Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 281

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The Legendary Man

Why Are You Scared Of Andy And Not Me

“Mr. Goldstein, I was kidding.”

No matter how clueless Jerry was, he could tell that Jonathan was truly powerful.

He was even more powerful than Allen was.

“I don’t like when strangers kid with me. Besides, it wasn’t even a good joke,” Jonathan said lazily. He
turned around to look at Lydia and Sophia. “Let’s go.”


Sophia and Lydia nodded before walking out of the boxing ring with Jonathan.

The crowd parted like the Red Sea to let them through.

Everyone’s eyes were now on Jonathan.

Before today, who would have expected that the infamous Allen Morsley family would get bullied to the
point of extreme humiliation?

Who would have pictured him kneeling and begging for forgiveness?

Half an hour later, their car sped off and away from the boxing ring.

Compared to when they were coming here, Lydia was much less noisy. In fact, she was extra quiet.
She kept staring at Jonathan in the rearview mirror the whole time. She wanted to ask him something
but had no idea where to start.

“What is it? Ask me anything you want. Just stop staring at me,” Jonathan said. Even without looking,
he could tell that Lydia was staring at him.

Even Sophia was full of questions right then.

“I-I wasn’t looking at you. I was looking at the road,” Lydia said defensively. She was a little bit
embarrassed that she had been called out.

“I just wanted to ask how you came to know Andy,” Lydia said in a small voice.

Andy was practically a legend amongst them.

He was personally selected by Asura himself and joined the ranks of the four Kings of War of Asura’s

Without Andy, the Morsley family would not have achieved everything they had.

He singlehandedly transformed them from an average family to Yaleview’s most influential family.

Even Christian, who was dubbed the leader of the prominent heirs in Baykeep, had to bow down to

Compared to Andy, all the other heirs in Baykeep were measly ants.

He wasn’t even thirty and yet he already held a spot in Asura’s Office.

Apart from Asura himself, who else could possibly beat Andy? There wasn’t a single match for him in
the entire country, let alone Yaleview.

“We used to be in the same squadron as bunkmates. After fighting on the battlefield together and
shedding blood for the same cause, we naturally got to know each other well,” Jonathan lied casually.

“You used to be in the army?” Sophia’s eyes widened.

“Yeah. For just a few years. I got discharged last year.”

“Then have you ever seen Asura?” Lydia asked in excitement. “I heard that Andy was personally
appointed into Asura’s Office by Asura himself!”


Jonathan just shook his head. “If I have ever met Asura, don’t you think I would already have been
appointed into Asura’s Office by now and not sitting here with you guys?”

“That’s true.” Lydia nodded in agreement. She was gullible enough to believe him. “Then have you ever
seen any one of the Kings of War?”

“Yeah, actually,” Jonathan said, randomly making things up on the spot. “It was from quite the distance,

“Are they married? Do I still have a chance to get with any of them?” Lydia asked hurriedly.

“No,” Jonathan replied. “They’re not into women.”

“So they’re into guys?” Lydia asked with wide eyes. She then looked at Jonathan in disbelief. “Are you
gay too, then?”

“What I meant was that they’re no longer attracted to such worldly things. Compared to dating around,
they’re more in love with the battlefield.”

Zachary, Kane, Terrence, and Dorian were all addicted to war.

All they ever thought about was fighting, bloodshed, and battle strategies.

Instead of sleeping around or dating, they would rather use that time to get rid of a few more enemies.

At that stage in their life, women were no longer something they were bothered with.

Anyway, they could get any woman they wanted.

“Oh. You scared me,” Lydia said as she patted herself on the chest to calm down.

“Okay, enough questions. Just drive and focus on the road.” Jonathan couldn’t help but glare at her
after seeing her casual attitude.

Right after that, though, she turned to Jonathan and asked worriedly, “Jonathan, is Allen going to get
revenge on you after this?”

She still couldn’t forget how Allen had been forced to kneel and apologize to Jonathan.

That was the most humiliating day in Allen’s life!

To the heir of the Morsley family, this was unacceptable.

“He won’t,” Jonathan said as he shook his head. “He doesn’t have the guts to.”


Even if Allen had the guts, would Andy dare?

Besides, Andy would have stormed over to Allen’s house in order to lock him up for plenty of months
already by then.

Hence, even if he was silly enough to want revenge, he would need to find a way to escape the
Morsley mansion first.

“Really?” Sophia asked curiously.

She had a feeling that Allen wouldn’t just take such embarrassment lightly.

“Why would I lie about that?” Jonathan said with a chuckle. “If Allen still dares to come and pick a bone
with me, I’ll beat him up again.”

“W-What about Troy?” Sophia asked worriedly.

If Allen daren’t get revenge on Jonathan, then what about Troy?

What about the Zeller family?

Jonathan had beaten Troy up so badly that she couldn’t imagine the Zeller family just letting him go.

“Who cares about him?” Jonathan waved his hand nonchalantly. He couldn’t care less about the Zeller
family. “If they dare to lay a finger on me, I’ll get rid of every single one of them.”

“Maybe you should call Andy again,” Sophia said hesitantly. “If he’s willing to speak up for you, then the
Zeller family would probably be willing to let it slide.”

If Andy stood up for Jonathan, then even if the Zeller family was still angry, they couldn’t really do

The Zeller family and Morsley family may be part of the four prominent families, but Andy had been
personally appointed to join Asura’s Office by Asura himself.

He was one of the four Kings of War.

Even if the Zeller family were angry, they would still back off for Andy, right?

“There’s no need for that,” Jonathan said as he shook his head. His eyes flashed coldly. “If the Zeller
family fear Andy, they naturally fear me as well.”

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