Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 273

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The Legendary Man

Received Twenty Million

If Phantom’s fist found its mark, there was no doubt that the latter would lose his life.

At that very moment, there was a sudden twist of fate.

Nimbly, Ghost Fire dodged to the side as Phantom missed him entirely. Without giving Phantom any
time to react, Ghost Fire leaped into the air and slammed his fist into Ghost Fire’s face.


Piercing pain exploded across Phantom’s nose, causing him to stumble backward.

“F*ck, what on earth just happened?”

“Look at this trash! I can’t believe he got blindsided by a weakling like Ghostfire.”

“He’s utterly useless!”

Promptly, the audience began to hurl profanities at Phantom.

Not a single one of them expected a skinny man like Ghost Fire to wield such immense strength.

“Little lamb, how dare you attack me!” Phantom roared in outrage. As soon as Phantom finished
yelling, Ghost Fire lunged into action again. Boom! Ghost Fire struck the side of Phantom’s head.

Although Ghost Fire appeared like prey in front of Phantom, he did not show any mercy. On the
contrary, he even retaliated against Phantom’s attack.

This scene instantly caused the onlookers’ hearts to skip a beat.

F*ck, is Phantom going to lose?

“Little lamb, you are doomed!” Phantom responded to Ghost FIre’s strike by grabbing the latter’s arm
and roughly yanking him downward.

A loud thud reverberated across the arena as Ghost Fire collapsed to the floor.

“Good job!” The audience cheered enthusiastically.

“Oh no, Ghost Fire is going to lose.” Lydia heaved out a heavy sigh of disappointment. It looks like my
money is going to go down the drain.

“He won’t lose,” Jonathan said impassively.

He looked totally unfazed by the fact that Ghost Fire had just fallen to the floor.

“Why are you so confident in his abilities?” Lydia glanced at Jonathan in confusion. Clearly, Ghost Fire
was in a disadvantageous position. Nonetheless, why does Jonathan keep insisting on his victory?

“I’m not confident in him.” Jonathan kept his gaze fixated intensely on the ongoing fight. “I betted on
him simply because their fighting prowess is on two different levels.” At the same time, Phantom
stomped his foot on Ghost Fire’s head. It looked like he was trying to crush Ghost Fire’s skull with this

“Kill him!” the crowd chanted in a frenzy.

Just as Phantom wanted to kick Ghost Fire again, Ghost Fire extended his arms and grabbed onto
Phantom’s ankle. Promptly, he tugged on Phantom’s leg, making him lose his balance.

Caught off-guard by Ghost Fire’s sudden movement, Phantom staggered and almost fell to the ground.

On the other hand, Ghost Fire seized this opportunity to pounce at Phantom. He quickly grabbed
Phantom’s nape and yanked the larger man downward.

Simultaneously, Ghost Fire jerked his knee toward Phantom’s face.


In an instant, there was the sickening sound of broken bones. Crimson blood began to trickle out of
Phantom’s nose.

Despite Phantom’s injuries, Ghost Fire showed no mercy. He was determined to finish Phantom off.

Promptly, Ghost Fire slammed his elbow against Phantom’s exposed back, making him double over in
pain. While Phantom tried to gather his wits, Ghost Fire clamped his fingers around Phantom’s ears
and pulled them with all his strength.

“Argh!” A bloodcurdling scream was ripped from Phantom’s throat when Ghost Fire tore his ears away
from his head.

Immediately, blood began to gush out of Phantom’s wounds.

Phantom’s agonizing shriek continued to ring in the air.

Nonetheless, Ghost Fire did not even bat an eye. While Phantom continued to wail in pain, he wrapped
his right hand around Phantom’s neck to keep him securely in place. With his other hand, Ghost Fire
repeatedly pummelled against Phantom’s skull.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Again and again, Ghost Fire continued to rain down brutal punches on Phantom.

As a result of the blunt force, more blood streamed down Phantom’s neck in red rivulets.

Despite the severe wounds, Ghost Fire showed no signs of stopping.

“Phantom, you’d better fight back!”

“Sh*t, I spent five million on you! I’ll hire someone to beat you up if you lose!”

“Fight back! You useless piece of trash!”

Upon seeing how Phantom was getting beaten up, the onlookers couldn’t help but holler in

Almost everyone present at the scene had placed a bet on Phantom.

Truthfully, they didn’t care if Phantom lost his life or not; but, he just couldn’t lose this match.

Even if it costs him his life, he’d better win! We don’t care if Phantom dies after this match. All we care
about is his victory.

Despite their yells, Phantom seemed helpless. No matter how hard he tried to fight back, he could not
break free from the iron grip that Ghost Fire had around his neck.

Phantom could barely breathe with the chokehold around his throat.

Gradually, his movements grew slower and weaker.

All of a sudden, Phantom’s legs gave way. Without any more support left, he crumpled lifelessly to the

“Get up!”

“Did this b*stard die?”

“F*ck, I’m doomed!”

When Phantom’s body showed no sign of movement, their angry cries reached a crescendo.

Unable to control their fury, they threw their water bottles onto the stage.

But no matter how hard they tried, Phantom remained unresponsive.

Soon, his body began to turn cold. Even in his death, Phantom’s eyes remained wide open.

“Take Phantom’s corpse and feed it to the dogs,” the host declared with a wave of his hand. In haste, a
few subordinates rushed forward to haul Phantom’s bloody body out of the arena.

Now that Phantom was dead, they lost all respect for him. In their eyes, he had become nothing but a
piece of trash that should be discarded without a second thought.

“Oh my, G-Ghost Fire won?” When the match concluded, Lydia whirled around to look at Jonathan in

Although she’d witnessed it with her own eyes, Lydia was still struggling to wrap her head around the
fact that Ghost Fire emerged as the winner.

Earlier, Ghost Fire was clearly at a disadvantage. However, he turned the tide and triumphed over
Phantom in the blink of an eye.

“What else?” Jonathan spared her a brief glance.

“T-This is unbelievable,” Lydia stuttered. Am I dreaming? Just like that, the one million I betted on
Ghost Fire became twenty million. Oh my God! Does this mean that Jonathan’s ten million has been
raised to two hundred million?

Although Lydia was from the famed Maxwell family, it would be a struggle for her to earn two hundred

On the other hand, Jonathan accomplished this in just a few minutes.

“Jonathan, how did you know that Ghost Fire would win this match?” Lydia asked.

Although Phantom looked like he would be the victor, the results ended up being the total opposite.
How could Jonathan tell that Ghost Fire would win?

“Would you believe me if I said that I went with my gut instinct? I betted on him because his betting
odds were higher,” Jonathan replied.

“Hmph! I don’t believe a word that you just said.” Lydia rolled her eyes. “I won’t fall for your lies.”

Instead of answering, Jonathan merely kept quiet.

Abruptly, a chime echoed from Lydia’s phone. Her eyes lit up when she read the new text message.
“Jonathan, I just received twenty million!”

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