Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 295

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The Legendary Man

I Am Back

When Andy saw the murderous intent emanating out of Jonathan’s eyes, the middle-aged man couldn’t
help but ask, “Mr. Goldstein, what is going on?”

“Stop sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong!” The commander shot a glare at him. “Continue with
your investigations and find out which assassin has accepted the job.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Having been admonished by Jonathan, Andy didn’t dare waste another word. Lowering his gaze, he
continued to work on the tablet. After a short while, he looked up and replied, “Mr. Goldstein, I found
them. They’re just two mediocre hitmen named Scorpion and Cobra. These are their details.”

Subsequently, the middle-aged man handed his tablet over to Jonathan. On it were the details of the
two assassins.

Scorpion’s specialty was close-quarters assassination. His asking price was between five hundred
thousand to one million. There was no other information in terms of his height and looks. However, he
had a success rate of fifty percent.

As for Cobra, he was a sniper. His asking price was also between five hundred thousand to one million.
There were no other available details except for his success rate, which was at sixty percent.

After going through the two assassins’ biodata in detail, Jonathan was certain the one he had killed
was none other than Scorpion.

As for the shooter who had escaped, it would have to be Cobra.

“Send men to find out where Cobra is. In one hour’s time, I want him to disappear from the face of this
earth. Do you understand?” Jonathan barked out his orders.

“Understood, Mr. Goldstein!” Upon receiving his instructions, the middle-aged man folded his tablet
back into a phone. While he was in the midst of doing it, Jonathan caught a glimpse of a tiny row of red
letters on his screen.

It read: Andy Morsley.

The man who was so terrified of him was one of the legendary four Kings of War.

A son of the Morsleys, Andy’s capabilities alone had propelled his family’s status and established
themselves as one of the four prominent families of Yaleview.

“Are you using your real name on the Dark Web?” Jonathan asked as he casually lit up a cigarette.

He had the impression that everyone used a pseudonym on the Dark Web instead of their own name.

“That’s right, Mr. Goldstein. Is there anything wrong?” Andy asked.

“Aren’t you worried about someone tracking down your IP address and assassinating you?” Jonathan
shot him a glance.

As one of the four Kings of War, Andy’s hands were already stained with blood after having taken at
least hundreds of lives.

They had made tons of enemies. Just in Yaleview itself, there were plenty who wanted them dead.

Therefore, Jonathan was surprised that he had used his real name to log into the forum of an
organization full of assassins.

“What’s there to be afraid of?” Andy smacked his lips at his commander’s words. With a nonchalant
expression, he explained, “Those weaklings wouldn’t dare kill me. Even if I gave them my actual
address, they wouldn’t have the b*lls to come for me, let alone track my IP address down.”

After all, he was a King of War. It was a title that couldn’t be bought with money.

He had earned it through the blood shed by every single person he killed.

As a result, no assassination organization would dare to touch him for fear that he would raid their base
with his troops.

“All right now, stop blowing your own trumpet. Do you think I’m not aware of your abilities?” When he
noticed that Andy was about to boast again, Jonathan kicked him in the buttocks. “Anyway, pick a
group of your most elite troops and have them patrol the hotel vicinity around the clock. On top of that,
send another team to stand guard outside Sophia’s door. If she so far as loses a single strand of hair,
I’ll strip you off your uniform!”

“Yes, Sir!” Having received his orders, Andy picked up his phone and issued them to his men without

Once he was done with the call, he turned toward Jonathan. “Mr. Goldstein, who is Sophia? Is she your

“She’s my aunt!”

Seeing the grim look in his commander’s eyes, Andy’s face turned pale. He frantically explained, “Mr.
Goldstein, please don’t get the wrong idea. It was just an innocent question.”

“Stop wasting time. Tonight, you will personally lead the men and stand guard by the hotel’s entrance. If
anything goes wrong, the four Kings of War will all be sent to Northern Crimson Prison as The Four

Convicts!” Not in the mood to entertain Andy further, Jonathan prepared to leave.

Just when he turned away, the former asked anxiously, “Mr. Goldstein, what about you? Where are you

“To Goldstein residence!”

Suddenly, Jonathan’s gaze turned icy cold. “It’s time I settle an old score with them!”

Years ago, he had shown them mercy by letting them go. Unfortunately, that went unappreciated. Not
only did they not learn their lesson, but they even tried to take his life.

As a result, he was going to hold them accountable for all their past actions.

“Mr. Goldstein, I’ll come with you.” Upon hearing that Jonathan was going to confront the Goldsteins
alone, Andy suddenly ran after him. The commander stopped him with a glare. “Are you defying my
orders? Get back to your station! I will deal with my own affairs myself. Without my permission, no one
is allowed to approach the Goldstein family at all. Whoever disobeys will be executed without mercy!”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!” The moment he heard that, Andy stopped in his tracks and began backpedaling.

He knew how grave the situation was whenever Jonathan brought up “executed without mercy.” Those
three words were not something they would usually hear from their commander.

Half an hour later, a cab arrived at the Goldstein residence.

The family home felt so familiar, yet foreign to Jonathan. At that moment, his thoughts drifted back to
memories from more than ten years ago.

Back then, the Goldsteins had thrown him out of this house unceremoniously.

This was the same place where he was also warned not to step foot into Yaleview ever again.

Moreover, he was forbidden to return to the Goldstein family.

From that moment on, Jonathan had transformed from the eldest grandson of the family to a vagabond
who wandered the streets.

No one had expected that he would return after more than ten years and stand in the same so-called
home he was thrown out of.

“Goldsteins, I am back again!” Looking at the two-panel red door at the main entrance, a cold glint
flashed in Jonathan’s eyes. “However, I wonder if you can still kick me out this time. If you can’t, it will
be my turn to cast all of you out of the house!”

As he strode toward the Goldstein residence, someone suddenly stopped him at the door. “Stop! Who
goes there? How dare you trespass on the Goldstein residence?”

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