Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 272

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The Legendary Man

Die Little Lamb

“You can start placing your bets!”

As soon as the host finished speaking, a handful of men dressed in black suits released the iron chains
clamped around Ghost Fire’s arms.

The moment they shoved him forward, the look of nonchalance on Ghost Fire’s face was quickly
replaced with a bloodthirsty gleam.

“Come over, you little brat! I can’t wait to pulverize you,” Phantom thundered as he brandished his fist
menacingly. Judging from his scornful gaze, it was clear that he didn’t see Ghost Fire to be a threat at

Both men made their way into the arena, where they squared off against each other.

Immediately, everyone could see the stark contrast between Ghost Fire and Phantom.

Due to Ghost Fire’s skinny frame, he looked like a helpless little lamb standing in front of a fearsome

With a single swipe of its paw, the tiger would rip Ghost Fire into bloody shreds.

“What do you think, Jonathan? Do you want to place a bet together?” Lydia asked as the match was
about to begin.

“Who do you plan to bet on?”

“Of course, I’m going to bet on Phantom,” Lydia replied without hesitation. “He’s the undisputed
champion of this arena. Ever since Phantom started fighting here, he has never suffered a loss in his
winning streak against his opponents. Jonathan, are you planning to place your bet on Ghostfire?”

Lydia couldn’t help but look at Jonathan in disbelief.

“That’s right. What are his betting odds?” Jonathan questioned nonchalantly.

“Twenty to one.”

Lydia’s eyes widened in utter shock when she heard Jonathan’s inquiry. “Jonathan, are you joking? Do
you really plan to place your bets on Ghost Fire?”

“I’m not fooling around.” Jonathan glanced at Ghost Fire and said, “Don’t underestimate him. He’s
definitely not a helpless lamb.”

Though others might not be able to tell, Jonathan could see the murderous intent in Ghost Fire’s eyes.

Even if Ghost Fire found himself imprisoned, he would still be a deadly force to be reckoned with.

During his sentence in Northern Crimson Prison, Jonathan had encountered many men like Ghost Fire.

In front of the guards, they acted like obedient little lambs. However, they would reveal their true colors
the minute the guards looked away. These men were capable of committing atrocities without even
batting an eye.

“But he-”

Before Lydia could argue any further, Jonathan cut in, “Don’t bother trying to convince me. It’d be best
if you follow suit and bet on Ghost Fire if you don’t want to lose.”

“All right, I’ll trust you then. Ghost Fire it is.” Although Lydia was reluctant, she ended up changing her
mind at the last minute.

Promptly, Lydia beckoned at a nearby worker. “Please come here.”

“Ms. Lydia, are you going to place your bets?” From the way he addressed her, it was clear that the
worker recognized Lydia.

“That’s right. I’m going to bet one million on Ghost Fire,” Lydia declared with a grit of her teeth.

“Ghost Fire?” The worker was taken aback. “Ms. Lydia, why are you picking him? Just look at his small
and weak stature. He probably won’t even be able to endure a single punch from Phantom.”

“What are you blabbering about? I want to place my bets on him!” Lydia shot him a stern glare and
fished her card out to pay.

Ding! Just like that, one million was gone from her bank account.

Lydia whirled around and asked, “Jonathan, how much are you going to bet?”

“I’m just betting on this match for fun.” Truthfully, Jonathan could hardly be bothered with such a
predictable fight like this. It didn’t pique his interest at all. He handed his black card to the worker and
said dismissively, “I’ll bet ten million.”

“What?” Lydia was so shocked that her eyes nearly bulged out of her head. “Jonathan, where did you
get your hands on such an outrageous sum of money?”

Didn’t Sophia say that she has not heard from her nephew ever since he was young? Apparently,
Jonathan has been missing for more than ten years. How did he obtain ten million? Furthermore, he
claimed that he’s betting for his own amusement?

“Ten million is a small sum. Charge my card right now,” Jonathan instructed the worker.

“Yes!” Following Jonathan’s instructions, the worker took the card from Jonathan’s outstretched hand
and hesitantly swiped it in the machine.

A ding sound echoed in the air as ten million was charged on Jonathan’s card.

“Sir, here’s your card.” When the transaction went through, the worker’s respect toward Jonathan
increased tenfold.

Although the arena was packed, only a handful of people could fork out ten million with such ease. In
fact, the worker was sure that less than ten people here perform such a hefty transaction.

Upon seeing this, Sophia couldn’t help but inquire curiously, “Jonathan, where did you get so much

“It’s the money that I’ve earned through my business. Didn’t I tell you about this earlier this afternoon?
Yet, you didn’t believe a word I said.” Jonathan came up with an excuse.

“I thought that you were lying to me.” Sophia glanced at Jonathan as she spoke. When he first told her
about it, she assumed that he was merely trying to save himself from embarrassment. I can’t believe he
paid ten million without any hesitation.

Initially, Sophia even planned to use the remaining balance in her card as a down payment for
Jonathan. In the end, Jonathan appeared to be much wealthier than her.

Bloody hell! I can’t believe this.

“You brat! It looks like you have a lot of secrets and you have even tricked me!” Sophia snapped and
whacked the back of Jonathan’s head.

“I didn’t lie to you. You were the one who didn’t believe me when I told you about it,” Jonathan
mumbled in exasperation. Sometimes, women are so difficult to understand. Even if I’m clearly in the
right, the blame falls on my shoulders.

Sophia’s seemed to get even angrier when Jonathan tried to defend himself. “Are you trying to give me
an excuse?”

“Look, the fight is about to begin!” Jonathan blurted out in a hurry when he saw Sophia raise her hand


The deafening sound of the gong rang in the air, indicating that the match had officially begun.

Without any delay, Phantom leaped toward Ghost Fire like a ravenous wolf.

While Phantom swung his fist at Ghost Fire, he let out a fearsome battle cry.

“Little lamb, I’m going to crush your skull!” Phantom’s lips upturned into a cruel smile.

To him, Ghost Fire was nothing but a weak plaything. Phantom was confident that he could end his
opponent’s life whenever he wanted.

“Little lamb? Are you talking to me?” Unexpectedly, Ghost Fire responded to Phantom’s words with a
smile. “The last person who called me that had met his maker,” he rasped in a raspy voice.

Mercilessly, Ghost Fire aimed his clenched fist at Phantom’s skull.

“Little lamb, are you trying to fight back?” Phantom chuckled when he noticed Ghost Fire’s attack.
“Die!” The burly fighter sent a punch squarely at Ghost Fire.

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