have had enough with your sob story. Just shoot me if you dare! Let’s see if you have the
guts to destroy the Goldstein family!” Emmett challenged Jonathan.

“Are you crazy?” Loretta’s eyes turned red. “Why would you challenge a lunatic to shoot you? What if
he pulls the trigger and kills you? What if he kills me too? I don’t want to die! Have you gone nuts?”

“Do you think he has the gall to do that?” Emmett sneered. “Do you think he can escape alive if he had
killed me? Do you think Asura will turn a blind eye to what he did?”

He continued to exclaim, “Even if Asura refuses to intervene, the Zellers would not let him off easily
too! Don’t forget, that b*stard was the one who turned Troy into a cripple! Today, I’ll resign to my fate,
but I’m sure he’ll die a miserable death too!”

“I will make sure I drag this bast*rd to hell with me!”

“You’re right. You should have killed me when you could ten years ago,” Jonathan said nonchalantly.

“It was sad that you’ve missed your only shot. Anyway, it’s too late for regrets now. Life sucks!”

“Save it. Just kill me. I’m ready to face my death!” Emmett clenched his teeth as he watched Jonathan

He was taking a gamble.

I don’t think he has the guts to shoot me! Had he killed me, I’ll drag him to meet our maker too!

We are dying together!

“You want to die? Fine. I’ll grant you your wish.” Jonathan loaded the bullet without saying another
word. “Let’s end this age-old grudge!”

Then, he cocked the gun.

In the next moment, Jonathan lifted the gun and aimed it at Emmett’s head.

But when he was about to pull the trigger, he heard hurried footsteps from the door. Next, a woman’s
voice ensued from behind him. “Stop, Jonathan!”

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