Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 287

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The Legendary Man

Where Are You Going

“Run? Why should I do that? Do you think you’ll be able to bring me away with a few hooligans like
them? Don’t underestimate me, Tommy,” Jonathan said as he took a glance at the man.

Upon hearing the former’s words, Tommy stared coldly at him and said, “You better surrender now,
Jonathan. It’d be bad if you get hurt. I’m sure you don’t want to end up getting your arms and legs
broken like Troy, do you?”

“That’s enough, Tommy. Stop with the act now. If you can really break my arms and legs, would you
really still be standing here talking to me? I’m sure you won’t be able to sleep peacefully if I’m alive,
isn’t that right?” Jonathan sneered.

“It seems like you’re the one who knows me best. It’s too bad that your grandpa wants me to cripple
you instead of taking your life. Do you think you can live past tonight otherwise?” Tommy said, too lazy
to put up a pretense any further.

He didn’t want to speak to Jonathan any further as he ordered right after that, “Move. Beat him all you
want if he resists even a little. Do whatever you want with him as long as he’s still breathing in the end.”

“Yes, sir!”

At that, the men behind him raised their weapons and started charging.

However, Jonathan merely sneered at the sight of this. He was just about to attack when Sophia
suddenly appeared in front of him. She opened up her arms and shielded him with her body. “What do
you think you’re doing, Tommy?”

“Get out of the way! This is none of your business!” Tommy snapped.

“He’s your nephew and Daniel’s only son, Tommy! How could you do this to our brother?” she
exclaimed. Her body trembled from anger as she stared at her brother.

“I’m already giving Daniel face by not killing his son. Otherwise, do you think he’d still be alive now? If it
weren’t for our brother, I would have ordered someone to kill him off when he was chased out of the
Goldstein family back then. So get out of the way!” the former replied after giving her a cold look.

He then pushed Sophia away and shouted, “Get him!”

“Yes, sir!”

All it took was one order.

The men instantly charged at Jonathan with their weapons.

“No, Tommy!”

Sophia trembled with rage having seen this.

Nonetheless, Tommy didn’t even spare her a glance. He stared at his nephew coldly and said, “Just
one last reminder for you, Jonathan. You better not put up a fight and just surrender. If not, don’t blame
me for being ruthless.”

“Oh? That’s great. I want to see just how ruthless you can be too.” Not wanting to waste any more time,
Jonathan stepped forward and slammed a kick in one of the men’s stomach.

The kick sent him flying over three feet away.

Those who were behind that man were also sent flying out of the door.

However, just as they were about to get back up to attack again, Jonathan went out to them and
slammed the door behind him.

“Don’t open the door within the next ten minutes, Aunt Sophia. You’ll just risk getting your floor dirty if
you do.”

His aura turned the second he closed the door. Since Sophia was with him earlier, he didn’t want to
cause any bloodshed in the place.

He didn’t want to make it messy for her eyes.

However, it was time for the group of men’s death now that the door was closed.

The men in black could only see a black shadow flashing across their eyes in the next instant. Before
they could even react, their faces were met with Jonathan’s fist.

He had put in all his strength while punching them and didn’t hold back at all.

The head of the man standing in the front shattered with a blow from him.

Blood splattered everywhere in a flash.

A revolting stench filled the corridor the next second.

The sight of this bloody scene terrified the rest of the men. None of them had seen such a gory scene
even though they used to be in the army.

One punch was all it took to crush his head?

What kind of sick joke is this?

They were a group of retired special forces, but they weren’t even able to stand a chance against
Jonathan’s punch.

“There’s nothing to see. It’s your turn soon.” Jonathan didn’t give them any chance to retreat when he
saw that they were moving backward out of shock. He darted forward and grabbed one of the men by
their hair. Immediately after that, he smashed the man’s face with his knees.

The latter’s nose was broken with a loud crack that rang through the corridor.

The man fainted before he could even let out a scream of agony, and collapsed to the ground with a
loud thud.

In less than a minute, two intimidating men were already dead.

The remaining men paled at how merciless Jonathan was as they yelled, “Who the hell are you?”

“Someone who wants all of you dead!”

His gaze steeled coldly as he stomped on the ground. Then, followed by a swift kick, a triangular
bayonet landed in his hand. Jonathan took a glance at the weapon and then at the men before saying,
“Let me show you how to use a triangular bayonet.”

At that, he dashed forward and pierced the weapon through one of the men’s chests.

Blood gushed out of his chest immediately after.

But Jonathan didn’t even pause to look at him before jabbing his elbow at the man’s temple.


The man’s vision went black, and he collapsed.

“Run! Quickly!”

The remaining men finally realized that something wasn’t right. They turned to run, but there was no
way that Jonathan would give them a chance to escape.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he scoffed coldly.

As he spoke, he bolted forward and caught one of them by their shirt. With a swift movement, the man
was thrown off the building.

An agonized wail split the air.

Before he even reached the ground below, Jonathan had already thrown another one of them down.

Screams followed one after another.

A few minutes later, Jonathan stomped on the last man’s knees before throwing him off the building.

Only then did the corridor finally quiet down.

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