Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 275

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The Legendary Man

Unnamed Intentions

Jerry’s face immediately darkened when his hand was left hanging like that.

Still, he did his best to suppress his emotions and plastered on a smile. “Oh, no. That won’t do. If it
weren’t for your help, these two would probably be begging for money on the streets after leaving the
train station. As Kylie’s cousin, I feel like I should at least buy you a drink. What do you say?”

With that, Jerry quickly turned to order his men before Jonathan even had a chance to say anything,
“You two, reserve a VIP room at a hotel and have them prepare a few bottles of their best wine. Just
give them my name.”

“Yes, Master Walker!”

After receiving their instruction, one of the men immediately made a phone call.

“You don’t have to do that for me. I don’t drink,” informed Jonathan, trying to stop Jerry from making
unnecessary arrangements.

“What? You don’t drink?”

Seeing Jonathan’s excuse as another sign of disrespect, Jerry was finally out of patience. Just who the
heck does he think he is to turn down my offer like that? I’m only being this generous because he’s with
Sophia and Lydia, yet this b*stard thinks he’s a big deal or something? Never have I stoop so low to
converse with a nobody!

Jerry knew he wanted both Sophia and Lydia the moment he laid eyes on them, for he had seen
almost all the women in Yaleview, but none of them could compare to the two.

Just by looking at Sophia and Lydia, the man could feel a strong desire burning up inside of him.

“Fine. If you don’t drink, why don’t you take a seat somewhere and enjoy the fight? When it’s over, I’ll
let you pick a place for a late-night snack together,” offered Jerry.

“No, thank you.” Without a second thought, Jonathan turned the man once again because it was
apparent to him that Jerry had an ulterior motive.

“Do you really think it’s a good idea to turn me down just like that?” Suddenly, the smile on Jerry’s face

“Why not? In case you’ve forgotten, I don’t know you,” scoffed Jonathan.

“Why you little-” Scowling, Jerry was about to lose his temper, but fortunately, Kylie stopped him.

“Calm down, Jerry. There’s no need to get upset.” Kylie then shifted her attention to Jonathan to
explain Jerry’s rude behavior, “Let me apologize on behalf of my cousin, Jonathan. He didn’t mean it.”

“I couldn’t care less, really,” responded Jonathan with his eyebrows tightly furrowed.

More than ready to make himself scarce, the man gestured for Sophia and Lydia to follow his lead.
“Come on. Let’s leave this place.”

However, just when he was about to turn his back on Kylie, she called out to him again.

“What is it this time?” Jonathan could have sworn that the girl was pushing the limit of his patience.

“Jonathan, won’t you at least consider staying just a while longer? Yvette and I will keep you company.
I promise it will be worth your while,” pleaded Kylie with a pair of puppy-dog eyes. “She’s never missed
any man before, you know? You’re the first one! You have no idea what it’s like to hear her chant your
name every single day!”

“Kylie! Shut up! I don’t chant his name every day. Stop making things up!” Blushing, Yvette quickly put
her hand over Kylie’s mouth to try to hush the girl.

“Are you sure you don’t? Because I’m pretty sure I hear his name coming out of your mouth every day,”
teased Kylie.

When Sophia saw how much the girls wanted Jonathan to stay, she thought it would be cruel for him to
deny them their wish. “We can stay for a little while, right, Jonathan?”

Kylie’s eyes immediately sparkled when she heard Sophia. “See! Your friend wants to stay, so you
should too, Jonathan.”

Then, Kylie gave Sophia a big smile. “Don’t tell anybody else, but I just won a few grand today from
betting. You can have whatever you like later. My treat! Seeing how we’re of a similar age, I can
probably guess what you like.”

Sophia almost burst out laughing when she heard Kylie. “We are definitely not of a similar age. I’m
probably old enough to be your mother.”

In response, Kylie’s mouth was left agape. “How’s that possible? You look three years older than me at
most. How are you old enough to be my mother? You’re trying to fool me, right? I’m not falling for that.”

“Why would I do that? I’m Jonathan’s aunt, so that should be enough to tell you how old I am.” Sophia
chuckled, very much amused.

“You’re his aunt? No, no, no. That’s impossible! I don’t believe you. I mean, you look even younger than
him,” insisted Kylie, refusing to accept that someone could look that young at such an old age.

“Well, aren’t you just a sweetheart?” Flattered, Sophia patted Kylie on the head as a show of
appreciation before turning to her nephew. “It’s decided. We’ll stay a little longer, Jonathan. Come on.

You don’t want to disappoint someone as adorable as this girl, do you? She might cry if you do.”

“No, I won’t!” protested Kylie, clenching her fists.

“Fine. We’ll stay just a little longer.” Since his aunt had decided to stay, Jonathan knew better than to
insist on leaving.

Immediately, Kylie’s heart leaped up for joy when Jonathan finally agreed to stay with them.

“What are you guys waiting for? Go find a couple of seats for our friends!” Jerry commanded his men
standing just behind him.

“Yes, sir!” The men then hurried away to carry out their order.

“Please pardon my men’s ignorance. Sometimes, they just need a good yelling,” joked Jerry before
smiling at Sophia and Lydia and gesturing for them to follow him.

They barely warmed up their seats when the gong suddenly rang.

Right after that, a few hourglass-figured women in pink bikinis strutted into the boxing ring.

“Next up, we give you the Phantom! His challenger for tonight is a newcomer. The man only goes by
his ring name, Scar!”

As soon as the ring announcer was done with the introduction, the lights instantly fell on Scar, a bald
boxer whose half-naked body was entirely covered with tattoos that looked like knife scars.

In the middle of his back was a conspicuous one that seemed much larger than the others.

“Didn’t you say that the previous match was the last one?” inquired Jonathan curiously after hearing the

“Well, Sophia couldn’t wait to leave this place just now, so I came up with an excuse,” answered Lydia
with an embarrassed shrug.

The truth was that Lydia wanted to go home early after placing her bet, but she never expected
Jonathan to find out that she lied.

Lydia could immediately feel the guilt set in when Jonathan responded with a mere glance, so she
purposely changed the subject. “Who do you think is going to win this match?”

“No idea,” replied the man coldly.

“Oh, come on! Don’t be mad, Jonathan. I didn’t lie to you on purpose. I’m sure someone as
magnanimous as you can forgive a white lie like that, right?” Sensing that the man was upset with her,
Lydia pouted while holding on to his arm.

“No way!” Jonathan unceremoniously pulled his arm away from the woman.

“Fine! Be petty then!” With her arms crossed, Lydia rolled her eyes at the insufferable man.

“Seriously, Lydia? You just won twenty million. Is that not enough?” Sophia gave her friend a look when
she overheard the conversation.

“What? She won twenty million?” exclaimed Jerry in surprise. The man was seated next to Jonathan,
so naturally, he could hear Sophia.

Lydia could not help but sneer at the man when she saw how shocked he was. “You think twenty
million is a lot? Let me give you a real shocker. Jonathan here won two hundred million!”

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