Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 297

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The Legendary Man

It Is Your Turn

“What are you lot waiting for? Attack!”

Emmett’s face darkened at his defiance.


Upon his order, the burly men brandished the batons and bayonets they were holding and charged at

However, before they could strike, Jonathan had sprung into action. Stepping forward swiftly, he
launched a punch at one mercenary who was at the front of the group.

The impact on his head caused the latter to black out and collapsed to the ground with a thud.

Before the rest of the group could react, Jonathan swung his right arm and hit another man on the neck
with his elbow.

A loud thump rumbled through the room.

Despite weighing almost two hundred pounds, the second man fell like a log from Jonathan’s assault.

After they saw what happened, alarm bells sounded in the other mercenaries’ mind as they
approached him cautiously.

Being professional hired hands, they had fought many brutal battles and spilled the blood of countless

However, nothing prepared them to face a foe like Jonathan where they couldn’t counter-attack at all.

How is this possible?

“What are you standing there for? Why aren’t you attacking him?” Emmett raged when he saw the
mercenaries recoiling in fear.

“You useless fools! How can more than ten of you fail to take down one man? What’s the point of me
paying you so much money? Attack!”

Admonished by their boss, the mercenaries exchanged glances with each other before thrusting their
bayonets at Jonathan’s chest.

If they managed to stab him, he would definitely be doomed.

“That’s not how you use a triangular bayonet!” Staring at the men with a frosty gaze, Jonathan took one
step forward and launched a kick at the third man in the abdomen. Then he snatched the bayonet from
his victim’s hand and plunged it into his chest.


Fresh blood spewed in every direction.

Widening his eyes, Jonathan’s victim dropped like a fly before he had the opportunity to cry out in

“This is the proper way of wielding a bayonet!” As Jonathan pulled the weapon out of the deceased’s
chest, he glared at the rest of them. “It baffles me how you guys could survive overseas for so long with
such mediocre skills.”

The moment he finished, Jonathan charged at the group. In a split second, he had pierced another
mercenary in the chest with his bayonet.

Blood began to gush out from his wound.

Jonathan didn’t even bat an eyelid at the gory sight. He then shoved his latest victim with his right
hand, causing the latter to collapse onto the ground. The next moment, he turned his bayonet around
and thrust it into another enemy who was coming up from behind him.

As the loud crack of fractured bones rang out, Jonathan twisted his blade to further damage his victim’s

His actions were extremely efficient, ruthless, and decisive.

How is he a prey? Evidently, he is a killing machine!

“Kill him!”

The rest of the mercenaries didn’t dare underestimate Jonathan anymore. Without a moment’s
hesitation, they pulled out their guns and aimed at his head.

Since they couldn’t beat him in close combat, they had to resort to using firearms.

With a loud click, they loaded their weapons in unison and aimed the gun barrels straight at him.

“Come on and fight! Aren’t you great at fighting? Continue fighting then!” Having his gun trained at
Jonathan, one mercenary mocked, “So what if you’re an expert at hand-to-hand combat? Do you think
you can beat a bullet?”

“Do you know how much I hate to have a gun pointed at my head?” Staring down at the black barrel of
the gun, Jonathan showed no fear at all. Instead, he sneered, “How dare you pull one out in front of


Despite having the gun aimed at him, Jonathan darted ahead, grabbed the mercenary’s wrist, and
broke it. Before the man could yell in agony, Jonathan had seized his weapon from him in the blink of
an eye.

He pointed the weapon at the latter’s head.

“Didn’t I tell you I hate people pointing their guns at my head?” After giving the man a look, Jonathan
pulled the trigger. With a loud bang, the bullet left its chamber and pierced through the mercenary’s

A red gluey substance oozed from the dead man’s brain and splattered all over the floor.

The rest of the mercenaries went ashen upon witnessing the sight. When they saw the murderous look
in Jonathan’s eyes, it filled them with terror.

I-Is he e-even human?

“Remember, don’t ever point a gun at my head again.” After giving the dead body an indifferent glance,
Jonathan loaded the bullet chamber with another click before pointing his gun at the rest of the
mercenaries. “Now, it’s your turn!”


The remaining survivors eyed each other nervously. Suddenly, they went on their knees and begged for
their lives.

“We’re sorry. It was a mistake to try to kill you. We are too blind to realize how formidable you are.
Please forgive our ignorance and spare us!”

“We beg you. Show us mercy and let us go!”

“Please spare us… we promise never to return to Yaleview for the rest of our lives!”

At that moment, if they still hadn’t realized that they were no match for Jonathan, their decades of
experience as mercenaries would be for naught.

“It’s too late to show your remorse!”

Looking at the mercenaries kneeling in front of him, he cocked his gun without any hesitation and fired
multiple shots in succession.

The cries for mercy stopped abruptly as the pool of blood grew in size.

In an instant, over a dozen dead mercenaries lay in the Goldsteins’ living room.

None of Emmett’s hired hands survived.

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