Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 277

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The Legendary Man

Introducing Allen Morsley

In response to Allen’s question, the young man shook his head. “I don’t know them, but I heard that
one of them was called Master Walker.”

“Master Walker? As in Christian Walker?” asked Allen with tightly knitted brows.

The man Allen mentioned is from one of the four prominent families in Yaleview.

“No, not him. Christian would never do anything like this to me. Besides, he wouldn’t dare to beat me
up or he would be disrespecting you.”

“Who else in Yaleview goes by Master Walker besides Christian? So anyone can simply have people
calling them Master nowadays, huh? It’s ridiculous!” scoffed Allen at the thought. “Did you tell them that
you’re under my protection when they hit you?”

The young man scratched his head in embarrassment before answering, “No. I… I forgot to do that.”

“Then you deserve getting the crap beat out of you! There’s power in saying my name, and you should
know that.” Upset with what he had heard, Allen gave the young man a kick on his bottom.

“You can hit me all you want later, Mr. Morsley, but if you don’t avenge me now, those b*stards are
going to get away!” pleaded the young man rubbing his rear.

Smirking at the young man, Allen assured, “That’s not going to happen. No matter where they go, they
can’t hide from me, so don’t worry. You’ll get your revenge.”

With that, Allen strode out of the room, and following closely behind him were several well-built men in

Meanwhile, the fight in the boxing ring had gotten more intense.

Locking Ghost Fire’s neck with his arm, Scar pounded his opponent repeatedly in the abdomen.

Even though Ghost Fire was already beaten to a pulp, Scar showed no sign of slowing down.

The tattooed man then grabbed his opponent by the hair and started hitting him in the face.

“Kill him!”

“Destroy that b*stard!”

Excited, the crowd cheered and shouted at the fighters. It did not matter to them if someone got killed
in the ring because they believed that the weak ones deserved to die, and that showed just how cruel
underground boxing matches were.

However, a young man suddenly appeared from the crowd before stepping into the ring.

“Stop!” At the sound of his command, everyone at the scene was immediately shocked.

“Who the heck are you? Do you have some kind of death wish?”

“Hey, idiot! Get out of there! You’re ruining the match, man!”

“Da*n it! What are you doing in there? Get lost!”

Naturally, the crowd got upset when the young man interrupted the fight, so they started cursing at him.

However, it did not take long before some of them figured out who they were yelling at. Those who
recognized the young man quickly warned their friends, “Shut up, man! Do you have any idea who that
is? You’d better put a sock in it if you want to walk out of here alive.”

“What are you talking about? Who’s that?”

“That’s Allen Morsley, you idiot!”

Immediately, those who cursed at Allen covered their mouths and lowered their heads to hide in the
crowd, for nobody dared to offend him.

“I just told you to stop. Are you deaf?” When Scar continued to punch his opponent, Allen walked over
and kicked the fighter in the stomach.

Scar then shifted his attention to Allen and was about to take a swing at the man when the ring owner
shouted, “You stop it right there! Don’t you dare move a muscle!”

As ordered, Scar withdrew his fist that almost landed on Allen’s cheek. The boxer glared at Allen
standing before him, imagining different ways to tear the young man apart.

“Don’t you know who that is? Are you trying to get yourself killed?” roared the owner at the fighter
before instructing his subordinates, “Get those two out of the ring! Now!”

“Yes, sir!” Hurriedly, a dozen men rushed into the ring to remove Scar and Ghost Fire.

“Is something wrong, Mr. Morsley?” The ring announcer plastered on a smile before approaching Allen,
who happened to be the last person he would want to offend.

Had it been somebody else interrupting the fight, the announcer would have had them fed to the dogs.

“Somebody disrespected me when they laid their hands on my friend. Hence, I can’t let them go
unpunished,” explained Allen after glancing indifferently at the announcer.

“What? I didn’t think anyone in Yaleview would dare offend you, Mr. Morsley.” The news came as a
surprise to the ring announcer.

“That makes two of us,” scoffed Allen before turning to the injured young man. “Get in here and tell me
where they’re seated in the crowd.”


As instructed, the young man quickly made his way into the ring and scanned his surrounding. Then,
he pointed his finger in the direction where Jerry was seated. “There he is! And those people with him!”

The young man could not remember who was the person who hit him, so he decided to blame
everyone in Jerry’s company, including Jonathan.

“So that’s the one who beat you up? Let’s get him to come into the ring.” Staring straight at Jerry, Allen
gestured for the man to come forth.

Jerry’s face immediately turned grim when he realized who it was beckoning to him.

Oh no, that’s Andy’s brother, Allen Morsley. He’s also known as the Devil of Yaleview, and he belongs
to one of the four prominent families in Yaleview! What the heck did I do to upset the Devil himself?

Fear-stricken, Jerry suddenly broke out in cold sweat as his men who were just as afraid as he was,
gathered around him.

“What should we do, Master Walker?” inquired the terrified men.

“How should I know? Don’t you think I wish I have all the answers?” Jerry completely lost his temper
because he knew that he was in trouble at that moment, so he forced an apologetic smile before
standing up to respond to Allen. “It’s all just a big misunderstanding, Mr. Morsley. I had no idea that he
is a friend of yours.”

When Allen heard the man’s terrible excuse, he could not help but scoff, “That’s it? You think I’m going
to just let this slide because you are ignorant?”

“If there’s any way I can make it up to you, Mr. Morsley, please do let me know.” Jerry ate humble pie
and bowed to the man to show his sincerity.

Compared to how he acted in front of the young man earlier, one could be forgiven for mistaking him
for a different person.

“I want you and your friends to leave here with a broken leg. Plus, you have to compensate my friend
for the trauma you caused with one hundred million.” Allen directly stated his conditions to Jerry.


When Jerry heard the man, his face somehow turned even grimmer, for he did not think that he could
agree to the terms. “Mr. Morsley, these conditions of yours just seem-”

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