Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 270

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The Legendary Man

Life And Death

Half an hour later, the car was cruising through the wilderness.

At a glance, there were no houses or shops around.

There were no street lights either—only darkness surrounding them.

“Lydia, w-where are we heading?” Scanning the dark area, Sophia could not help but feel nervous.

“I’m going to sell both of you to human traffickers. Are you scared?” Lydia teased.

She enjoyed watching Sophia squirm.

“Okay, don’t terrorize her,” Jonathan interrupted when he noticed the fear on Sophia’s face. Frowning,
he asked, “Are we there yet?”

“It’s right ahead.”

At that moment, a bright beam of light flashed across.

An abandoned factory stood ahead of them with multiple luxurious cars parked there.

There were Maseratis, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, and Bentleys.

Additionally, there were even a few Rolls-Royce.

It was hard to imagine seeing so many luxurious cars gathered in the middle of nowhere.

“Let’s get off. We have arrived.” After undoing her seatbelt, Lydia opened the door.

“Lydia, what is this place?” Sophia’s face darkened when she spotted a buff man in a suit, standing
guard at the entrance.

She did not need to go in to know that it was a dangerous place.

“We are here to watch underground boxing. Have you forgotten? I mentioned it a few times to you,”
Lydia blinked, looking like her evil plan had succeeded.

Instantly, Sophia’s expression changed when she heard where they were. “Lydia, I thought I told you
that I don’t go to such places. How could you-”

“Come on. We’ll just take a look and there is nothing to lose!” Lydia whined while pulling Sophia closer
to the factory.

Buff security guards in suits stood at the entrance with scanners. They would wave it around the people
who walked in as though they were conducting a security check at the airport.

“Who are you two? I don’t recall seeing your faces before.” After they cleared Lydia, one of the men
frowned at Sophia and Jonathan.

They had a membership system here, and only members could enter the place.

Since they had never seen Jonathan and Sophia, it was hard for people like Sophia and Jonathan to
get in.

“They are with me!” Lydia quickly announced. Looking at the bulky man at the entrance, she
questioned, “What’s wrong? Can’t you let them in?”

“Ms. Lydia, you know the rules here. We can’t let everyone in. If they do not have an invitation, I can’t
let them enter,” the man looked at Lydia with a perplexed expression.

“Rules? Well, I brought these people here. Can’t they go in with me?” Lydia was not pleased.

“No, they cannot.”

He rejected her request immediately.

“Well, if that is the case, I shall call Kayden,” Lydia declared since they would not give in.

She was close to dialing his number when the security guard panicked and pleaded, “Ms. Lydia-” Terror
flashed across his eyes when he heard the name.

“Move aside!”

The mention of the name made the guards by the door clear the path immediately.

It was clear how terrifying Kayden was.

“These people are such bullies,” Lydia snorted. If Kayden were here, they would not dare to block our
way. He would break their legs if they defied him!”

“Who is Kayden?” Jonathan asked out of curiosity.

He could tell how scared the guards felt when she threatened them with him.

“He is my brother!” Chuckling, Lydia chirped, “Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I am from the Maxwell

“You are part of the Maxwells?” Jonathan seemed taken aback.

The Maxwells were one of the four prominent families of Yaleview. Why would someone of her status
hang around Sophia?

On top of that, they were best friends.

“Yes, I guess.” A bitter smile appeared on Lydia’s face. “I am a nobody in the family, and none of them
treats me like a part of them. They only care about my brother, and I am an insignificant being there.”

A pained expression flashed across her face momentarily before she hurriedly said, “Let’s go! The
competition is about to start.”

Then, they headed into the factory.

A loud noise greeted them the moment they stepped in.

The music played in the area was deafening.

Mixed with the hysterical screams from the crowd, it seemed like it would be only a matter of time
before the building collapsed.

Throngs of people crowded around the boxing ring, and one could barely move there.

Meanwhile, two men in shorts were fighting each other within the arena, marked out by iron bars.

There was no protection gear or rules.

Every punch landed heavily on their bodies.

“Kill him!” the crowd fervently chanted, unbothered by how they might lose their voices the next day.

Amidst the chaotic situation, Sophia could not help but frown and look on with disdain.

She hated such a rowdy atmosphere, and in contrast, she preferred visiting quiet places like libraries or

“We need to find a seat quickly! The match is starting soon.” Pulling Sophia behind her, Lydia squeezed
through the crowd.

It did not take long for them to find a spot in the front row.

“Jonathan, hurry! There is a space here.” Lydia rushed to occupy the two seats while hollering at


Nodding his head, Jonathan walked toward them.

As he sat down, the outcome of the match became clear.

The winning boxer had knocked down the other man in the arena.

Despite so, the audience would not let the match end like that.

Boisterous screams followed as they demanded, “Kill him!”

More people began chanting the same thing.

Egged on by the crowd, the boxers in the arena began throwing out punches relentlessly.

One punch after another, the winning competitor looked like he could kill the other man, lying on the

Yet, the audience seemed indifferent to the two lives in the arena.

The more punches he threw, the happier they appeared.

“What the hell? He is as soft as a marshmallow. How useless!” While the competition went on, a young,
short-haired man ranted, “I thought he looked promising, but he turned out to be a piece of trash. D***
it, I lost one million just like that!”

His eyes turned red with fury.

A young man sitting beside him instantly snorted, “Look at you! It’s only a million, and it’s peanuts to
you. Anyway, he won’t live for more than a few minutes. Why don’t you take the money as paying for
his life? Isn’t it worth it to spend that amount on his shitty life?”

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