Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 285

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The Legendary Man

Sophia Breaks Down

“That’s not a threat. It’s just a warning,” Emmett replied in an icy tone. “But of course, if you want to
take it as a threat, I have no issues with that as well! Anyway, make sure you show up in front of me
within an hour. If I don’t see you by then, be prepared to bear the consequences!”

“You don’t have to wait an hour. I’ll let you know now that I’m not free!” Jonathan replied coldly. “If you
want to see me, you can come here instead!”

Right after the man finished speaking, he ended the call without giving Emmett a chance to reply.

When Emmett, who was in his mansion in Yaleview, heard the disconnect tone, he smashed his phone
onto the floor fiercely.

“What an unfilial bast*rd! I shouldn’t have let him live back then!” Emmett was breathless with anger.

Meanwhile, Tommy, who was standing in front of Emmett, looked at his father cautiously and said,
“Dad, should I send someone to finish him off now?”

Tommy had always been against the idea of bringing Jonathan back into the Goldstein family.

After all, he had played a major part in driving his nephew away back then. There was no way he would
welcome him back with open arms.

“No need. We’ll just teach him a lesson!” Even though Emmett was brimming with anger, he held back
his murderous impulses. “After all, that boy is your brother’s only bloodline left in the world. If you kill
him, how are you going to face your brother in the netherworld next time?”

“But he has caused so much trouble for our family…” Tommy gritted his teeth in resentment.

Unable to face my brother?

Why would I be afraid of a dead man?

To Tommy, the living always trumped the deceased. He could worry about facing his brother when he’s

“Take some men to where Sophia is and bring the two of them back!” Emmett shot a cold glance at
Tommy and said, “If that unfilial bast*rd put up a resistance, do not hesitate to break his limbs! Do you

“Yes!” Tommy nodded. Just as he turned around and was about to leave, Emmett called out to him,
“How’s Lucas? What did the doctor say?”

“The doctor told us that he won’t be able to keep his legs. His pelvic nerves were damaged from the car
accident previously and it’s unlikely that he’ll be able to stand again in the future!” A mixture of anger
and disappointment flashed across Tommy’s face as he spoke about his good-for-nothing son.

If his son were not so useless and broke his legs from a street race, Jonathan would never have the
chance to return to Yaleview.

However, Tommy was glad that Jonathan had gotten himself into trouble right after he arrived at

Otherwise, how could he possibly take it lying down having Jonathan, whom he had chased away, back
into the Goldstein family?

“Find the best doctors to heal his legs! I don’t care how much it costs. We have to try all possible
methods to treat him!” Emmett ordered.

“Understood!” Tommy nodded and turned to leave.

However, right after he stepped out of the room, a snicker appeared on his face.

Jonathan Goldstein!

Since you’re courting death, you can’t blame me for being ruthless!

You should never have provoked the only heir of the Zeller family.

Meanwhile, at Sophia’s home at the Bayview Mansion, the woman plopped herself on the couch in
exhaustion right after putting down the phone.

She looked up at the ceiling and stared blankly at it.

She could hardly believe that what was happening in her life right then was exactly like the plot of a
soap opera!

Sophia had always found soap operas that portrayed rich families putting the family’s self-interest
above anything else too unrealistic.

She had always scoffed at such plots.

However, she could feel herself at the brink of losing her mind when she found herself being caught in
a similar situation in real life.

“Jonathan, do you really think family ties mean nothing to prominent families?” Sophia asked, looking
up at Jonathan, unable to hide the disappointment in her eyes.

“That’s not necessarily the case,” Jonathan said with a smile. “The Goldstein family is just an
exception. The world is not all that bad!”

“Do you really think so?” When Sophia heard Jonathan’s reply, her eyes lit up at once.

It was as if hope had ignited in her heart once again.

“Of course!” Jonathan chuckled and sat down next to Sophia. “Have you forgotten how protective my
dad was of you and Tommy when he was still alive? When the two of you did something wrong and
were being punished, my dad would always stand up for you. I remembered there was once when he
had to kneel down throughout the night as punishment!”

“I remember that. How could I ever forget?” Sophia’s eyes welled up with tears when Jonathan
mentioned Daniel. “When I was young, Tommy and I often got into trouble due to mischief. When that
happened, Daniel would take the blame for us and get punished instead. It’s such a pity that he passed
away so young… Also, I have failed to take care of you after he passed away… I’ve let Daniel down…”

Sophia could no longer hold back her emotions and burst into tears.

Tears fell from her eyes, trickling down her face before landing on the couch.

Her eyes were bloodshot from crying, and her entire body was shaking as she sobbed uncontrollably.

“It’s all right. Don’t cry anymore.” Jonathan was at a loss as to what to do when Sophia suddenly
started crying.

A woman’s tears were what he feared most!

“I’m sure my parents won’t hold it against you for that.” Jonathan patted Sophia’s back and said gently,
“Besides, it’s not even your fault!”

“It is my fault. If I had come back earlier, you wouldn’t have suffered so much! If I was smarter, I
wouldn’t have been kept in the dark for so many years! I could have found you earlier and taken you

back to Yaleview!”

Sophia started sobbing even harder, her body shaking uncontrollably. Suddenly, she could no longer
control her emotions and threw herself in Jonathan’s arms, bawling her lungs out.

“Jonathan, I’m so sorry that I didn’t take good care of you! I’ve let your parents down! I’m so dumb that I
can’t do anything right!” Sophia could not stop blaming herself.

Jonathan felt rather helpless with Sophia sobbing in his arms. Even though the two of them were
indeed quite close when they were young, even sharing a bed, that was when he was still a kid!

However, he was already a grown man and it was rather inappropriate for him to be physically so close
to a woman!

“Aunt Sophia, don’t cry anymore. If you continue crying, those face masks that you put on would all go
to waste!” Jonathan patted the woman’s back gently while trying to keep his distance. “Besides, who
said you’re stupid? Last time, my mom used to tell me that Aunt Sophia is the smartest and most
beautiful person in the Goldstein family!”

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