Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 264

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The Legendary Man

The Third Option

In less than a minute, Jonathan had defeated all the men in black and beaten them to a pulp!

None of the murderous-looking men could stand up and fight against him anymore!

Troy’s face changed upon seeing the turn of events. He looked at Jonathan in fear. “Who… who are

These burly hitmen are mercenaries I hired from the black market, and they have all killed countless
people in the past! Yet, they’re not capable of taking Jonathan down? How is that possible?

“You don’t have to know who I am.” Jonathan looked at Troy from the corner of his eyes. “I didn’t want
to cause any trouble, but you kept getting on my nerves. I hate it when someone does that to me.”

After giving Troy a piece of his mind, Jonathan walked up to him swiftly. Troy could not help but
shudder. “What do you want from me? Go away! Stay away from me!”

“It seems someone is afraid of me now, huh?” After giving Troy a sullen glare, Jonathan kicked his
abdomen for the second time.

Troy instantly dropped to his knees and groveled in front of Jonathan.

“You gave me two options. Now, it’s my turn to give you your two options.” Jonathan looked at Troy
disdainfully. “Either you bow before me and beg for my forgiveness, or I break your limbs and throw you
out of here!”

“The choice is yours, so think carefully!” Jonathan said it loud and clear in a firm tone.

These were the exact options Troy gave Jonathan earlier. It’s payback time!

Upon hearing that, Troy’s face turned pallid right away. He gritted his teeth and stared at Jonathan.
“No! I don’t want to choose any of the options!”

Instead of throwing in the towel, Troy warned Jonathan, “Listen carefully. If you dare lay a finger on me,
I swear to God you’ll not be able to leave Yaleview alive!”

“Oh, well. It seems someone here wants a third option,” Jonathan sneered after Troy rejected his first
two options.

“If that’s what you want!” Jonathan exclaimed.

All of a sudden, he raised his leg and kicked Troy on his chest, sending him flying over nine feet away.

Without hesitation, Jonathan inched closer and stamped and twisted his foot on Troy’s right leg. With a
loud crack, Jonathan broke his bone!

An agonizing roar reverberated throughout the restaurant!

The people in the restaurant immediately turned their attention to Troy, who was screaming in
excruciating pain.

“Here’s my third option for you—I’ll break your limbs, and you’ll kneel down and apologize to me!”
Jonathan showed no mercy. In a swift move, he broke Troy’s other leg before Troy could respond!

Once again, The sound of cracking bones rang across the restaurant!

Troy’s face scrunched in anguish, and he wailed miserably. “My legs! My legs!”

“B*stard, I’m gonna kill you! I’m gonna so kill you!” Troy screamed as if he had gone bonkers.

Yet, Jonathan was not bothered by his threat. He continued stamping his feet on Troy’s right arm and
broke it in a split second.

“That’s enough, Jonathan,” Sophia could not help but come up to stop him. She thought Troy had
gotten the punishment he deserved, and it was time to put a stop to it before things spiraled out of

Jonathan was so focused on teaching Troy a lesson that he did not pay attention to what Sophia said.
Within seconds, Jonathan’s kick had already landed on Troy’s left arm.

In the blink of an eye, Jonathan had completely turned Troy into a cripple!

Troy’s agonizing shriek cut through the air as he could no longer stand the excruciating pain of his
broken limbs.

The diners eventually covered their eyes as they were struck dumb by the gruesome sight. Never in a
million years did they expect to witness this in a restaurant!

“I’ll kill you. I’ll… kill you…” With the remaining strength he had, Troy mumbled another threat. He
eventually passed out, as all his energy had drained out of his body.

“Jonathan…” Sophia was taken aback when she noticed Troy became unconscious. Feeling anxious,
she turned to Jonathan and asked, “You didn’t kill him, did you?”

“He’s not dead. Don’t worry,” Jonathan said while shaking his head. “Relax, Aunt Sophia. I know what
I’m doing. I’d spare his life since I’d promised to only break his limbs.”

“Okay, I trust you if you say so.” Sophia heaved a sigh of relief, but after seeing how ashen-faced Troy
was, she could not resist asking, “But he looks miserable…”

Jonathan took a glance at the man, who was lying on the ground like a dead dog. He turned to Sophia
and said, “I didn’t expect him to pass out so easily. I initially thought of wanting him to kneel and beg for
your forgiveness, but I guess I can’t force him to do it now. What a weakling!”

“I’m afraid you’re in deep trouble now,” Upon seeing how carefree Jonathan was, Sophia let out
another sigh. “You’ve gone too far. I would have been able to protect you from the Zellers had you just
bashed him up to teach him a lesson. But now, you’ve broken all his limbs and turned him into a
cripple. His family will definitely not let you off easily. You shouldn’t have acted on impulse, Jonathan.”

Troy might be a jerk, but he’s from the influential Zeller family! Now that he has become a cripple, his
family members would not let this slide for sure!

“Relax, Aunt Sophia.” Jonathan gave her a comforting smile. “What is so scary about the Zellers? What
could they do to me? If they dare to come after me, I’ll destroy his entire family once and for all!”

“Don’t you know how powerful the Zellers are in Yaleview?” Sophia became nonplussed after hearing
what he said.

She continued explaining, “Half of the properties in Yaleview belong to them, and they even have
strong connections with the underground societies. To them, taking us down would be a piece of cake. I
don’t think the Goldstein family can save us from this disaster!”

Though I’m one of the Goldsteins, I’m sure the family will not risk burning bridges with the Zellers just to
protect me!

The Goldsteins might even hand me over to the Zellers to demonstrate their loyalty to that family!

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