Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 286

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The Legendary Man

Waiting For Someone

“Really?” Sophia looked up abruptly and blinked.

“Of course. Why would I lie to you?” Jonathan said as he patted her back lightly. “My mom would
always tell me to find a wife like my aunt when I was young—someone virtuous, beautiful, and sane.”

“No way. I’m not as good as she says.” She blushed when she heard what he said.

She didn’t expect Elizabeth to speak so highly of her.

“Well, it’d be perfect if you could change your bad habit of flicking my forehead,” Jonathan said
seriously. However, Sophia rejected right after he finished speaking, “No way. It’s already a habit of ten
years. How can I change just because you say so? Besides, it’s a good habit. Why should I change it?”

Having said that, she flicked his forehead when he wasn’t paying attention. A smile then surfaced on
her face. “I think it’s a good habit so I have to continue with it. Isn’t that right, snob?”

“That’s just because you feel great seeing me suffer!” he retorted.

“Well, I don’t care.”

She scoffed and took a glance at him, “Well, you’re my nephew. Who else can I bully besides you?”

Jonathan sighed helplessly and then discreetly put some distance between them. “I’m going to get

His shirt was covered in Sophia’s tears and snot.

Having heard what he said, she realized how inelegant she was being. She quickly pushed him away
and said anxiously, “Um… I’m sorry. I didn’t dirty your shirt on purpose.”

Her face flushed red when she thought of how she threw herself into Jonathan’s arms and cried her
heart out.


You’re a thirty-year-old woman!

Why are you still acting like a little girl? Why were you crying for nothing?

Not only that, but you were also crying in Jonathan’s arms!

How embarrassing!

“It’s fine. I didn’t see anything.” Jonathan got up and walked toward the bedroom. Fortunately, he
brought a few sets of extra clothes.

Otherwise, he would have had to go around without a shirt on.


Sophia opened the door right when he took off his shirt and was about to put on a clean one.

A scream left her mouth right after that.

The woman quickly clasped her hands over her eyes.

“W-Why aren’t you wearing a shirt, snob?” she asked with a flushed face.

It hasn’t even been a few minutes. How has he taken off his shirt already?

“There’s no need to cover your eyes! I only took off my shirt,” Jonathan said, exasperated by her

“No! Hurry up and put on something!” she shouted while turning around.

“All right. I’m done.” He grabbed onto the first shirt he saw and quickly put it on. Then, he looked at
Sophia exasperatedly, “Can you please knock the next time you enter?”

“I forgot, okay?” the woman said as she uncovered her eyes. Glaring at him, she continued, “Besides,
why should I knock? There’s not a part of you that I haven’t seen when you were younger. I couldn’t
care less!”

Even though that was what she said, her face was almost as red as an apple.

“Why are you blushing, then?” Jonathan asked as he took the dirty shirt out of the room. “Where is the
washing machine?”

“That was because I was feeling warm!” Sophia retorted as she stomped her feet. Then, she snatched
the shirt from her nephew and said, “Give it to me. I’ll wash it for you.”

Once she was done speaking, she headed to the laundry room.

She returned shortly after and was evidently calmer than before. However, her eyes were still red from
crying, and her face was still slightly tinged pink.

“Why haven’t you gone to bed, snob?” the woman couldn’t help but ask when she saw him on the
couch, not a hint of fatigue on his face.

“I’m not in a hurry,” he replied while shaking his head. Looking at the time, he added, “I’m waiting for

“What? Who are you waiting for?” Sophia asked.

“Someone from the Goldstein family. You can go ahead and sleep first if you’re tired. I’m just going to
wait here,” Jonathan said while looking at her indifferently.

“Someone from the Goldstein family is coming?” Realization dawned on her upon hearing his words.
“Oh, right. I almost forgot. Your grandpa said that if he doesn’t see us in an hour, he’s going to send
someone to get us. Let’s hurry up and leave, snob. We should look for a place to hide.”

She had almost forgotten about it after what had happened earlier.

“There’s no need to hide. Do you think those from the Goldstein family can capture me so easily?
You’re really underestimating me, Aunt Sophia,” he replied with a smile.

“No. Listen to me, snob…” The woman couldn’t stop herself from panicking when she saw how
indifferent toward the situation her nephew was being. “The Goldstein family hires a lot of professional
hitmen. I heard all of them retired from the army, and some of them are even from the special forces!
Besides, they’ve killed countless people on the battlefield. Aren’t you just giving yourself the trouble if
you go against people who don’t value their lives? Trust me. Let’s go look for a place to hide. We can
come back once this whole ordeal passes.”

As she spoke, the woman got up to get changed in her room. However, right when she was finished
speaking, intense knocking sounded from the door.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound was unusually loud, and Sophia jumped in surprise even though she was standing quite far
from the door.

“Are… Are they here, snob?”


Jonathan got up and walked to the door. “It’s great that they’re here so early. At least this won’t waste
my time and keep me up tonight.”

With that, he reached out to open the door.

At the sight of this, Sophia quickly shouted, “Don’t open the door!”

But she was too late as he had already pulled open the door.

Tommy stood waiting outside.

Behind him were a dozen stocky men, all of them dressed in black.

They were armed with metal pipes and batons. There were also some armed with triangular bayonets.

“I’m surprised you didn’t run away, Jonathan.”

Surprise flashed across Tommy’s face when he saw how casually Jonathan had opened the door.

He thought that the latter would have run away by the time he arrived.

Yet not only did he not run away, but he also opened the door for him.

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