Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 289

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The Legendary Man

That Monster

The night went by in the blink of an eye!

However, at dawn, someone unexpectedly showed up at Yaleview General Hospital in a body covered
in blood!

That person was none other than the second son of the Goldstein family, Tommy!

He would be the future successor of the Goldstein family!

“Quick! Inject the patient with ten milligrams of adrenaline!”

“Ten milligrams won’t be sufficient. Increase the dose to fifteen!”

“Prepare for cardiac resuscitation! Quick!”

In the emergency room, a group of doctors was doing their best to save the man. However, his
condition was too serious. Not only were all of his limbs broken but the rest of his bones were smashed
as well!

Any delay in the treatment would result in the loss of his life!

Outside the ward, Emmett looked so furious like he was about to kill someone!

Apparently, he had sent Tommy to capture the two unfilial children, Jonathan and Sophia back. Instead
of capturing them, Tommy ended up in the emergency room.

“Emmett, you are too lenient with that rascal, Jonathan. If you had sent someone earlier on to get rid of
him, Tommy wouldn’t end up in this state,” said the beautiful woman with white hair who was sitting
next to Emmett.

That woman was none other than Emmett’s wife!

Mrs. Goldstein!

“What’s the point of saying all these now?” Emmett glared at her. “Tommy is already seriously injured. I
did not expect that rascal Jonathan to be so vicious. He actually broke all of Tommy’s arms and legs!”

Emmett only had two sons!

His older son had died in a car accident. Hence, he had always hoped that his younger son would be
his successor and helmed the Goldstein family. Unfortunately, his second son was maimed by

No matter what, Tommy was still his uncle!

How can this b*stard be so brutal?

“I don’t care. If anything untoward happens to Tommy, I want Jonathan to pay for it with his life!” Hatred
was written all over her gorgeous looking face.

Tommy was her only bloodline in this world!

If anything were to happen to Tommy, what is going to happen to the Goldstein family?

Emmett is getting older by the day. When he passes on, who is going to be in charge of the Goldstein

Please don’t tell me that Jonathan will be the successor.

“Enough! Stop talking so much! I know what to do!” Annoyed, Emmett cut her off and was about to walk
toward the emergency room. However, as he was getting up, the door of the emergency room opened

Next, a middle-aged doctor dressed in a white coat came out and said, “Old Mr. Goldstein, we have
tried our best! All of Mr. Goldstein’s limbs were seriously injured. Not only were the tendons torn off, but
the bones were all completely crushed as well! We have managed to keep him alive, but I’m afraid his
arms and legs cannot be salvaged!”

“It’s that serious?” When Emmett heard about the torn tendons and crushed bones, his expression
changed instantly. “Isn’t there any other way? Money is not an issue. As long as his arms and legs can
be cured, we don’t care how much it’s going to cost us!”

“Old Mr. Goldstein, this is not a matter of money!” Hearing what Emmett had said, the middle-aged
doctor shook his head. “Given the current medical standard, there is no one who can cure him! Even if
the best doctors in the world won’t be able to save Mr. Goldstein’s arms and legs!”

“Nothing can be done?” Emmett’s face darkened when he heard the doctor’s prognosis.


The doctor shook his head and continued, “In actual fact, your son isn’t the first patient that I have
encountered today who has the same condition! There is another patient with the exact injuries like Mr.
Goldstein. Both his arms and legs were broken, his tendons torn off, and all of his bones were
smashed to bits! Given their conditions, the most well-known specialists in the world won’t be able to
do anything too!”

“Did you say there is another patient who has the same injuries as Tommy?” Emmett was taken aback
when he heard that, and he had a sense of foreboding. “Who is that?”

“It’s Troy, the eldest son of the Zeller family! Old Mr. Goldstein, I suppose you know him, don’t you?”
mentioned the doctor.

“Yes, I do!”

Emmett looked murderous at that instant!

How can it not be the same?

After all, they were attacked by the same man!

Naturally, there won’t be much difference in their injuries.

“Should I arrange for the both of them to be in the same room?” asked the doctor. “This way, it will be
much easier for the medical teams to look after the two of them!”

“No, don’t!”

Emmett declined immediately. “Put them in separate rooms. The further, the better!”

During a time like this, he had no wish to see the Zeller family!

As if we aren’t unlucky enough!

“Sure. I will get them different rooms then.” Although the doctor had no idea why Emmett had
requested for Troy to be placed further away from Tommy, he still went ahead and gave the instruction.

However, the moment he finished talking, an old man dressed in a traditional robe appeared in front of
them out of nowhere!

“Emmett, what are you doing here?”

When Nathan spotted Emmett, he appeared upset. “What’s wrong? Why aren’t you in bed in the middle
of the night? Are you here to mock the Zeller family?”

“It’s not like that, Nathan. Listen to me-”

Hearing Nathan’s nasty remark, Emmett was stunned and wanted to explain himself. However, before
he could finish his explanation, Nathan cut him off. “Enough! I don’t want to hear your crap! Let me ask
you. Where is Sophia and that toyboy? Have you captured them yet?”

He could not be bothered with why Emmett had come to the hospital instead of sleeping at home at this

All he wanted was to apprehend Sophia and that toyboy in order to avenge Troy!


Emmett shook his head, and with an ashen face, he continued, “We encountered a little setback.
Nathan, give me a little more time. I assure you that I will seize the two of them!”

“That’s enough! I have enough of your b*llshit!”

Nathan’s face turned cold. He pointed at Emmett and warned him, “I will only give you one more day.
By the end of the day, if I have not seen that promiscuous daughter of yours and her toyboy, don’t
blame me for being ruthless! Since you cannot even control your own daughter, then I will have to
teach that whore a lesson myself!”

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