Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 276

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The Legendary Man

Beat Him Up Now

What? Jonathan just won two hundred million from betting? That’s impossible! When Kylie and Yvette
heard the amount, they widened their eyes in disbelief at the man.

Chuckling, Jerry obviously did not believe what Lydia told him. “You’re telling me that he won two
hundred million from the bet? You must be joking because that’s definitely impossible.”

In order to win that ridiculous amount, Jerry knew that one would have to bet at least ten million.

After sizing Jonathan up, he was not convinced that the man in cheap clothing could afford to place
such a bet.

“Why would I lie to you? I just saw the message myself, and it clearly states that two hundred million
has been wired to his account.” Lydia quickly got offended when Jerry doubted her claim because she
did not appreciate his arrogant attitude.

This man probably thinks he’s high and mighty! How disgusting! I really hate his guts!

“So he really won two hundred million?” After Lydia’s explanation, Jerry could no longer contain his
emotions. The man’s jaw dropped so low that it could almost reach the floor. That’s a lot of money!
Even if I spend every second of the rest of my life working, I probably still couldn’t earn that much. And
Jonathan made that in just a few minutes?

In comparison, Jerry just lost a couple million, so naturally, he was not happy to hear how well
Jonathan was doing.

“Well, that’s up to you to believe it or not.”

Lydia then rolled her eyes at Jerry and decided that she would rather not waste any more time on the

“It’s not that I don’t believe it. I’m just—” Jerry wanted to explain himself when he realized that he had
offended Lydia, but before he could finish his sentence, a young man in the front row turned around to
inquire, “Whoa, man! Did you just bet on Ghost Fire and won two hundred million?”

“How is that any of your business?” Looking daggers at the young man, Jerry responded in Jonathan’s

Hearing about Jonathan’s winning only served to put Jerry in a foul mood. How is it that he won a
fortune so easily while I lost my hard-earned money just like that? This is not fair!

“I’m just curious, man. It was a casual question.” The young man wondered what he said to deserve
such rude treatment.

“I don’t care! I’m not in the mood right now, so you’d better turn back around and mind your own
business!” roared Jerry.

“Oh, you’re not in the mood? Well, guess what? I’m not either. If it’s a fight you want, let’s go on with it!”
Suddenly, the young man jumped to his feet and kicked Jerry in the stomach.

Holding his stomach in pain, Jerry glared at the young man with popped veins. “How dare you lay a
finger on me! Do you know who I am, boy? You must have a death wish!”

With that, Jerry stood up and grabbed his chair to smash it on the young man’s head. “Teach him a
lesson now!”

As commanded, Jerry’s men immediately charged forward and attacked the young man.

Before long, the young man’s face was so bruised up that he could barely open his eyes.

“Jerry, stop it! You’ll kill him!” Kylie quickly stepped up to stop her cousin when he joined his men in the

After spitting on the gravely injured young man, Jerry sent another kick into the man’s stomach. “This
will teach you never to lay a finger on me. Now get out of my sight before I change my mind. If I ever
see you again, I’ll break your legs! You hear me?”

Covering his bleeding nose, the young man summoned every last bit of strength to get on his feet.

“Just you wait!” threatened the poor lad before scurrying away.

“You bet we’ll be waiting, so you better show up!” retorted Jerry’s men, as arrogant as the man himself.

However, they were suddenly humble again after turning to face Jerry. “Are you okay, Master Walker?”

In response, Jerry nonchalantly dusted off his shoulder. “Never better! This is to be expected when you
visit an underground boxing ring.”

Then, the man pointed his finger at a room behind him before continuing proudly, “Besides those
people in there, who else in Yaleview dares to harrass me?”

However, Lydia found Jerry’s haughtiness somewhat ridiculous, so she blurted, “What an idiot.”

“What was that, Ms. Lydia?” Since the woman did not speak loudly, Jerry requested her to repeat

“I was complimenting how cool you looked just now,” replied Lydia sarcastically, but it completely flew
over the man’s head.

Jerry grinned from ear to ear after hearing Lydia’s supposed praise. “Really? It was nothing. I actually
held back because I didn’t want to scare you. Nobody in Yaleview can cross me and get away with it!

That b*stard should consider himself lucky that I didn’t break his legs. Otherwise, he would’ve had to
crawl out of here. “

“Is that so?” responded Lydia with a forced half-smile. Jerry is definitely not the first narcissistic man
I’ve met, and he probably won’t be the last. Yaleview is full of people like him. Luckily, I eat these men
for breakfast!

“Are you sure we’ll be fine after what you did to that man, Jerry?” As if her cousin had hit a bee nest,
anxiousness was written all over Kylie’s face.

“What do you think is going to happen? With our family’s vast influence in Yaleview, what can that
b*stard possibly do to us? Just go back to your seat. The match is about to start, so let’s enjoy it.” With
a wave of his hand, Jerry brushed off his cousin.

“Fine.” Pouting, Kylie decided it was pointless to say anything else to Jerry.

While the fight raged on in the ring, the injured young man knelt and begged outside a room on the
second floor. “You have to help me, Mr. Morsley. I’ve never been so humiliated in my life! You have to
teach that man a lesson he’ll never forget!”

“Don’t worry about it. Now get on your feet. You do realize that you’re a grown man, right? What kind of
man would snivel like that? Get a hold of yourself!” Allen Morsley gave the young man a disgusted look
before ordering his men to pull the poor lad up from the floor.

“Now tell me. Who was it that bash you up?” questioned Allen while a voluptuous woman in his arms lit
his cigar for him.

That woman turned out to be one of the most popular female celebrities in Chanaea.

So much so that almost everyone in the country had seen her face on TV or social media.

Even so, the well-known celebrity sat on Allen’s lap and leaned against his chest like a kitten while the
man ran his hand over her fair thigh.

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