Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 268

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The Legendary Man

Elizabeth Stone

“I’m not interested.”

Jonathan shook his head, rejecting her offer. He was not even in the slightest bit tempted by her offer.

“Really?” Disappointment crossed Lydia’s face at Jonathan’s disinterested look. “What a waste of your
good looks.”

“It’s such a waste for your good looks to not be shown on the big screen. You are definitely cut out to
be an idol.”

Even though Jonathan’s looks were different from those celebrities with boyish looks from Koandria
that made female fans go crazy with a single glance, he still had gorgeous facial features like it was
sculptured personally by God.

I can’t find any flaws on him.

Hmm.. may be he is too tan.

Well, it’s not that he’s tan. It’s more of not taking care of his skin. He had let it exposed to the sun and
dry wind all these years without caring for it. So his skin was slightly rough. But it’s not too serious of a
flaw as it enhances his masculinity.

Male celebrities these days are either weak-looking or skinny as a bean pole.

I worry that a small gust of wind could blow them away. There are not manly at all.

“Why does he need to be a celebrity? Jonathan is not going to be one.” Sophia rolled her eyes at Lydia.
“We already have a megastar in our family, so we don’t need another.”

“Since when do you have a megastar in your family?” Lydia tilted her head with confusion. I’ve been
friends with Sophia for so many years. So how come I’ve never heard of the Goldstein family having a

“It was so long ago.” Sophia cast a glance at Lydia with a smirk. “Ever heard of Elizabeth Stone, the
Queen of the Chanaean music scene before?”

“Of course, I do.”

Lydia’s eyes sparkled at the mention of Elizabeth. “I’m her fan. I listened to her songs every day when I
was younger. I even had a secret stash of her albums. I own almost every album of hers, but she had
an unfortunate ending.”

Lydia couldn’t continue at the end. Who could’ve thought that Elizabeth, the megastar on the rise,
would retire from the music industry?

She hadn’t released another album or sang ever since then.

She also didn’t make any more appearances in the entertainment industry.

There were rumors of her marrying into a wealthy family and some said she had lost her talent.

But I have never believed in those rumors. Well, what was with the nonsense of her marrying into a
wealthy family or even losing her talent? It just sounded hideous… How could a megastar like
Elizabeth lose her talent?

No way! That was impossible!

I didn’t expect the last time Elizabeth appeared on the news of the entertainment magazine would be
the news of her death.

She died in a car crash!

I was thunderstruck when I heard the news. I was so shocked that I didn’t believe it at first. In fact, it
was more like I refused to believe it.

But how was Elizabeth related to the Goldstein family?

“Sophia, why are you asking about Elizabeth? Was she related to the Goldstein family?” Lydia couldn’t
help but ask.

“You don’t know?”

Sophia grinned. “She married my brother, Daniel. Hence, her early retirement from the entertainment


Lydia’s eyes widened at the news. “So you’re saying the rumor about Elizabeth retiring from the
entertainment industry because she married into a wealthy family was true?”

“And the Goldstein family at that?”

“The Goldstein family can’t be considered as a wealthy family.” Sophia glared at Lydia’s misinformation.
“There were many sons from affluent families courting her then. To my knowledge, the heir to one of
the four prominent families of Yaleview was one of them.”

“Compared to them, the Goldstein family can’t even be considered wealthy.”

“That’s true!” Lydia nodded her head. Even the Zeller family can’t be compared with the four prominent
families in Yaleview

They were the elite families in the whole of Yaleview.

Wait a second!

Lydia snapped her head to Jonathan with wide eyes. “Sophia, you said Elizabeth married your brother,

“Then isn’t Jonathan, Elizabeth’s son?”

“That’s right. You just realized that now?” Sophia sent a scorned gaze at Lydia.

“No wonder your nephew is so handsome. He must have inherited the good looks from Elizabeth.”
Lydia had leaned in closer to Jonathan the moment Sophia confirmed her suspicion. Her face was so
close to his that their lips were almost touching.

“You look so much like her.” Lydia scanned Jonathan’s facial features and sighed, “I wouldn’t even
notice the similarities if you hadn’t told me. Now, the more I look at him, the more he looks like her.
Their eyebrows, eyes, and even the noses are the same.”

“Jonathan, you must have heard your Mom sang a lot when you were younger, right?”

Lydia was looking at Jonathan intently.

“No. It was rare.”

Jonathan shook his head. I had no idea the mom who did my laundry, prepared all my meals and read
me my bedtime stories was a legendary megastar. I only knew about it when I saw the news in the
entertainment section.

Before she was married, she had so many people looking up to her.

After she got married, she was a stay-at-home mom.

That was the life she had chosen.

It was unfortunate that a car accident ended her life of simple happiness.

“How unfortunate.” Lydia sighed, “The biggest dream I had when I was younger was to save up for her
concert ticket and listen to her sing live. Alas, I have enough money now that I’m an adult, but she is no
longer here anymore.”

The tension thickened in the room the moment her words left her mouth.

There was even remorse in Sophia’s gaze.

She blamed herself for bringing up Elizabeth.

Aren’t I just adding salt on Jonathan’s wound?

“Let’s not talk about this anymore. Lydia, have you eaten? I was just about to prepare some food,
should I make some for you?” Sophia changed the topic.

“You’re cooking?” Lydia’s eyes widened with surprise. “Sophia, I have never seen you cook before in
my entire life.”

“You’re in luck then!” Sophia chuckled as she put on her apron and walked to the kitchen.

Seeing Sophia being busy in the kitchen, Lydia turned to Jonathan. “Jonathan, see that? Your aunt is
so virtuous and pretty. But sadly, she doesn’t have a boyfriend.”

There was a teasing gleam in her eyes when she commented.

“Isn’t it the same for you?” Jonathan cast her a side glance.

“I’m different. I’m not looking for one, else the guys courting me would line up from Yaleview all the way
to Koandria,” she said arrogantly, totally confident in her looks and figure.

“Jonathan, today is your first time in Yaleview, right? Should I take you out to have some fun tonight?”
Lydia smirked at Jonathan.

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