Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 288

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The Legendary Man

Getting Even

“Those annoying flies are finally dead.” He threw the triangular bayonet away and dusted his hands as
he looked around the empty corridor.

It’s finally peaceful now that those flies are gone.

“You… What are you doing, Jonathan?” Tommy asked anxiously, stumbling as he watched his nephew
walk closer to him.

He would never have imagined that the group of retired special forces he brought would all be thrown
off a building before they could even touch Jonathan.

Retired special forces, my foot!

They’re all useless!

“What do you think?” Jonathan stared at him indifferently. He lit up a cigarette and took a puff before
continuing, “I remember that I told you not to show your face in front of me again back in Jadeborough.
Otherwise, I’d make sure you die a horrible death.”

“D-Don’t come any closer, Jonathan! I’m your uncle!” Tommy was finally seized by fear.

Even the group of retired special forces didn’t stand a chance against him and had been thrown off the

Let alone him.


Jonathan snorted upon hearing that. “You were the one who wanted to break my arms and legs earlier.
It didn’t seem like you were my uncle then. Those who don’t know any better would think that there’s a
deep-rooted vengeance between us. Weren’t you going to show me how ruthless you are? Is this what
you call ruthless? This is so disappointing, Tommy.”

Not wanting to waste any more time, Jonathan strode toward Tommy and kicked him in his knees.

A loud crack was heard, and before the latter could even let out a scream, the man proceeded to kick
his other knee.

“You b*stard! How dare you break my legs?” Tommy reprimanded while shrieking in pain.

Harrowing screams filled the corridors.

He grimaced as he clutched his legs. Pain shot through him but Jonathan didn’t even bother to look at
him. Instead, the man lifted his leg and stomped on his uncle’s arm.

Another crack sounded, and the bones in his arm were broken.

The latter then stomped on his other arm.

“You said you were going to break my arms and legs, didn’t you? I’m returning the favor. An eye for an

Jonathan stared down at Tommy, who was wincing in pain.

The latter’s limbs had been broken in a blink of an eye.

“You b*stard! You deserve to burn in hell! The Goldstein family won’t let you off easily. Just you wait!”

Tommy broke out into cursing him but he couldn’t care less. “The Goldstein family? Do you think I’d go
easy on them just because they let me off the hook? I’ve given your family a chance three years ago,

but none of you appreciated it. Instead, your behaviors worsened. I’ll fulfill your wishes since none of
you seem like you appreciate the chance I’ve given you.”

Once he was finished speaking, Jonathan grabbed his uncle by his collar and suspended him in the
airwell by the stairs. “Tell Emmett that he doesn’t need to come looking for me. I’ll be there at the
Goldstein residence to teach all of you a lesson once I’m free.”

“You imbecile! Let me down this instant!” Tommy’s vision began to darken, and he was about to faint
when he saw how high up he was.

“Go ahead and continue screaming. The louder you are, the faster your shirt is going to tear. Scream
louder if you want to die faster.” Jonathan then turned to knock on Sophia’s door. “Open up, Aunt


The woman rushed out worriedly. “Are you all right, Jonathan? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine. Didn’t I tell you that hooligans like them won’t be able to hurt me?” he replied with a smile.

“Really? Stop lying! What is this? And you’re saying that you’re not hurt?”

She started to panic when she saw blood on his shirt. “How’s the injury? Is it serious? Do I have to
send you to the hospital?”

“I’m not hurt. This is their blood,” he answered. Then, he pushed her into the room and closed the door
behind him.

He wasn’t about to let Sophia see her brother hanging by the stairs.

What if she relents and tries to help him down?

“Really?” she asked. “Take off your shirt and let me see, then!”

“Of course. Why would I lie to you?” As he spoke, Jonathan lifted his shirt helplessly. The woman’s face
flushed red at the sight of his tan skin and toned muscles.

“See? I didn’t lie, did I?” He covered himself up and turned to look at his aunt but noticed that her face
was crimson red.

“What’s wrong?” he asked after seeing how weirdly she was acting.


She quickly turned around and pinched herself.


He’s your nephew!

What are you blushing about?

“What’s up with the scars, Jonathan?” she asked after calming herself down.

“I got hurt when I was serving in the army,” he replied.

“What? You got so many scars from serving in the army?” Sophia’s expression changed instantly.

She had only taken a swift glance, but there were at least five to six scars on him.

The largest one stretched across his entire back.

“This is nothing. There was one time when a grenade exploded by my feet. If it weren’t for my quick
reflexes, I would have turned into mush,” Jonathan said with a smile.

He sounded so casual when talking about his past.

It was just a few scars.

As a soldier, it was normal to have scars from fighting in a battle.

It was an honor for soldiers to have them.

“It’s not funny!” Sophia couldn’t stop herself from flicking his forehead upon seeing Jonathan smile
while talking about how he was almost killed by a grenade. “I can’t believe you’re smiling. Do you know
how worried that makes me?”

“You flicked me again!” the man exclaimed while glaring at her.

“What about it?” Sophia said, rolling her eyes. “Flick my forehead if you dare!”

“Do you think I don’t have the guts to do it?” He pretended to try and flick her forehead, but she didn’t
give him the chance to do so.

Right when he lifted his hand, she rushed into her room and closed the door behind her.

“Why don’t you think about who I am before you try and flick my forehead, snob? Go to bed!” Sophia
huffed and threw herself onto her bed.

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