Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 265

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The Legendary Man

Are You Afraid Of The Dark

“So what?” Despite hearing Sophia’s words, Jonathan remained unbothered. “I don’t care how powerful
they are! I’ll destroy the Zeller family if they dare bully you!”

“Jonathan, you’re really…” His words rendered Sophia nonplussed.

Oh my… he’s indeed fearless to the point that he has actually thought of destroying the Zeller family?
Who else in the whole of Yaleview dares says such a thing other than him?

“Forget it. Don’t bother about them.” Sophia was exasperated.

Since we’ve offended them, there’s no point harping on it anymore.

She figured Jonathan would never understand how influential and fearsome the Zeller family was in
Yaleview no matter how she tried to explain to him.

“Exactly. Who cares about the Zeller family or the Leeroy family? I’ll get rid of whoever dares to mess
with you!” Jonathan said jokingly. Instantly, Sophia rolled her eyes at him and lifted her hand to flick his
forehead. “Jonathan, how dare you make fun of me?”

“You want to do that again?” He dodged swiftly and quickly ran toward the door.

Irked, Sophia also followed behind him.

No one dared to stop the two as they swaggered out of the restaurant.

Well, she was Ms. Goldstein after all.

With Troy’s comeuppance laid plainly before everyone’s eyes, it was no wonder no one would still want
to be a busybody.

About half an hour later, a taxi arrived before Grand Amethyst Residences. At the entrance, there was
a security guard who kept watch 24/7.

Upon seeing Sophia, he immediately gave a respectful bow and greeted her.

Inside the neighborhood, there was a water fountain and a rockery with water streaming down

At the bottom of the fountain, several goldfish were swimming around.

Even though it was not a high-end neighborhood, the garden was well-maintained, and there were also
many florals and potted plants all around.

There would also be children running around occasionally.

“How much is the rental in this neighborhood?” Jonathan casually asked while strolling around.

“Why do you ask that? Are you interested in getting an apartment in Yaleview?” Sophia paused in her
pace and turned to him. “If you have that intention, don’t buy one in this neighborhood. It’s no longer a
newly developed area. The property management and maintenance aren’t at their best. There are
times during winter when the heater isn’t working, and it freezes us out!”

“Nope, I’m just curious!” Jonathan laughed.

In truth, he had a residence in Yaleview—Asura’s Palace. It was specially built for him by Asura’s Office
while they conquered the city back then.

However, he had only stayed there for a few days before he landed himself at Northern Crimson

No one knew if that place was now a piece of deserted land.

“The rental in this neighborhood isn’t cheap. It was around 5 to 6 thousand per square feet when I
bought it. It has now gone up to about 8 to 9 thousand!” Sophia explained as she swiped the access
key card on her phone. “If you want to buy an apartment in Yaleview, I’ll ask my friend to recommend a
new neighborhood to you. It’ll cost almost the same price as here, but the environment and property
management are much better. I still have a couple of million now, so if you’re short of cash, I can help
you with the down payment first.”

“I’m really not buying any! I’m just asking!” Jonathan was amused to hear how prepared Sophia was.
He only brought up the topic casually, yet she was prepared to fork out the money for his down

“Stay at my place first then. Tell me when you want to purchase one!” She smiled as she pressed the
button to the 25th level of the building inside the elevator. “Either way, I’ve prepared the sum for the
down payment. Treat it as a gift for your wedding! But honestly, if you don’t mind, I can gift you my
apartment too!”

“That’s not needed, Aunt Sophia. I’ve got a place to stay in Yaleview!” Jonathan was rather speechless
by her enthusiasm. “Besides, I’m not short of money!”

In truth, though he did not know the balance left in his bank card, it was still more than enough for him
to purchase an apartment in Yaleview if he wanted to. It would not be a problem for him even if he
wanted to buy a villa!

“Alright, alright. I know you are not short of money!” As much as Sophia pacified him with those words,
she did not believe him in at all.

He’s been kicked out of the Goldstein family when he was ten; how is it possible that this man doesn’t
lack money when he’s homeless for more than ten years?

In consideration of his feelings, she chose not to expose him. Upon getting out of the elevator, she
unlocked the door using the fingerprint identification system outside her apartment.

As soon as he stepped in, a faint pleasant scent wafted into his nose.

There was not a wee bit of smoke or dust in the air; only cleanliness and a unique fragrance of women!

“Have a seat. I’ll go and get you a drink!” Sophia changed into her slippers and headed toward the
fridge in the kitchen.

In the meantime, Jonathan went to the balcony in the living room.

Looking down from that angle, he realized that he could see almost half of Yaleview!

The view looked exceptionally breathtaking under the golden hues from the setting sun.

“How’s the view?” Sophia walked to him and passed him a bottle of water.

“It’s not bad!”

Jonathan opened the bottle of water and drank a mouthful.

“Stay here a little longer if you like it!” She smiled. “It won’t be inconvenient since I’m staying alone. Oh
yes, let me show you your room.”

Completing her sentence, she grabbed his arm and pulled him toward the guest room.

Similarly, the guest room was clean and tidy.

There was not even a speck of dust.

The room had a modern minimalistic touch to it. The striking contrast between white and black closely
resembled Sophia’s style—weak on the outside yet extremely tough on the inside!

“I’ve decorated this room a long while ago, but nobody has ever stayed here. I’ve always asked myself
who I did this for, but it seems like I finally have an answer to that. It’s you!” Sophia laughed as she
straightened the sheets and lay the blanket out for Jonathan.

It was hard for anyone to imagine how she had such a virtuous side to her.

“Stay here for tonight. By the way, are you still afraid of the dark when you sleep alone at night?” She
gave him a mischievous look.

When Jonathan was young, he would often pester Sophia to read him stories as he was scared of the
dark. It was to the extent that he would even lie on her bed shamelessly, refusing to budge.

The fact that Sophia made that remark only showed that she wanted to poke fun at Jonathan.

“Aunt Sophia, I’ve grown up and I’m no longer that young boy who you called snob, from many years
ago!” Jonathan was flabbergasted. I’m already in my twenties; why is she still treating me like a little

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