Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 296

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The Legendary Man

Attack Together

“Jonathan Goldstein!” he declared coldly.

“What? You’re Jonathan Goldstein?”

The servant turned pale in shock the moment he heard Jonathan’s name. It was as if he had seen a

Jonathan? The same Jonathan that was banished from the Goldstein family? Didn’t he die over ten
years ago?

As a member of the Goldstein family’s staff, the servant had heard the name on many occasions,
despite not having seen him before.

A decade ago, Jonathan, who was Daniel’s son, was kicked out of the family right after his parents
were killed in a car accident.

No one had heard from him since then. Rumor was he had died on the streets, and there was nothing
left of his corpse.

H-How is he still alive?

“A-Aren’t you supposed… to be d-dead? How a-are you still alive?” Faced with Jonathan, the servant
could barely string a coherent sentence together.

In his mind, the man was supposed to have been dead.

Jonathan stared coldly at the man and snapped, “Who told you I’m dead? Step aside!”


The servant was about to protest, but Jonathan’s icy glare terrified him into fleeing instead.

Meanwhile, Emmett was sitting at the table in the living room. He was practicing calligraphy and was
oblivious to what was going on outside.

Beside him, Loretta was knitting her brows as she felt a sense of dread creeping into her.

Suddenly, the silence of the living hall was shattered by the sound of hurried footsteps.

The flustered servant barged into the room.

“Old Mr. Goldstein, Old Mrs. Goldstein, there’s trouble!”

“What’s wrong?” Emmett asked without even looking up.

“Sir, J-Jonathan is here!”


At the mention of Jonathan’s name, the old man’s right hand trembled, causing him to drop his pricey
fountain pen onto the ground.

“Jonathan? He isn’t dead?” All of a sudden, Emmett’s expression drastically changed.

“No, he isn’t!”

“Where is he?”

“Right outside the door.”

“Bring him to me.” With a grim expression, Emmett looked just as Jonathan stepped into the living hall.

For a split second, their eyes met.

“Jonathan, you sure are one tough b*stard!” Staring at his exiled grandson, who looked unharmed, he
sneered, “I can’t believe the assassins from Dark Web failed to kill you! I wonder if it’s because you’re
an unkillable roach, or did you get lucky?”

“I’m unkillable, of course!”

Having heard Emmett’s words, Jonathan simply replied, “Otherwise, I would have died on my way out
of Yaleview back then.”

“I thought so too.” When he saw how calm the latter looked, Emmett asked with a smirk, “Since you
survived, why have you returned to court your doom instead of using the opportunity to flee Yaleview?”

“Why should I flee?”

Jonathan couldn’t help but scoff, “Do you think a bunch of useless scum could pose a threat to me?
Even if you used all the resources of the family to hire the best assassin in the world, I guarantee he
would still fail, let alone those mediocre ones that you hired on the internet.”

“With all the resources of the family?” Emmett felt as if he had just heard the funniest joke in the world.
“Jonathan, you are overestimating yourself. Do you actually think I need to draw everything to take you
down? Last night, you managed to escape with your life simply because Lady Luck was on your side.
Do you think that’s all I have against you? But that’s irrelevant now. Since you’re already here, there
will be no escape for you this time!”

Emmett raised his hand and waved it at the door. “Get him!”

In the blink of an eye, more than ten burly men swarmed into the room.

All of them were holding either triangular bayonets or military batons. A few of them even had bulges
on their hips, indicating that guns were holstered on their waists.

“Seize that b*stard!”

“Right away, sir!”

At Emmett’s cue, the burly men circled around Jonathan at once.

“Jonathan, I would advise you not to act recklessly. These men are mercenaries whom I have hired
from overseas. They are different from the lousy assassins of the Dark Web. If you make any hasty
moves, I can’t guarantee that they will spare your life.”

Jonathan was entirely unfazed by the deadly threat.

“Emmett, are you trying to frighten me?” Despite being outnumbered, Jonathan didn’t even bother to
look at them. Instead, he challenged Emmett. “Do you really think that they can take me down?”

After a brief pause, he added, “Am I still that powerless little kid from over ten years ago? The same
boy who was forced to leave Yaleview in dejection just because you ordered me to?”

“Isn’t that the case?” the old man scoffed. “If you know what’s good for you, you had better surrender
yourself to captivity. On account of your father, I’ll consider sparing your life! Or else…”

Even though Emmett didn’t finish his sentence, the meaning he wanted to convey was obvious enough.

“Or else what?” Jonathan smirked. “Are you going to kill me? Emmett, to be honest, you have not
progressed at all this entire time. Do you actually think that I came here just to put myself at your

“What else can it be? Don’t tell me you’re here for revenge?”

Emmett’s eyes were filled with contempt when he uttered those words.

What does he think this place is? This is the Goldstein residence! I have more than ten highly skilled
mercenaries on my side. Revenge? By him alone?

“You’re right. I’m here to exact revenge!” Jonathan shot him an indifferent glance. “A few years ago, I
spared the Goldsteins out of compassion. I thought you would have learned your lesson since then.
Unexpectedly, you have doubled down on the path you were on. In that case, I will put an end to things
once and for all.

“Ten years ago, you kicked me out of the family before my parents were even buried. Ten years later,
you sent men to assassinate my wife, Josephine. A few days ago, you even hired assassins to kill me
and Aunt Sophia. I will make you pay for every single one of these three atrocities!”

Jonathan’s gaze turned hostile with every word, and he challenged the burly men around him. “Let’s
not waste any time. Come at me all at once!”

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