Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 283

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The Legendary Man

Unfilial Scum

“The situation is quite dire. I’m afraid that he’ll lose his limbs.” The middle-aged man in the white coat
spread his hands and said, “We’ve tried our best, but we can only save his life. I’m afraid that he’ll be in
a vegetative state for the rest of his life.”

“What did you say?”

When Nathan heard what the doctor said, he gripped his walking stick tightly. His expression changed
drastically as he demanded, “What did you say?”

“I said that we’ve done our best!” repeated the doctor helplessly. “I understand how you feel, but the
nerves in his limbs have been completely severed. Not even God can save him.”

“Shut up!”

Just when that doctor was about to say something, Nathan interrupted him directly and grabbed his
collar. He instructed sternly, “I don’t care what methods you resort to, or what technology you use. You
must save my grandson’s limbs! Money isn’t a problem! No matter how much it costs, I’ll pay you the
full amount as long as you can save his limbs.”

“This isn’t a question of money—” The doctor was about to say something when Nathan interrupted
him. “Cut your crap! I’m telling you this. If you dare to let anything happen to my grandson, you’ll lose
your limbs too.”

Right after he spoke, Nathan shoved the doctor away. He spun around and instructed Michael,
“Contact all the renowned experts in the world right now. As long as they can find a solution to save
Troy’s limbs, I don’t care how much it costs. Have I made myself clear?”


Michael nodded hurriedly and left.

An hour later, Sophia entered her house exhaustedly. It had been years since she had felt so tired or
slept so late.

It was already past midnight. Under normal circumstances, she would have been fast asleep already.

“Are you tired?” asked Jonathan softly when he saw how tired she was.


Sophia kicked her shoes off habitually and stepped on the wooden floor barefooted. “I’m getting old
and cannot stay up so late anymore. I wonder how many masks I’ll have to apply to compensate for
this. I’m afraid that my wrinkles might even return!”

Sophia sighed and glanced at Jonathan. “All right, that’s all for today. I’ll take a hot bath and sleep. You
should sleep earlier too. Goodnight!”


Jonathan nodded before walking to his own bedroom. Just when he got up, he heard a phone ringing

Sophia whipped out her phone instinctively.

Just when she was about to answer the call, her expression changed drastically.

Her exhausted look disappeared in an instant.

“What happened?” asked Jonathan.

“It’s from your grandfather,” said Sophia with a frown. “Something must have happened if he’s calling
me at this hour.”

She answered the call shortly after speaking.


“It’s me. Where are you?”

The moment she answered the call, the hoarse voice of an elderly man sounded. When Sophia heard
that, she had a bad feeling. “I’m at home. What’s wrong?”

“Come and see me right away!” instructed Emmett, sounding so assertive that he left no room for

Sophia frowned and asked softly, “Now? It’s already so late. Why do you want to see me?”

“Don’t you know very well why?” Emmett’s voice was cold. “I’ll give you an hour. Return to the
Goldstein residence immediately! If I don’t see you by then, don’t blame me for sending someone over
to drag you over! Oh, right. When you come back, remember to bring your toyboy along! I want to see
who’s bold enough to cripple Troy!”

When he uttered the last sentence, his suppressed fury crept into his voice, unable to be concealed

If they were talking face to face, Emmett would have already lost his temper and slapped Sophia.

“Dad, did the Zeller family call you?” When Sophia heard him mention something about a toyboy, she
immediately realized what was going on.

Other than the Zeller family, no one else would call Jonathan a “toyboy.”

“So what if they did?” Emmett snorted coldly. “You dare to ask someone to cripple Troy, but you don’t
dare to bring him to me? Let me tell you this, Sophia. You better bring him here obediently. Don’t play
any tricks with me! Otherwise, I’ll send someone to kill him and bring his corpse back!”

“Dad, you’ve misunderstood. He isn’t my toyboy!” When Sophia heard that Emmett wanted to kill him,
she quickly clarified, “He’s Jonathan, your grandson!”

“Jonathan? Are you saying that he’s Jonathan?” When Emmett heard what she said, his tone changed
quickly. “Isn’t he at Jazona? Why is he with you? Why did he cripple Troy?”

Evidently, Emmett did not expect the “toyboy,” who had crippled Troy, to be none other than his own

He was the abandoned child whom Emmett had chased out of the Goldstein family more than a
decade ago.

“Dad, you know that he’s in Jazona?” When Emmett subconsciously blurted Jonathan’s location,
Sophia’s expression changed.

Indeed, Jonathan didn’t lie to me! The Goldstein family has always known that he’s still alive. They
even know where he is! However, none of them told me about it and kept me in the dark instead. They
even lied to me that Jonathan’s dead!

“So what if I know?” When Emmett heard what she said, he snorted coldly. “Ever since he was a child,
that unfilial scum only knows how to stir up trouble. He’s only returned to Yaleview for a few days
before creating such a huge mess! Bring this scumbag to me immediately! If you’re even a minute late,
I’ll break his leg.”

At the mention of that unfilial scum whom he had personally chased out of the family, Emmett could not
help but feel furious.

That scumbag! I’d rather he die on the streets after being chased out of the family. At least, he wouldn’t
have created such a huge mess.

After all, Troy was the only heir amongst the three generations of the Zeller family.

He was Nathan’s eldest grandson.

Not only that, but he was also the son of Michael, the next leader of the Zeller family.

By crippling Troy, Jonathan had brought a lot of trouble and problems to the Goldstein family.

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