Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 267

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The Legendary Man

Do Not Dodge

“Wait…” Sophia tried to reject the moment she heard the beautiful Lydia was coming to visit her in the
middle of the night. However, Lydia had cut her off before she could get her words out of her mouth.
“Enough. Don’t say anything. I’ll be there soon. Don’t you dare hide that toyboy nephew of yours from

“I want to have a good look at the guy who beat up Troy.”

Lydia hung up the phone right after she finished talking, not givng Sophia the chance to reject her.

“Lydia, you-”

Hearing the beeping tone on her phone which indicated that the call had ended, Sophia turned to
Jonathan resignedly. “My best friend is dropping by later.”

“I heard,” he answered nonchalantly.

“She said she wants to see you. I can’t stop her.” Sophia paused to take a breath before continuing,
“She’s crazy. You can ignore her when she’s here later. Just pretend that you can’t see her.”

“She is crazy?” He was surprised.

Sophia is the quiet type. She’s not the kind to talk much. So how does she manage to befriend a crazy
woman as her best friend?

“Anyway, she is a little loud. Her thoughts are erratic, but she is not a bad person. She’s just kind of…”
Sophia paused and made a circular motion at her head when she continued, “She’s very expressive.

That’s why she couldn’t get a boyfriend.”

“What about you?”

He chuckled. “What’s your reason then? Why couldn’t you get a boyfriend?”

“I chose not to be in a relationship. What do you mean by I couldn’t get a boyfriend?” Sophia glared at
him. “Many guys are lining up just to date me.”

“Really? How come I’ve never seen one?” He laughed.


Sophia wanted to retort to his comments. Then, she realized he was pulling her leg when she caught
the teasing gleam in his eyes.

At that moment, Sophia got mad and raised her hand to tap on Jonathan’s head. “How dare a snob like
you make fun of me?”

“Try tapping me again.” Jonathan dodged the moment he saw Sophia raising her hand. “You hit me a
few times already today. Isn’t that enough?”


Sophia shot Jonathan a death glare. “Jonathan, stop! Don’t you dare dodge!”

“Like I’ll stand there like an idiot, waiting for you to hit me.”

Jonathan spun on his heels to flee, not giving her the chance to get close to him.

“Jonathan Goldstein!”

Seeing Jonathan not giving in to her, her rage boiled. Her ladylike image was nothing but a wisp of
smoke then. “You’re all grown up now, aren’t you?”

“How could you not listen to your Aunt Sophia anymore?”

“I want you to stand there and don’t move!”

Sophia finally used her “aunt” card. Having no choice, Jonathan resignedly stood there and let her
smack him to her satisfaction.

“That’s how it should be.” Sophia laughed delightfully, satisfied with Jonathan’s cooperation. “Now,
that’s my good little nephew…”

Jonathan was so done.

No one would expect a man that had led millions of soldiers and conquered multiple nations to be
called a good little nephew.

But I can just be myself in front of her.

I don’t need to put on a disguise or act like somebody else.

At that moment, I’m not the terrifying Asura who controls the lives of countless people. I’m just
Jonathan Goldstein.

Ding Dong!

Suddenly the doorbell rang when they were bantering and joking around.

A beautiful lady with a red coat was standing outside the door when Sophia opened it. Jonathan could
finally get a good look at the crazy woman who was Sophia’s best friend.

She seemed to be around thirty years old, but her face looked younger than that. She must have put in
a lot of effort to care for her looks.

The light makeup she had on didn’t overshadow her exquisite facial features but accentuated them and
added sensualness to her stunning face.

“Sophia, it’s been so long! I miss you so much!” Lydia ran into Sophia’s arms the minute she stepped
inside the house.

Compared to Sophia’s quietness, she was much more lively, like a ball of energy.

“Didn’t we just meet up yesterday?” Sophia pushed her away with a tired sigh then turned to Jonathan.
“Jonathan, let me introduce you to my best friend, Lydia.”

“Lydia, this is my nephew, Jonathan.”

“Wow, so you are Sophia’s long-lost nephew? The one that was missing for over ten years?” Lydia’s
eyes sparkled the minute Jonathan was in her line of sight. “I had heard so much about you from
Sophia. I didn’t expect her to actually find you after all these years.”

“You take a seat first.” Sophia dragged Lydia to the living room, hoping to shut her up temporarily,
seeing as her mouth hadn’t stopped talking ever since she entered the house.

“You want something to drink?” Sophia asked after Lydia sat down.

“I’m good with anything.” Lydia had no reservation in front of Sophia. The former had made herself
comfortable by sitting on the couch cross-legged. “Hey, handsome. How old are you? Do you have a

“If you don’t have one, are you considering getting one?”

“Do you mind if she’s older than you?”

“What kind of girl do you like?”

“I’m married!” Jonathan merely answered once among all of Lydia’s questions. Her eyes widened at his
unexpected answer. “You’re already married? Is that true?”

“Yes, why would I lie to you?” Jonathan responded casually.

Lydia let out a discouraged sigh once she found out that Jonathan was married. Disappointment
clouded her face. “I even put in an extra effort to touch up my makeup before I came out today just to
hear that you’re already married! How disappointing!”

Suddenly, Lydia snapped her gaze at Jonathan again. “Then, would you mind having another

“Yes, I do mind.”

Jonathan gave her a straightforward answer.

“Ignore her, Jonathan. She’s crazy.” Sophia shot a fierce glare at Lydia. “Why did you come here in the
middle of the night? Don’t tell me you’re only here to see Jonathan?”

“Of course! Why else would I come here in the middle of the night then?” Lydia answered matter-of-
factly, “I wanted to get a good look at the guy who beat up Troy. I heard he looked like a toyboy.”

“What toyboy? He’s not a toyboy.” Sophia was pissed hearing another person referring to Jonathan as
a toyboy.

“With that looks, he certainly qualifies as one!” Lydia pouted. “He can even join a boy band right now
with that face.”

“Hey, handsome. Any interest in becoming a celebrity? I can introduce a friend to you.”

“She owns a film production company and has many celebrities under her wing.”

“With your looks, you don’t need any cosmetic surgery to be one. You can make a debut right away.”

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