Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 271

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The Legendary Man


“That’s true!”

The short-haired woman giggled in amusement.

From their conversation, one could tell that they treated the competitors in the arena like beasts instead
of humans.

In their eyes, underground boxing was similar to a fight between beasts in the Colosseum of ancient

Winning mattered more than their lives.

“How do you place a bet in here?” Jonathan casually asked Lydia.

From earlier events, he could tell that Lydia frequented the place.

“The underground gambling den works together with the underground boxing ring. Before every match,
the gambling den would offer different odds. For every boxer, the bets change too.”

Pointing at the defeated man lying on the ground like he was about to pass out, Lydia continued, “For a
novice like that guy, who fought only once or twice, the odds of him losing is ten to one. However, the
greater the risk, the higher the payout. If he surprises the crowd and wins, the people betting on him
will earn tenfold. Therefore, many people here like to bet with a lot of money. As you know, there are
many gamblers in a place like this. They might not be interested if the risks are too low.”

“Ah, I see,” Jonathan acknowledged before turning his attention to the boxing ring.

Bang! In that instant, a loud sound rang through the arena.

The man on the ground received a punch directly to his skull, and blood splattered everywhere.


Horrified at the bloody and gruesome sight, Sophia screamed and hid behind Jonathan. She could not
bear to look up.

Never in her life had she ever witnessed such a gruesome scene.

“Drag him out and feed him to the dogs!” A man in a black suit with a cigar between his fingers ordered.
His subordinates obediently climbed onto the boxing ring and tossed the lifeless body off the stage.

Despite the tragic incident, the crowd seemed unfazed. In fact, some even whistled in satisfaction.

“It’s okay! All is fine now.” After seeing the corpse thrown off the stage, Jonathan gently patted Sophia’s
back. “If I knew what this event would be like, I wouldn’t have asked Lydia to take you here.”

He felt guilty. After all, he already knew that there were no rules nor protection in an underground
boxing match.

Nonetheless, he did not expect this to happen.

The man received a death blow to his head! What kind of place is this? How could this happen in
Yaleview where Asura’s Office sits. Who are these men to organize such horrendous fights? Aren’t they
worried that the Asura’s Office might feed them to the fishes in the Goda River in the heat of the
moment? One should never mess with them. Don’t they know the number of lives the Asura’s Office
had taken? Besides, these men here opened an underground gambling den and boxing ring. Even if
the four prominent families have their backs, the Asura’s Office will annihilate them.

“Jonathan, i-is that man dead?” Sophia raised her head timidly with fear in her eyes.

Even at her age, this was the first time she had ever seen something as dreadful as this.

Naturally, she could not stomach it.

“Yes.” Jonathan nodded. “This is underground boxing. Like fights during the ancient times, death is
rather normal.”

“D-Do the officials not care?” Sophia stammered.

It was Yaleview after all.

How could anyone take lives on this land so easily?

“How can they control it?” Jonathan logically analyzed the situation, “Do you think they managed to
open the underground boxing ring without someone important backing them? For all we know, they
might be making a profit here.”

Jonathan would not be shocked by it.

He was only curious about the people behind this underground boxing ring.

If they dared to organize this event, they must be from the Asura’s Office. It was the only possible way
they could continue operating.

“Hold on a second… No way…”

Sophia looked stupefied by what Jonathan had said. Obviously, his words had shocked her!

“Jonathan, so do you want to place a bet?” Since Sophia had calmed down, Lydia turned to Jonathan
to ask.

“We’ll see!” Jonathan shrugged.

He was not particularly interested in gambling, but he thought it was okay to do so from time to time.

“Let me know if you want to place a bet!” Watching people clean up the boxing ring, Lydia sighed. “Ah,
we came too late and missed the previous bet. If we miss the next one, I’m afraid we won’t have any
more matches to bet on.”

“Is it ending?” Jonathan asked in surprise.

“Yes. Usually, there are only three fights held each night. The event ends after that.” Glancing at her
watch, Lydia commented, “The one we just caught was the second match. It will be the last one next.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a few women in bright red bikinis appeared. In their stilettos, they
sashayed into the ring. They had the perfect figures.

Without a doubt, the crowd roared at the sight of them.

“The challenger for our next match is Phantom!” The host introduced while the spotlight shone on a
tanned man with a chiseled body.

It was a man wearing a demon mask.

Under the light, he looked extra terrifying.

“I’m sure all of you are familiar with Phantom’s records. Out of the ten battles he participated in, he won
them all! He had not lost a single one thus far.”

The audience cheered even harder.

It was obvious that Phantom was the crowd’s favorite.

“Who do you think will be up against him?” The host paused for a dramatic effect before the other
spotlight shone on a skinnier middle-aged man. He had a long scar across his face, as though his face
had been slashed open.

The most baffling thing was he had a pair of handcuffs around his wrists.

Several men in suits behind held him back by his arms. It looked like they had detained him.

“He is Ghost Fire, and this is his first fight!”


Instantly, the crowd began jeering.

“Get off the stage!”

“Don’t let him fight!”

Everyone seemed unwilling to let him participate in the fight because no one thought that skinny man
had a chance against Phantom.

He looked weak with no visible muscles, like a gust of wind could blow him away.

Who the hell is this man? How dare he challenge Phantom? He must be courting death!

“Everyone, calm down. Aren’t you interested in watching Phantom trashing this man?” The host tried to
excite the crowd.

“Yes! Get on with it!”

The crowd started roaring.

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