Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 279

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The Legendary Man

Who Did This

“Really?” Jonathan glanced at him and said, “Good. I’m not the reasonable kind, anyway. You’re Andy’s
brother, right? I can’t believe he has a brother like you!”

Andy Morsley, one of the four Kings of War of Asura’s Office.

Andy and Jonathan had fought countless battles together. After all that they had been through, the
latter personally appointed Andy as the general overseeing hundreds of thousands of elite soldiers at
Asura’s Office.

It was baffling that the inept and haughty Allen was actually Andy’s brother.

“Shut up!” The moment Allen heard that name, his expression immediately darkened. “How dare you
talk about him? You’re not leaving this place alive!”

Since young, the name “Andy” had been haunting him.

He had lived his entire life under Andy’s shadow.


In what way am I any worse than him?

“Yes!” After Allen’s command, a few burly men in black clothes began surrounding Jonathan and the

Every single one of their movements was designed to kill. They were obviously professionally trained.

“Are you guys from Asura’s Office?” Jonathan asked.


Their expressions changed immediately. Obviously, they didn’t expect Jonathan to recognize them.

“How dare you speak out of line and falsely accuse me? Is that the way Andy taught you guys to
behave?” Jonathan spat out as his expression turned frosty.

When Jerry heard that, he immediately stared in shock.

He’s crazy!

He’s gone absolutely insane!

Andy was personally appointed to the Asura’s Office by Asura himself. He was right up there along with
the four Kings of War!

Everyone had to respect him, even the most esteemed VIPs.

Who was Jonathan to say such a thing? How could he accuse Andy of anything even remotely

This was practically a death wish.

“I-I don’t know him! I’ve never met him before!” Jerry said, scurrying backward to distance himself from

If Jonathan wanted to die, Jerry didn’t want to be pulled down with him.

“We’re just following orders.” They didn’t know who Jonathan was, but one of the men frowned and
said, “We apologize to you in advance.”

“Following orders?” Jonathan immediately scoffed coldly. “Is he in danger?”

“No,” one of the other burly men said as they all shook their heads.

As members of Asura’s Office, their mission was to protect the country.

They wanted to win wars and kill off any opponents in their way.

They didn’t want to follow Allen around on his tomfoolery.

At this point, they couldn’t even respect themselves.

“Since he’s not in a life-or-death situation, then whose commands are you following exactly?”
Jonathan’s expression was ice cold. “Did Andy ask you guys to fool around with Allen?”

“We are sorry!” The burly men looked at each other and gritted their teeth. “We can’t go against his

They rushed forward without another word and surrounded them, leaving no mercy.

Sadly, before any of them could attack, Jonathan instantly defeated all of them.

Bang! All of them collapsed with a single punch from Jonathan.

At that very moment, Allen’s eye started twitching.

These men from Asura’s office were personally picked by Andy to protect Allen, and yet Jonathan
defeated them with just one punch.

How is that possible?

“Since Andy didn’t teach you guys properly, then I’ll teach you guys a lesson.” Jonathan glanced at the
members of Asura’s Office who were lying on the floor and walked toward Allen.

“D-Don’t come near!” Allen’s eyes flashed in panic as Jonathan walked closer toward him. “What do
you think you’re doing?”

“Call Andy!” Jonathan ordered.

“W-What?” Allen looked at Jonathan in shock, wondering if he had heard the right thing.

How dare he still call Andy after beating me up?

“I said, call Andy!” Jonathan bellowed as he kicked Allen’s stomach.

That kick immediately sent Allen flying onto the ground.

“Am I clear enough now?” Jonathan looked at Allen coldly while the latter was curled up on the floor
with his arms tightly folded over his stomach.

“I-I don’t want that hundred million anymore!” Allen said with gritted teeth, crawling up with difficulty.

He couldn’t muster up the courage to call Andy.

If Andy had learned about all of this, he would beat Allen to death.

“That’s not up for you to decide,” Jonathan replied coldly as he glared at Allen. As he spoke, he kicked
Allen on the stomach again.

The latter immediately collapsed onto the ground, falling on his knees in front of Jonathan.

“Call him right now and ask him if he wants this hundred million.”


After a couple of kicks, Allen was already too afraid to resist. He picked up his phone and dialed a

However, when the audience below the stage saw all of this, they were instantly paralyzed in shock.

Allen was the great Andy Morsley’s brother, after all. Yet, he was getting beaten up and kneeling for
forgiveness right then.

The culprit was even forcing him to call Andy!

What was going on?

That man must have a death wish!

That very moment, the entire room was dead silent.

It was so quiet that the audience could hear their breathing. Everyone had their eyes on Jonathan,
wondering what he would do next.

They had already guessed what would happen to him—Death.

There was no other way out for the man other than dying.

He would die without even an intact corpse for the burial.


Beep. Beep.

The plain ringing tone of the phone pierced through the audience’s ears.

A few seconds later, a deep voice spoke.


“Andy! You have to save me!” Allen called out the moment Andy picked up. His voice was trembling as
if he were about to cry.

He had never suffered such humiliation in his life.

“What’s going on?” Andy asked calmly. He didn’t seem worried in the slightest.

“I just got beaten up!” Allen said in a panic.

“You got beaten up?” Andy asked in surprise. “What about those from Asura’s Office? Didn’t I hire them
to protect you?”

“They got beaten up too!” Allen glanced over at the bruised, bloody members of Asura’s Office.

“What? Even they got beaten up?” Andy’s tone immediately changed. “Who did this?”

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