Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 282

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The Legendary Man

An Eye For An Eye

At the ICU in Yaleview Central Hospital, an old man wearing a black suit was standing at the entrance.
With a grim expression, he held tightly on his walking stick.

Five to six middle-aged men, all dressed in black robes, stood in front of him.

They all looked very dignified.

However, they did not even dare to say a single word in front of that old man.

“Who did this?” Although he was just sitting on the hospital bench, he exuded an intimidating aura

When he slammed his walking stick on the floor, the middle-aged men were so shocked that their
hearts skipped a beat.

“Apparently, it’s done by the girl from the Goldstein family and her toyboy!” replied one of the middle-
aged men.

He was Michael Zeller, Troy’s father.

When he heard that someone had broken his son’s limbs, he immediately flew back from overseas in
his private jet.

However, the moment he alighted, he bumped into Nathan, who had been waiting outside the ICU for a
few hours.

“That girl from the Goldstein family?” When he heard the Goldstein family being mentioned, he frowned
subconsciously. “Are you talking about Sophia, Emmett’s third daughter?”

“Yeah, it’s her!” Michael spat through gritted teeth, “The staff at the restaurant said that Troy merely got
into an argument with them before Sophia’s toyboy crippled him! Dad, you must take revenge for Troy!”

Michael’s eyes became bloodshot with anger.

Troy was his only child. He hoped that after he died, Troy would take over his position and lead the
Zeller family.

However, before that day came, someone crippled Troy.

No matter what, he could never let this humiliation slide.

“Of course, I will!” When Nathan heard what Michael said, he snorted coldly as a cold glint flashed
across his eyes. “I didn’t expect that girl from the Goldstein family to be so vicious, despite her docile
appearance. Initially, I wanted Troy to marry her and make her the Zeller family’s daughter-in-law!
Looks like there’s no need for that anymore.”

Previously, he had taken a liking to Sophia. She studied overseas and came from a decent family. As
the third daughter of the Goldstein family, she had never associated herself with the problematic people
in those circles.

Her background was very clean, which made her a suitable candidate for marrying into the Goldstein
family and becoming his granddaughter-in-law.

Look at how things turned out! How is her background clean? Before she married, she went to a
restaurant with her toyboy! Who knows how messy her private life is?

“Bring me my phone!” When Nathan raised his head, a subordinate gave him a phone.

Nathan dialed a number. Soon, a hoarse voice sounded through the phone, “Nathan, why did you
suddenly call me?”

“What do you think, Emmett?” Nathan snorted coldly before continuing, “Don’t you know very well why
I’m calling you?”

“Why would I know?” Emmett sounded surprised. “What happened?”

“All right, Emmett. Stop pretending. If you don’t give me a satisfactory explanation for what happened
today, the Goldstein family will have to pay for what Sophia has done!” Nathan’s voice took a vicious

“What exactly happened? Just tell me directly, Nathan.” Emmett’s tone changed when he noticed
something about Nathan’s voice.

“You dear daughter, Sophia, got her toyboy to cripple my grandson! Don’t tell me that you are clueless
about it!”

“What did you say?”

Emmett’s tone changed drastically when he heard that. “Sophia’s toyboy crippled Troy? When did this
happen? Nathan, don’t joke around with me. It’s not funny at all!”

“Do I sound like I’m joking?” retorted Nathan coldly. “My grandson is still in the ICU undergoing
emergency treatment. His survival is still uncertain. Do you think that I’ll be in the mood to joke with

“Are you serious? Does Sophia actually have a toyboy outside? Did she make him cripple Troy?”

When Emmett realized the severity of the situation, his voice trembled.

Troy was the only heir of the Zeller family.

He was Nathan’s eldest grandson—the appointed heir to take over Michael’s position in the future.

Yet, Sophia instructed someone to cripple him.

Is she out of her mind? Does she not know how powerful the Zeller family is in Yaleview?

“Nathan, this might be a misunderstanding. You watched Sophia grow since she was a child. It’s
impossible that she’d do something like this,” explained Emmett hurriedly.

“I don’t care if it’s a misunderstanding. Anyway, I’m calling you to inform you of this. Within three days, I
want to see your daughter and her toyboy kneeling in front of the Zeller residence. If I don’t see them
within three days, the Goldstein family shall prepare to face the Zeller family’s wrath!”

Gripping his walking stick, Nathan warned coldly, “I’m telling you this, Emmett. Troy is still undergoing
emergency treatment in the ICU. If his limbs can be salvaged, I’ll only kill your daughter and her toyboy.
However, if anything happens to him and he loses his limbs, I’ll make the entire Goldstein family pay for
it! From then on, as long as I’m still alive, I’ll never let the Goldstein family off the hook!”

“Listen to me, Nathan…”

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Just when Emmett was about to say something, Nathan hung up directly, not giving him any
opportunities to explain.

Immediately after, Michael asked anxiously, “Dad, what did Emmett say?”

“Ignore him!”

Nathan waved his hands and said, “Anyway, if I don’t see Sophia and her toyboy within three days, I’ll
make the Goldstein family pay!”

Not giving Michael any chances to speak, Nathan supported himself with the walking stick and got up.
“Summon the director of the hospital over. He has been in the emergency room for a few hours. Why
aren’t there any updates yet?”

“I’ll attend to it right away!”

Michael was about to jump to his feet after hearing Nathan’s command. However, at that moment,
someone suddenly pushed the doors of the emergency room open.

A middle-aged doctor dressed in a white coat strode out. “Who here is Troy’s family member?”


Nathan rushed forward with his walking stick. “How’s my grandson?”

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