Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 284

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The Legendary Man

Are You Threatening Me

“Seems like Jonathan did not lie to me!” When Sophia heard Emmett indirectly admitting to it, a glint of
disappointment flashed across her eyes. “Am I the only one in the Goldstein family that doesn’t know
that Jonathan has been alive all these while? I’m the only one who has been kept in the dark, right?”

It seemed to take all of Sophia’s energy to say that.

Previously, she had thought that there could be some misunderstanding between Jonathan and the
Goldstein family.

However, everything became clear to her when Emmett subconsciously revealed Jonathan’s

There was no misunderstanding!

Everyone in the Goldstein family knew that Jonathan was alive, except her!

Sophia could not help but feel like a fool for finding excuses for the Goldstein family previously.

“So what if he’s alive?” Emmett said with a hint of irritation in his voice, “Is it important? Compared to
the incident with the Zeller family, it’s such a trivial matter.”

“This is not trivial at all!” Sophia retorted, biting her lips.

“Yup, that’s right. I knew that he was alive all along!” Emmett said coldly, “Not only that, but I was also
the one who chased him out of the Goldstein family back then. Are you satisfied with my answer now?”

So it seemed that Emmett had never cared about Jonathan, whom he had personally driven out of the
Goldstein family years back!



Those feelings were simply non-existent!

Even to this day, Emmett still believed that he had not done anything wrong.

“But Jonathan is your own grandson. He’s the Goldstein family’s flesh and blood and Daniel’s only
bloodline! How could you treat him that way?” Sophia was on the verge of breaking down as she
exclaimed, “Do familial ties not matter to you at all? Back then, for Tommy’s sake, you chased
Jonathan out of the Goldstein family shortly after Daniel and his wife passed away. And now, in order to
gain benefits from the Zeller family, you’re thinking of handing me over to them? To you, the Goldstein
family’s interest is more important than my life, right?”

“Sophia, what are you saying? Who taught you those nonsense? Is it that unfilial child Jonathan?”
Emmett asked in a stern voice.

He knew his daughter’s character very well. Since young, she had always listened to everything he

For the past thirty years, Sophia had always been a filial and obedient daughter to Emmett. However,
that day, she had gone against him and reprimanded him just because of Jonathan!

She had also allowed Jonathan to cripple Troy!

What exactly are her intentions?

Is she rebelling against me now?

“No! All he did was to tell me the truth! If it weren’t for him, I would have still been kept in the dark!”
Sophia bit her lips and replied.

“So what’s the truth?” Emmett let out a cold snort. “If I had known that his return to Yaleview would
create so much trouble for us, I shouldn’t have allowed him to live back then! Pass the phone to him
now. I want to speak to that unfilial scum!”

“He’s not an unfilial scum!” Sophia retorted.

“Stop the nonsense and just pass him the phone!” Emmett ordered.

“No!” Sophia refused immediately.

That was the first time in life that the woman had behaved in such a rebellious manner and it was all
because of Jonathan!


Emmett was so furious that his voice was trembling with rage. If he was speaking to Sophia in person
instead of over the phone, he would have already given her a tight slap across her face!

However, just then, Jonathan, who had remained silent during the entire phone conversation, said,
“Does he want to talk to me? Pass me the phone then!”


When Sophia heard what Jonathan said, she looked toward the man immediately, feeling extremely

“It’ll be fine. Don’t worry!” Jonathan said smilingly while patting Sophia’s head. “Hello?”

“You’re Jonathan?” Emmett asked in an icy tone when he heard his grandson’s voice.

“Yup, it’s me! You wanted to speak to me?” Jonathan replied placidly.

“When did you arrive at Yaleview? Why didn’t you tell me?” Emmett questioned Jonathan straight

“Why should I tell you? It’s none of your business when I reached Yaleview,” Jonathan answered coldly.

“You are such an unfilial traitor!” Anger poured through Emmett when he heard Jonathan’s reply. “Do
you know how much trouble you’ve created for the Goldstein family this time around?”

“What has anything I do got to do with your Goldstein family?” Jonathan sneered. “There’s one thing I
need to reiterate. That is, since that day you chased me out of the family, I am no longer related to the
Goldstein family! Emmett, are you clear?”

“What did you just say? You unfilial traitor! How dare you call me by my name?” A fresh swell of rage
rose in Emmett. He could hardly believe that Jonathan had just addressed him by his name!

“Why wouldn’t I dare? To me, you’re no different from those passersby or vagrants on the streets. I’m
only calling your name because I’m in a good mood. If I’m in a bad mood, you’ll just be a nobody to

“You… You ungrateful bast*rd!” Emmett bellowed as he shook with rage.

“That’s enough. Stop wasting my time if that’s all you wanted to say.” Jonathan could not be bothered
to carry on the meaningless conversation. “I’ll settle the Zeller family myself. I was the one who beat
him up. It doesn’t concern the Goldstein family at all. Do you understand?”

“Hmph! Just because you say it has nothing to do with us doesn’t mean that’s really the case.” Emmett
snorted furiously, “Don’t you know that your actions have gotten Sophia into trouble as well? Jonathan,
stop hiding behind a woman if you consider yourself a man! You’re just making me look down on you
more. I’ll give you one hour to come and kneel down before me. If you do that, I’ll consider sparing your
life! Otherwise…”

“What are you going to do otherwise?” Jonathan scoffed, “Are you going to chase me out of the
Goldstein family again?”

“Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Emmett warned coldly. “If I don’t see you within an
hour, you should know what are the consequences!”

That was a blatant threat!

However, Jonathan was not fazed by that at all.

“Are you threatening me?” When Jonathan heard what the man said, his gaze turned cold as he
replied, “Emmett, do you know what I hate most? Being threatened.”

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