Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 266

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The Legendary Man

A Toyboy

“Is that so?” Sophia looked at Jonathan and chuckled. “Why can’t I tell? But anyway, no matter how old
you are, you’ll forever be that snob from ten years ago in my eyes! Alright, it’s time for me to put on a
face mask and catch some beauty sleep now. Just make yourself at home, snob!”

Paying no heed to Jonathan’s response, she sashayed her hips as she trotted out of the room after
saying that, leaving him alone with an annoyed look on his face.

“Huh…” he could not help but sigh as he was at a loss for words.

Shortly after, the sounds of running water, coupled with soft music, sounded from outside the room.
Jonathan sat down with his legs crossed.

In a flash, a faint golden aura engulfed him as he began utilizing the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

The first rotation, then followed by the second…

After what seemed like a long time, the sky had turned pitch dark. Jonathan puffed out a ball of turbid
air as he slowly opened his eyes.

“It’s still not there yet…”

Jonathan shook his head, his brows slightly knitted.

He only had half of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique; the other half was still nowhere to be found
yet. Without the second half of the technique, it was almost impossible for him to break through.

Hitting bottleneck, his mastery of technique thus remained status quo even to date.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Just as he was about to get up and freshen up, someone knocked on the door.

The next moment, Sophia’s voice came from outside the room. “Jonathan, did you fall asleep? It’s
almost dark. Are you not hungry?”

“I’m coming!” The man quickly stood up and rushed to open the door.

Outside, Sophia had already changed into a well-fitted, cream-colored maxi dress that accentuated her

That alluring curves, accompanied by her porcelain skin which was silky smooth and as delicate as
finest satin, would undoubtedly make many women feel inferior!

“Get up and eat something first. I’ve made dinner!” She walked to the dining area after seeing Jonathan
open the door.

An array of delicious food, including grilled steak, toast, fruit juices, and milk, sat on the dining table.

“Do you normally eat these?” Upon seeing the spread on the table, Jonathan was slightly pissed off.

That few pieces of steak aren’t even enough to fill me up! How is this pathetic spread going to feed two

“Yeah. This healthy diet used to be my go-to meal when I was living abroad in the past.” Sophia passed
him a set of cutleries as she sat down. “I’m on a diet, so I’ll just eat a little. The rest of the food here is

“Why are you girls always on a diet?” Jonathan was stumped by what he heard.

It’s not just Aunt Sophia, even Josephine is on a diet. But their figure is already in its best shape. Why
do they still have to be constantly on a diet?

“What do you know?” Sophia could not hold herself back and rolled her eyes at him. “A woman’s figure
needs to be constantly maintained! How do you expect us to maintain our curves without cutting down
on our food intake?”

Casting a glance at her, Jonathan only shook his head and then grabbed his fork to pick the food up to
his mouth. Within a mere few minutes, he wiped out all the steak on the plate.

But there was no way those few pieces of meat could fill him up.

Ever since he began practicing the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, his appetite and food intake had
grown to about double or triple the amount of a normal person.

“Are you still hungry?” Noticing how he had chugged down that plate of steak within minutes, Sophia
realized that the food was probably not enough to fill him.

“Yes.” Jonathan nodded at once.

“I guessed I’ve underestimated you.” She giggled at his response. “It’s only been a few years that we’re
apart. Since when has your appetite grown this big? Wait here, snob. I’ll make more food for you right

She then lifted her maxi dress and strode toward the kitchen upon saying that. At the same time, her
phone rang.

“Who would call me at this time?” She took out her phone and looked at Jonathan as she yelled, “Just
a moment! I’ll pick up a call first!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she pressed the “answer” button. On the screen was Lydia’s
beautiful face.

“Sophia, where are you?”

“I’m at home. What is it?”

“What do you think? You’re truly amazing, Sophia. I didn’t know you have the guts to beat Troy up!”

Lydia’s voice rang so loudly through the phone that even Jonathan could hear her.

“How did you find out, Lydia?” Sophia’s face fell upon hearing those words. “Who did you hear it from?”

“Is there even a need to ask? I guess you haven’t heard about it. News has spread across the entire
Yaleview. Rumor has it that a toyboy went great lengths for a pretty lady and gave Troy a wallop. He
ended up with his limbs broken too. Sophia, is that true? Who’s that toyboy? Hurry and show me; I
want to see if he’s good-looking.”

It was evident that Lydia’s tone had a tinge of mockery toward the end of her sentence. Yet, Sophia
could not even force a smile on her face.

Instead, she knitted her brows so tightly into a deep frown.

“It’s not funny, Lydia.” Sophia was visibly perturbed. “Perhaps others don’t know how big a trouble he
has gotten himself in. But don’t tell me you’re clueless as well? Do you think the Zeller family will let
him off so easily after he whacked Troy up so badly?”

“So it’s real?” Seeing Sophia’s expression, Lydia believed it was indeed a grave matter. “That toyboy
really beat Troy up and broke his limbs?”

“Yes, he did!” Sophia had a look of helplessness.

“Then, where’s the toyboy now? Hurry up and let me have a look! I want to see who dares to break
Troy’s limbs!”

“What toyboy? He’s my nephew!” Sophia gave Lydia a nasty stare as she explained.

“Your nephew? Since when do you have a nephew?” Lydia was puzzled. But before long, she widened
her eyes as though she recalled something. “Sophia, don’t tell me that nephew you’re talking about is
the one that went missing more than ten years ago? What’s his name? Jonathan, right?”

“Yeah, it’s him.”

“You found him?” At once, Lydia was surprised. “Didn’t you say no one knew if he’s alive or dead since
he has gone missing for that long? How did you manage to find him?”

“It’s a long story. I’ll explain it to you another time.” Sophia obviously was not in the mood to talk about
that matter. Nonetheless, Lydia did not give up on probing. “How long do you want me to wait? There’s
no other time better than now. Didn’t you say you’re at home? Stay where you are. I’ll go over to your
house now!”

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