Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 274

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The Legendary Man

It Really Is You

“Is that so?” asked Jonathan indifferently since twenty million was as insignificant as twenty to him.

Even if it were two hundred million, it still would not make a difference to Jonathan, for they were just
numbers to him.

Narrowing her eyes, Lydia could not believe how composed the man was. “How can you be so calm,
Jonathan? Don’t you at least want to confirm if the money has been wired to you?”

“What for? If you got yours, then I should get mine too.”

“Well, mistakes happen sometimes. What if they missed yours? Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if they
did it deliberately.” For some reason, Lydia seemed more concerned about Jonathan’s money than the
man himself.

“You don’t have to worry about that. They wouldn’t dare to skim my money. If I’m even a cent short,
they can kiss their underground operation goodbye.”

“Are you serious, Jonathan?” scoffed Lydia, wondering where the man got his confidence.

If these people have what it takes to run an underground boxing ring, surely they have enough
influence to take Jonathan’s money from him whenever they want. They could probably even end his
life just as easily. Heck, I wouldn’t doubt it for a second if anybody tells me that they’ve killed a couple
of guys already.

“Say something, Sophia!” Since she could not move Jonathan, Lydia decided to turn to Sophia.

“Hey, snob! Lydia’s got a point, you know? I think you should check your account just to be sure. After
all, it’s not a small amount. We wouldn’t want to be careless now, would we?” advised Sophia.

“Fine. Let’s get it over with.”

With that, Jonathan picked up his phone to check his messages. Then, he turned the device around to
show it to Sophia. “There it is.”

“It’s all there?” exclaimed Sophia in surprise, for she did not expect to see the full amount.

“Of course. Why would I lie to you? Here. If you don’t believe me, you can take a closer look yourself.”
Impatiently, Jonathan handed the woman his phone.

“Let’s see!”

As soon as she received Jonathan’s phone, Sophia scrutinized the numbers on display one by one.
Ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand, million, ten million, hundred million… Two
hundred million!

Sophia could not believe her eyes after confirming the amount. Suddenly, it felt like she was dreaming.
Oh, my goodness! I’ve never seen so much money in my life. And yet, it only took Jonathan half an
hour to make this much! This is insane!

“Do you believe me now?” Jonathan could not help but chuckle when he saw how shocked Sophia

In response, the woman nodded fervently before returning the phone to its rightful owner. “Yes! Come
on. Let’s go, Jonathan. The match is over, so there is no point sticking around any longer.”

Since she had had her confirmation, Sophia decided that it was time to leave.

She never liked the shady-looking place, to begin with. If it were not for Jonathan, Sophia would never
agree to step into this place.

“Sure. Let’s go.” Jonathan could tell that Sophia despised the place, so he was ready to leave with her
when somebody called out to him suddenly. “Jonathan!”

“Huh?” Naturally, Jonathan turned around when he heard his name, only to see Kylie and Yvette sitting
not too far away from him.

Sitting next to the two young girls were a couple of short-haired teenagers about their age.

“It’s really you, Jonathan! And here I thought I’d made a mistake!” squealed Kylie the moment Jonathan
turned to look at them.

Grabbing Yvette by the hand, Kylie excitedly rushed over to the man.

“Friends of yours?” inquired Sophia curiously as she raised an eyebrow at Jonathan.

“Not really. We met on the train when I was on my way to Yaleview.”

By the time Jonathan was done speaking, the two young girls had already reached him. “What a
coincidence, Jonathan! We meet again.”

“Right. It really is quite a coincidence!” Jonathan admitted that he too was surprised that they would
meet again. Wait a minute. Aren’t these two students? What are they doing at a place like this?

“You were in such a hurry last time that we didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye. Luckily we bump
into you again!” stated Kylie to Jonathan before turning to tug at Yvette’s sleeve. “I thought you said
you had something you wanted to say to Jonathan. Well, now’s the time! Go on!”

“I… “ Staring at the man, Yvette was suddenly at a loss for words.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” Jonathan instinctively raised a brow at the teenage girl when he
noticed how she had difficulty expressing herself.

The girl was more than an annoyance to him. In fact, he had grown to dislike her.

Seeing how Jonathan was starting to get impatient, Yvette quickly blurted, “I… I want to apologize to
you. What happened last time was a misunderstanding, so I want you to know that I’m sorry. I realized
that if it weren’t for you, our things would’ve been stolen.”

“You don’t have to apologize. Is there anything else I can help you with?” Jonathan had a deadpan
expression on him, clearly showing that he would like to end the conversation as soon as possible.

“No, that’s it.” Biting her lower lip, Yvette lowered her head disappointed, for it was obvious that the
man would rather not spend another second on her.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll be taking my leave now.” Jonathan decided that he had wasted enough time
on the girls already. Had it not been for that coincidence, they probably would never have crossed each
other’s path again after leaving the train.

“Huh? Do you have to go already? Why don’t you stay a little while longer?” suggested Kylie, reluctant
to part ways again.

“We have to go now.” Jonathan waved at the girl and was about to walk away when he heard a man’s
voice from behind. “Who’s that, Kylie?”

“Jerry, this is the person on the train that I told you about! He’s the one who broke all those hooligans’
teeth and threw them out of the train!” answered Kylie excitedly.

“That’s him?”

After listening to Kylie, the middle-aged man gave Jonathan a curious look. “My, my. I can’t imagine
someone as young as you to possess such formidable skills.”

“I’m Kylie’s cousin, Jerry Walker. I can’t thank you enough for what you did for Kylie and Yvette.” Jerry
then extended his arm toward Jonathan to get a handshake. However, Jonathan had no such intention.

“You don’t have to thank me. It was no problem at all. I just happened to be around then.”

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