Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 269

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The Legendary Man

Underground Boxing

“What activity?” Jonathan casually asked.

“Underground boxing. Have you not seen it before?” The moment Lydia mentioned the first two words,
her eyes lit up.

It was hard to imagine that a woman would enjoy watching underground boxing matches.

“Nope!” Jonathan shook his head. Although he had not watched one, he had heard of it before.

He knew it was a dangerous activity with no rules or limits.

In the worse cases, one might even die in the arena because winning was the only thing that mattered.

It was the only goal, and it did not matter what the competitors did to achieve that.

After all, only the winners would receive the cash reward. On the other hand, people would
unforgivingly kick the losers out of the arena.

That was how underground boxing worked.

Her answer surprised him, and he could not help but question, “There are underground boxing in

“Of course! Why wouldn’t there be?”

Lydia whispered, “The underground boxing scene in Yaleview is thriving. Many rich fellas love to travel
here to gamble, and there are even rumors that one of the matches racked up bets worth over a

hundred million.”

Glancing at the man, she mused, “Hmm, Jonathan, why are you asking so much? Are you interested in
watching the matches?”

“Is it far from here?” Jonathan asked. “If it’s nearby, I don’t mind taking a look.”

“It won’t take long to get there!”

Lydia shook her head. “It takes about half an hour to get there by car. However, you should not tell
Sophia that I’m taking you there. Otherwise, she’ll sever ties with me.”

“You have never brought her there?” The piece of information took Jonathan by surprise.

They have known each other for so long, yet Lydia never brought Sophia to an underground boxing

“No.” Lydia sighed in disappointment. “I have invited her to watch it on many occasions, but she never
agreed to go with me. Therefore, you have to keep this a secret from her when we get ready to leave
later. Please don’t tell her that we are heading there or she will surely protest against it.”


Jonathan readily agreed.

It was the second time he had been to Yaleview ever since the Goldstein family disowned him. On his
first visit, he had to lead the Four Asura Guards to destroy Yaleview.

Therefore, he did not have the time to roam around. Given so, how could he reject the opportunity to
explore Yaleview and experience something new?

“That’s a promise!”

Lydia winked at Jonathan before rushing into the kitchen. She hugged Sophia from behind and buried
her face in Sophia’s hair. “Sophia, Jonathan, and I will go out for a walk after dinner. Do you want to
join us?”

“Where are both of you going?” Sophia asked without turning back.

“You will know once we get there. I assure you, it is an interesting place!” Lydia grinned.

“It’s late. Wouldn’t it be a bad idea to head out now?” Sophia seemed hesitant as she would usually
stay home at this hour.

Despite so, she did not want Jonathan to feel lonely and decided to consider Lydia’s suggestion.

Pouting, Lydia whined, “What’s wrong? Do you think I’ll sell you off as a slave?” Then, she insisted,
“Okay, it’s decided. We shall head out after dinner.”


Before Sophia could say anything, Lydia had left the kitchen for the living room.

With no other choice, Sophia could only continue with her cooking.

In no time, she finished cooking dinner. Looking at the spread of food before them, Lydia marveled,
“Wow, Sophia. Why haven’t I noticed that you are such a good cook? You have been keeping those
skills under wraps.”

“Just eat up and keep quiet,” Sophia retorted while rolling her eyes. Then, she passed the cutlery to
Jonathan. “Snob, I know you didn’t have a full meal last night, so I made more food today. There are
extras in the kitchen if you want more.”

“I am not a snob!” Jonathan complained.

As Asura, who had killed countless lives, he would not be called a snob.

The people he murdered would likely rise from their coffins in amusement if they heard about this.

“I don’t care. That is who you are to me!” Sophia stubbornly stated.

Helpless, Jonathan glared at her. He knew it was no use to argue against her, so it would be better to
remain silent.

Within ten minutes, they finished all the food on the table.

Sophia grinned at the sight of all the empty plates.

She felt like it was the best achievement in her life to have Jonathan finish a meal she cooked.

“Since dinner is over, let’s head out!” Lydia could not wait to leave.

“Hold on, let me keep the dishes first.” Sophia rose from her seat and prepared to clear the table.

However, Lydia stopped her. “Why do you have to do that now? If we don’t leave now, it’ll be too late by
the time we get there! You can clean up later.”

As soon as she finished talking, she dragged Sophia toward the door, leaving the latter with no chance
to retort.

“Lydia, where on Earth are you taking me?”

Before Sophia could say no, they were already out the door. Lydia blinked innocently at her while
pressing the elevator button. “Don’t worry. You will find out when we get there. If I tell you the location
now, it will lose its air of mystery. Lil’ Jonathan, am I right?” Lydia purposely pronounced Jonathan’s
name in a childish tone.

“Please get my name right. I am not a kid anymore!” Jonathan reminded Lydia.

“All right. I’ll stop my nonsense,” Lydia pacified Jonathan as she would to a child. Yet, to his horror, she
softly muttered, “Snob.”


Jonathan’s gaze turned cold.

Instantly, Lydia felt a chill down her spine.

His glare was really terrifying. The moment Lydia met his eyes, she could not help but jump behind
Sophia’s back for protection.

She panicked, “J-Jonathan, what do you want?”

“You can’t call me a snob!” Jonathan flashed her a death glare.

Who else would dare call him a snob other than Sophia?

“Okay. I will stop! Quit staring at me because you’re scaring me,” Lydia gulped and pulled Sophia in
front of her as a shield.

Minutes later, they arrived at the car park. Lydia pointed her car key toward a Mercedes-Benz G Class
and suggested, “Let’s take my car today, and I will be your chauffeur.”

As soon as she hopped into the car, she fastened her seat belt and turned back to look at Jonathan
and Sophia. She cheered, “We are about to begin on our journey. Are you ready?”

“Lydia, what’s the destination?” Sophia looked worried.

Although they were in Yaleview, she had never left the house this late. One might think otherwise since
she studied overseas for years. Yet, she was very traditional and conservative.

“You will know once we get there!”

Blinking innocently, Lydia stepped on the accelerator.

Vroom! They were gone!

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