Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 280

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The Legendary Man

Kneel Down And Apologize

“I-I don’t know,” Allen mumbled in a small voice.

He was too embarrassed to admit that he, the descendant of the Morsley family, didn’t even know who
had beaten him up and humiliated him.

“Tell him that my name is Jonathan Goldstein,” Jonathan said coldly.

“What? Who did he say he is?” The moment he heard Jonathan’s name, Andy’s tone immediately
shifted once again.

Even his breathing had begun to shake.

“He said his name is Jonathan Goldstein,” Allen said meekly.

“Pass him the phone right now!” Andy barked.

“Andy, I—” Allen started, but Andy immediately cut him off. “I told you to pass the f*cking phone to him!”

“My brother wants to talk to you,” Allen said sulkily as he passed the phone to Jonathan. “Jonathan, is
it? You’re done for!”

With Andy backing him up, Allen was already much more arrogant.

Jonathan couldn’t be bothered to reply to Allen. “Hello?”

“Mr. Goldstein? Is that you?” Andy asked in excitement.

“Yes,” Jonathan answered.

“Mr. Goldstein! It’s actually you!” Andy spoke loudly in excitement. “When did you come back to

“Just two days ago.”

“Where are you? I’ll send someone to pick you up. No! I’ll come and pick you up myself!” Andy said

After Jonathan disappeared a year ago without a trace, no one had heard anything from him.

Even Andy himself couldn’t find any traces of information about Jonathan.

Some people said he had died, and some said he had gone back into hiding—none of which he

How could Asura himself die?

If anyone had dared to say that in front of Andy himself, he would personally kill them.

“There’s no need for that. I’ll go back when I’m supposed to.”

“Understood, Mr. Goldstein!”

Andy had always treated Jonathan’s word as gospel and didn’t dare to say a word otherwise. However,
he urgently asked, “Mr. Goldstein, if I may ask, how did you bump into someone like Allen?”

Andy wasn’t even trying to hide his disdain toward Allen in the slightest.

“I met him at an underground boxing ring,” Jonathan replied coldly.

“Underground boxing ring?”

Andy’s voice became cold at those words. “Was that little punk bullying others again?”

Being his older brother, Andy was perfectly clear of the things Allen was up to.

“Yes,” Jonathan said casually. “He made me pick between getting a leg broken or giving him a hundred

“F*ck. I should have known!”

Andy was furious after hearing what Jonathan had said. “How dare he mess with you out of all people?
Please don’t be angry, Mr. Goldstein. He’s been spoiled rotten at home. It’s his luck for ending up
messing with you out of all people. You can settle this any way you see fit. Even if you decide to take
his life, I won’t even blink an eye.”

Andy had chosen Jonathan over his own brother without even batting an eyelid.

Sure, Allen may have been Andy’s blood, but Jonathan was practically his god.

He was the one and only Asura.

“Since it’s your brother we’re talking about, you can decide what you want to do with him,” Jonathan
said as he looked at Allen, who was still kneeling on the ground. “The reason I called you today was to
warn you that if you don’t teach him properly, he’ll soon end up dead.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Andy finally let out a sigh after hearing that Jonathan would spare Allen’s worthless life.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Goldstein. From today onward, I’ll be keeping a close eye on him. I swear on my life
that I’ll teach him a good lesson!” Andy promised without a second thought.

“Okay. That’s all,” Jonathan said. He couldn’t be bothered to talk to Andy any longer and returned the
phone to Allen.

The moment he got his phone back, Allen instantly said, “Andy, kill him!”

“Shut the hell up!” Andy shouted angrily before Allen could say anything else. “Apologise immediately.
Also, tell those people from Asura’s Office to get their sorry ass*s back here right now!”

“Why should I?”

Allen immediately threw a tantrum at the sound of having to apologise to Jonathan. “He was the one
who beat me up, so why should I apologize to him?”

“Why should you? I’ll tell you why. He just spared your life! He was being kind enough to not kill you on
the spot. Stop whining and say sorry to him right now. If not, I’ll break both of your legs.”


Allen was practically in tears at this point.

He couldn’t believe it! He, the esteemed descendant from the Morsley family, got beaten up. Yet, he
had to apologize to his assailant!

If word of this got out, how could he bear to show his face in Yaleview ever again?

“Stop barking and apologize right now. I’ll be keeping you at home for three months. If you even dare to
step out during those three months, I’ll break both of your legs.”

Andy hung up right after that without giving Allen the slightest chance to argue.

Right after Andy hung up, Allen looked pissed off.

Apart from that, he was also embarrassed.

Even in his wildest dreams, he would never imagine that the person who had always had his back
would suddenly clean his hands of him so easily.


All of that is fake.

All lies!

“I’m sorry,” Allen finally spat out after a long internal battle.

For once, he bowed down to someone else and apologized.

For some reason, those two simple words seemed to drain him of all of his energy.


The moment Allen said those words, the room was practically frozen in surprise.

They all looked at him in shock, as if wondering if they had heard it wrongly.

Were they actually hearing Allen Morsley apologize to someone else?

How could that be?

“I’m guessing you don’t want that hundred million anymore?” Jonathan said, glancing at Allen.

“N-No,” Allen mumbled as he lowered his head, not daring to look at Jonathan.

How he wished the ground would open up and swallow him whole.

He was so humiliated that it felt like someone was pressing his face to the floor and stepping on it.

Allen had never been this humiliated in his entire life.

“What about the two of them?” Jonathan asked as he looked at Sophia and Lydia. “Do you want their

“No!” Allen was about to grind his teeth to a stump with how hard he was gritting them.

Since when had he ever had to suffer through such humiliation?

“W-What about me?” Jerry, who had been keeping his distance from them before, hurriedly ran nearer
and asked, “I don’t have to give any money either, right?”

“What do you think?”

Jonathan glanced at Jerry in disdain. “Have you forgotten your own words? You said that we weren’t
related in any way.”

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