Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 291

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The Legendary Man

Live Firing Exercise

The night went by in the blink of an eye.

The next morning, the incessant ringing of Jonathan’s phone woke him up at the crack of dawn.

Frowning, he answered in an irritated tone, ”Hello?”

After all, he had always hated being woken up from his sleep by someone else.

“Mr. Goldstein, have you gone back to Yaleview?” The moment the call connected, he heard a hoarse
voice over the line.

“Who told you that?” Casually lighting a cigarette, Jonathan turned on the lights and glanced at the

He realized it was only five in the morning.

It was still pitch-black outside.

“It was Andy!” the hoarse voice continued. “Last night, I heard him say that you had returned to
Yaleview. But since it was midnight, I didn’t dare disturb you. Hence, I called you first thing in the
morning instead.”

“He sure is a blabbermouth!” Jonathan snapped. “Tell him he has to serve detention for one month
starting from today, and he’s not allowed to step out of the military base. If he dares to disobey, I’ll
break his legs myself! Do you hear me?”

“Yes, Sir!” Even though it was over the phone, the caller was still intimidated by Jonathan’s instructions.
“Mr. Goldstein, is one month too short? Why don’t we detain him for six months?”

“Do you want to join him?”

“No, I don’t!” The caller denied at once. “Mr. Goldstein, when did you come back?”

“A few days ago,” Jonathan casually replied. “Who else knows that I’m back?”

“No… no one. Just the few of us.” Those few naturally meant the elders of Asura’s Office and the four
Kings of War.

“Go ahead. What did you call me for?” After tapping the ash off his cigarette, Jonathan got up and drew
back the curtains.

The caller was one of the four Kings of War, Karl Hamilton.

Back in the day, he was Jonathan’s subordinate. The commander had handpicked him to join Asura’s
Office as one of the four Kings of War after many hard-earned victories under his belt.

“It’s something trivial.” Karl chuckled like a fool over the phone. “Mr. Goldstein, where are you? Why
don’t I come pick you up?”

“You don’t have to,” Jonathan answered plainly. “Whatever it is, you can just tell me over the phone.”

“It will be the eight Asura Guards’ annual live-firing exercise soon. Since you didn’t attend last year,
would you like to drop by this year, given that you’re in Yaleview?”

“Live-firing exercise?”

The question surprised the commander.

Is it that time of the year already?

After all, the annual exercise was established by him three years ago.

All eight Asura Guards would take part. The winner would have the honor of being the crème de la
crème of the team until the next exercise.

Most importantly, the goal of the yearly event was to increase their combat ability so that they could
perform better as a team on the battlefield one day.

“When is this?” Jonathan casually asked.

“In two weeks.”

“Fine. I’ll be there.”

“Really, Mr. Goldstein?” Karl sounded ecstatic because he didn’t expect the commander to agree.

Ever since the training exercise was established, Jonathan had only been present for the first one.
Subsequently, he never attended the rest.

Therefore, Karl was just trying his luck when he posed the question. Jonathan’s affirmative answer
surprised him.

“Mm-hmm! Is there anything else?”

“Sir, will you also be dropping by Asura’s Office?” Karl continued, “You’ve been gone for too long. We’re
beginning to forget what you look like!”

Ever since Jonathan’s disappearance one year ago, no one had heard from him. Even the four Kings of
War weren’t able to track him down.

“No, I’m not going back there,” he declined without a second thought.

The reason he didn’t tell anyone about his trip to Yaleview was that he didn’t want to see them.

After a year, he wanted to observe how much his men had grown during his year-long absence.

“Why don’t you give us your address, and we’ll come to visit you?” Karl insisted. “Alternatively, I can
visit you discreetly without letting the others know.”

“You simply talk too much. Is it because you’re not getting enough training? Do you want me to
increase the intensity of your training?” Jonathan’s tone grew stern.

“No, no, Sir. Not at all.”

Karl was so terrified that he didn’t dare say another word. Back when he was under Jonathan’s
command, he had personally experienced the torturous training which was his worst nightmare.

It was something he never wanted to go through ever again.

“Stay the h*ll away from me if you don’t want to!” Jonathan snapped. “Before the live-firing exercise,
you had better not call me or appear before me. Otherwise, get ready to strip off your rank and be
banished to Northern Crimson Prison, where you can enjoy the sand together with Dorian.”

“Yes, Sir. I’m ending the call right away.”

Not daring to waste any more time, Karl ended the call with a click. He was so worried that another
word out of his mouth would cause him to be exiled to Northern Crimson Prison in Mysonna.

It was a place no one wanted to go. There was nothing other than sand as far as the eye could see.

“Despite not seeing him for a year, he hasn’t progressed at all!” Jonathan tossed his phone aside and
stubbed out the cigarette in his hand.

Just when he was preparing to take a shower, he suddenly heard light footsteps coming from outside
his room.

Regardless of how faint the footsteps were, the sound didn’t escape his ears.

Is someone outside?

Jonathan furrowed his brows instantly. He was about to get to the door, but the sound of the footsteps
was gone.

Was it just my imagination?

Maintaining his frown, the man quietly walked to the door and opened it abruptly.

However, there was no one in the dark hallway.

It was pitch black except for the dim shadows of tree branches swaying with the wind.

Nevertheless, Jonathan was unsettled because it was just too quiet. Years of battle had sharpened his
keen sense of awareness. Without that, he would have died a long time ago.

Suddenly, Jonathan slammed the door shut with a loud bang. Staring at the empty corridor, he plainly
remarked, “Come on now, there’s no point hiding.”

His voice echoed in the hallway.

No one responded, and there was no one to be seen. It felt as if he was shouting into thin air. His eyes
narrowed immediately as he took a swift step forward and threw a punch into the darkness.

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