Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 290

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The Legendary Man

Dead Men Tell No Tales

“You…” When Emmett heard Nathan accuse his daughter of being a sl*t, he was outraged.

If she’s a shameless sl*t, does that mean I’m shameless, too?

“Remember, Emmett, you have one day. If I don’t see them by midnight, the entire Goldstein family had
better be prepared to pay the consequences with your lives!”

Nathan left without giving him a chance to react.

By the time the former was gone, Emmett was shaking so badly from anger that he broke his dragon-
adorned walking cane in two.

“How dare he! This is too much! Who do they think they are? Back then, didn’t the Zeller family beg at
the door of Asura’s Office like dogs? If it wasn’t for the support from someone at the office, would
Nathan Zelller dare to speak to me that way? If us Goldsteins have the same support, I’m sure he
wouldn’t have the guts to do it. He’s simply bullying us into getting his way!”

The four prominent families of Yaleview were the Zellers, Maxwells, Hamiltons, and Morsleys.

They had survived when the Four Asura Guards’ army invaded because of their contributions towards
Asura’s victory.

Now that he belongs to one of the four prominent families, has Nathan forgotten how he had groveled
in front of Asura’s Office?

“Enough! What’s the point of bringing up the past now?” Loretta couldn’t help but snort at Emmett. “Isn’t
it your fault that you weren’t even worthy to step into Asura’s Office when he led his army during the
bloodbath in Yaleview? If only we had someone in the office like they have, do you think he would dare
speak to you that way?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Emmett was infuriated by his wife’s words. “How can you accuse me
of being unworthy? What do you know? Back then, I didn’t care for it! I would rather die standing than
submit myself to Asura’s Office like a dog.”

“Yea, yea. They wouldn’t have wanted you even if you were a dog!” Loretta scoffed. “What’s the use of
acting tough in front of me? Do you think I wasn’t aware that you were trying to pull strings just to get
close to Asura’s Office? Unfortunately, you were ignored, and no one was willing to help you at all. After
all this time, do you actually think I don’t know what kind of person you are?”

“Shut your trap, woman!” His expression darkened. He was furious at having his weakness exposed.
Raising his hand, he confronted her. “If you dare say one more word, I’ll-”

“You’ll what? Hit me?” Loretta sneered. “Emmett, have you forgotten how your status was elevated in
the Goldstein family? If not for me, do you think you can take on the position as head of the family? So,
what now? Are you going to hit me just because you can?”


Despite having his arm in mid-air, Emmett didn’t follow through with the slap.

It was undeniable that he relied on his wife to become the head of the Goldstein family. As her
husband, he naturally understood Loretta Thompson very well.

She was ruthless and decisive. In fact, her methods were significantly more superior to his.

Back then, Loretta was the one who decided to banish Jonathan from the family less than an hour after
Daniel’s demise. Subsequently, she declared that their second son would replace Daniel as the heir to
the Goldstein family.

It was a heartless move that even Emmett felt bad about it.

“Will you drop the act and stop being so dramatic?” When she saw how furious her husband was,
Loretta asserted, “Let me tell you, Emmett. Nathan isn’t joking with us. If you want to protect our family,
bring Sophia and that b*stard back here. It doesn’t matter if they’re dead or alive.”

“Are you suggesting that we silence them permanently?” Her proposal took him aback.

For goodness’ sake, that’s my own daughter!

He didn’t mind doing that to Jonathan, since he hadn’t seen his defiant grandson for more than ten

However, Sophia was someone he had raised himself.

“That’s right. We have to silence them.” Loretta’s eyes glistened grimly. “And it has to be a clean job to
ensure that neither of them survives the night. Only their deaths can stop the situation from escalating.”

“As for the Zellers,” she sneered, “remember how Nathan humiliated you in your own home today. At
the next opportunity, you will pay them back by utterly destroying them.”

“In that case, we’ll go along with your plan. I’ll send men to execute it right away.” Instantaneously,
Emmett made his decision.

It was just as Sophia had said over the phone. In the hour of need, he couldn’t rule out abandoning her.

Compared to the fate of the entire Goldstein family, Sophia was expendable, even if she was his

“No, you don’t have to.” Loretta shook her head at Emmett’s words. “There’s no need for you to get
involved. Do you think you can bring yourself to kill your own flesh and blood?”


Emmett was filled with reluctance.

After all, when it really came to it, he still couldn’t bring himself to take his own daughter’s life.

“Hmph, look at how indecisive you are. Are you even a man?” His wife snorted. “I’ll send men to post a
bounty on the Dark Web and someone will naturally take the job. All you have to do is to hand over
their corpses before nightfall.”

The Dark Web?

The moment he heard those words, Emmett’s expression drastically changed.

He obviously knew what the Dark Web entailed.

It was the world’s largest underground assassin organization.

All the world’s top assassins were in it. As long as one was willing to pay, one would definitely find an
assassin to get the job done.

Nevertheless, it had never crossed his mind that one day, he would end up hiring someone from the
Dark Web to assassinate his own daughter and grandson.

“Just do what you have to. I’m exhausted now, so don’t disturb me until it gets dark.” Just as he spoke,
Emmett turned around and left without another word.

His silhouette seemed to have shriveled, as if he had aged decades in a matter of seconds.

He began to question the meaning of his life.

His eldest son had died in a car accident, while the fate of his other son remained unknown.

And now, he was going to kill his own daughter.

What kind of man am I?

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