Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 294

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The Legendary Man

The Goldsteins As Expected

“Regardless of who it was, I’m certain that someone wasn’t me.”

Jonathan felt annoyed when Sophia brought up events from their childhood again.

Geez, why is Sophia constantly harping on to the past?

“Ha! Why don’t you admit it, scaredy cat?” Smacking her lips, his aunt flicked her fingers at his head.
“You snob. Just admit that you were afraid. After all, who wasn’t afraid of ghosts when they were

“Stop yapping about the past!”

When Jonathan saw that Sophia was about to ramble on, he interrupted her at once. Then, he
gestured at one of the hotel staff and instructed, “Help her check-in, please.”

“Yes, sir!”

At Jonathan’s cue, the middle-aged man hurried over and greeted Sophia politely. “Hello, miss. This
way, please.”

“Hey snob, don’t take too long. I’ll be here waiting for you.” After giving Jonathan a thoughtful look, she
followed the hotel staff to the front desk.

The moment she turned away, they heard a thunderous rumble at the hotel entrance.

A green military jeep screeched to a halt in front of the hotel.

When its door opened, a middle-aged man in military fatigues stepped out of the vehicle. He had tan
skin and didn’t look his age. Moreover, he was wearing a pair of sunglasses that covered half his face.

Although he wasn’t in full military gear, it was obvious from his swagger that he was a soldier.

“Mr. Goldstein!”

The moment Andy Morsley entered the hotel, he quickly spotted Jonathan. He removed his sunglasses
and hurried over to where the latter was.

“Why did you have to come dressed like that?” Jonathan looked at the man’s military fatigue with a
grim expression.

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” The middle-aged man looked down at his uniform self-
consciously and asked, “Mr. Goldstein, what can I do for you?”

“Come with me.”

Ignoring his question, Jonathan walked out of the building.

They stopped at a corner outside the hotel a few minutes later.

After casually lighting up a cigarette, Jonathan looked at the middle-aged man and ordered, “Find a
mall to get come civilian clothing. I want you out of your uniform.”

“Why do I need to do that?” The commander’s instructions confused Andy. “What’s wrong with what I’m

“What’s with all the questions? Just do as I say.” Jonathan shot him a glare that terrified him into

“Yes, Sir. I’ll get changed at once.”

When Andy turned around to leave, Jonathan called out to him, “Wait a moment!”

The middle-aged man stopped in his tracks and asked, “Is there anything else, Sir?”

“I called you here today because I need something investigated.” Jonathan glanced at him plainly.
“Send men to find out who posted a bounty for my head on the Dark Web. Also, check which assassins
have accepted the mission.”

The moment he issued the orders, a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

I will not let anyone who tries to kill me escape!

“Mr. Goldstein, there’s no need to get someone else. I’ll do it myself!” Just as he spoke, the middle-
aged man took out a black phone that looked like a brick. He flipped it open. What was supposed to be
a phone that was only a few inches turned into an eight-inch tablet.

After furiously typing on it, a website with a black background appeared on the screen.

The words “Dark Web” in blood red were staring back at the men.

“Is this a tablet or a phone?” Jonathan was surprised when he saw how the middle-aged man
transformed the device into something larger.

“It’s both, actually.” As Andy continued to type, he explained, “This is the latest product invented by our
R & D department. Under normal circumstances, it functions as a phone. But during emergencies, it
can function as a tablet too. Other than a radar tracking system, it’s also equipped with GPS, Anti-
Wiretapping software, and Wi-Fi connection to access the internet.”

His fingers flew across the keyboard at lightning speed.

“Mr. Goldstein, I found it! Someone posted an open contract last night on the Dark Web. The reward for
your head is five hundred thousand-” The moment he read the amount out loud, the middle-aged man
rubbed his eyes in surprise. He then took another closer look. “Sir, am I seeing things? How could the
bounty for you be only five hundred thousand? It also states here that the sum is for two targets, not
just you.”

Is this a joke? How can the bounty on Asura be only five hundred thousand? Furthermore, it’s in
Chanaen currency!

Back when they were overseas, someone once offered a bounty that ran into billions for Jonathan’s
life. Even then, the assassins had failed in the attempts.

Do these guys really think they can get it done with just five hundred thousand? Are they being

“You’re not mistaken at all. Find out who sent the kill order,” Jonathan reiterated, even though he could
guess who it was.

Nevertheless, he still couldn’t say for sure because Sophia was Emmett’s own daughter.

If Emmett can bring himself to take his own daughter’s life, he is no different from a beast.

“Let me check.” Andy did his magic again. In just a few minutes, his fingers came to a stop. “Mr.
Goldstein, I traced the source of the post and its IP address indicates they did it locally. Right here in

“Where in Yaleview? Give me the exact location.” Jonathan furrowed his brows.

“Erm…” The middle-aged man hesitated.


Jonathan could already guess the answer, judging from his expression.

“The Goldstein family of Yaleview,” the latter whispered. He was seething through his teeth.

Handpicked by Asura himself to be one of the four Kings of War in the office, Andy Morsley naturally
knew how the Goldstein family was connected with his commander.

Moreover, he was also aware of how the family had survived the bloodbath in Yaleview.

If the commander hadn’t shown them mercy back then, the hundreds of thousands of Asura Guards
would have wiped the Goldstein family out. In fact, they wouldn’t even be here posting a bounty on the
Dark Web.

“It’s the Goldstein family indeed!” The moment he confirmed it was them, Jonathan’s expression

It seems I have overestimated the Goldstein family’s humanity while underestimating how barbaric they
can be. Blood relations truly meant nothing to Emmett. If he could even order a hit on his biological
daughter, he is nothing but a cold-blooded animal.

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