Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 292

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The Legendary Man


Bang! The sound shattered the silence in the hallway.

Jonathan could feel his fist come into contact with something or someone.

The next moment, he heard a muted groan as a black figure staggered backward and crashed into the
wall behind him.

“How did you notice my presence?” the black figure asked in a raspy voice.

As an assassin, he was proficient in hiding in the shadows and striking when his victims least expected

However, not only did his attack fail, but his prey also discovered him.

For a man of his profession, it was an outright humiliation.

“What’s so difficult about it?”

Staring coldly at him, Jonathan charged forward and launched another punch. He wasn’t going to give
the assassin an opportunity to counter-attack at all.

The next moment, a loud crack of fractured bone rang out. The latter had zero chance of defending
himself. He spewed a mouthful of blood before dropping to his knees in front of his target with a thud.

“Considering how weak you are, how did you end up becoming an assassin?” After shooting the
assassin a glance, Jonathan stomped on his knee to shatter it into pieces.

The black figure slumped onto the ground after losing all his strength.

“Wh-Who exactly are you?” Staring up at Jonathan’s condescending expression, the assassin’s face
was red with indignance.

Throughout his years as an assassin, he had killed many victims but had never suffered such a
humiliation before.

The tables had turned. From a hunter, he became a prey before he could fire a shot. It was an
outrageous disgrace.

“You should’ve done your homework. How dare you attempt an assassination if you know nothing
about your target?” When he noticed the dissatisfaction on the assassin’s face, Jonathan eyed the man
nonchalantly. “Before you came to kill me, did no one tell you what happened to the last assassin who

“What happened?” the latter asked as he glared at Jonathan.

“I blew his head off with his own sniper rifle and dismembered his corpse.”

Jonathan stared indifferently at the crippled hitman. “So, what do you think will happen to you?”

“I don’t know what will happen to me, but I’m certain the person in the other room is screwed!” Having
heard those words, the man sneered, “Do you think I’m the only assassin who came today?”

“So, you weren’t targeting me?” Jonathan’s expression drastically changed.

He had assumed the Goldstein family sent the assassin to kill him, but he had not expected Sophia to
be targeted, too.

For goodness’ sake, she’s Emmett’s biological daughter!

“You are one of the targets, along with the woman in the room!” The assassin scoffed, “So what if I
have failed to kill you? As long as the lady in that room is dead, my mission is not considered a total

“D*mn you!” Suddenly, Jonathan’s expression turned murderous as he crushed the assassin’s spine
with a stomp.

The loud crack of fracturing bone rang out. The assassin didn’t even have the chance to scream in
agony before his head fell limp in a pool of blood.

After he dealt with the first hitman, Jonathan dashed to Sophia’s room.

Without even knocking, he kicked down her bedroom door.

“Aunt Sophia!” he frantically called out.

The very next moment, the room light suddenly turned on. He was then greeted by the sight of a
frightened Sophia who was curled up in her bed, hugging her blanket for dear life. With an anxious
expression, she asked, “Jonathan, wh-what are you trying to do?”

“Nothing. I thought you were in danger.” When he saw that his aunt was unharmed and nothing was
threatening her, Jonathan heaved a sigh of relief.

“How could I be in danger in the middle of the night?” Sophia fumed at her nephew.

Evidently, she had a fright when he barged into the room without warning.

“You’re the biggest danger to me, Jonathan Goldstein!” Glaring at Jonathan, Sophia snapped, “Why did
you kick open my door in the middle of the night? You even destroyed it!”

Her entire face was red with anger after the commotion. She was sleeping soundly before being rudely
woken up when he kicked her down.

The imminent danger she was facing turned out to be none other than her nephew.

“I’m just worried about you, all right?” After heaving a sigh of relief, Jonathan scrutinized the
surroundings for any hidden threats instead of leaving.

“What are you looking at? Turn around! You’re not allowed to look!” When Sophia noticed Jonathan’s
wandering eyes, she became more infuriated.

Not only isn’t he asleep in the middle of the night, but he also kicked down my door and is now
snooping around! If it were anyone else, I would have called the police!

“I’m not looking at you!” Jonathan explained helplessly.

“In that case, what are you searching for?” Sophia couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Most of her skin was
exposed, including the two thin spaghetti straps on her shoulder.

Given that his eyes were darting around, anyone in her position would naturally be concerned.

“I can’t explain right now!” With no time to lose, Jonathan darted past her bed, grabbed the curtains in
an attempt to close them.

“Jonathan, what are you doing?” Sophia couldn’t resist asking when she saw how strangely her
nephew was behaving.



A shot was fired. The gold bullet flew into the room, shattering the glass panel on the window.

Sophia screamed in response before asking anxiously, “Jonathan, what’s going on?”

“Don’t move a muscle!” he yelled as he closed the curtains tightly.

As expected, there was another assassin hiding out there in the darkness.

Fortunately, Jonathan had reacted in the nick of time. If he were a millisecond later, the bullet would
likely have pierced his aunt’s head.

“All right now, it’s fine!”

With the curtains drawn, the view of the room was no longer visible to the hitman. He then turned to
look at Sophia, who was shaking like a leaf underneath her blanket.

“Jonathan, what’s going on?” The woman’s face was ghastly pale.

“Nothing much. Just an assassin,” Jonathan plainly replied. “Either the Goldsteins or the Zellers have
sent one to kill us both!”

“Assassin? Are you saying that I encountered a killer just now?” Sophia widened her eyes in shock.

She couldn’t believe that something she saw in the movies was actually happening to her.

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