Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 263

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The Legendary Man

Are You Threatening Me

Upon hearing what Jonathan said, Troy smiled. “So you’re from another city? No wonder you don’t look
familiar. Did you come to Yaleview to study, or are you here on a casual trip?”

“What’s with all the annoying questions? It’s none of your business.” Jonathan knitted his brows.

He did not enjoy talking to strangers and found Troy really annoying.

If it were not for Sophia, Jonathan would not have entertained him.

“Excuse me?” The young man, who hailed from the Zeller family, took offense in his response, but he
suppressed his anger. “I only showed concern because you’re a visitor in Yaleview. As someone
familiar with the city, I just thought of bringing you around the city.”

“You don’t have to!” Jonathan rejected his offer outright.

He was not in a good mood to continue this conversation with Troy.

“Don’t you dare challenge my patience!” Troy’s face turned grim right away as he could no longer stand
how rude Jonathan was.

He’s nothing but a country bumpkin. Where did he find the courage to act all high and mighty in front of

He’s just asking for trouble. How atrocious!

A hard glint flashed across Jonathan’s eyes. “Did you just threaten me?”

“I’d like to think of it as a friendly reminder,” Troy sneered. “As a visitor in a foreign city, you should
watch your attitude to avoid any unnecessary problem!”

Jonathan scoffed, “Is that so? What kind of problem can I cause? I’m interested to find out too!”

Instead of wasting time with Troy, Jonathan turned to Sophia and said, “Come on. Let’s go!”

“Okay!” Sophia nodded and was ready to leave with him.

But just when they were about to walk away, Troy stopped them from leaving. “Where do you think
you’re going? Why are you in a hurry to leave?”

“Get out of my way!” Jonathan frowned.

“Come on!” Troy was not ready to give in either.

“I said get lost!” Jonathan glared at him. He had completely lost his patience.

“What if I refuse?” Troy sneered.

“Really?” Jonathan responded with a snort. In the blink of an eye, he raised his leg and kicked Troy on
his abdomen!

The kick sent the young man flying over three feet away.

“F*ck! How dare you kick me?” Troy shot daggers at Jonathan while covering his abdomen with his
hands and crawling on the ground in pain.

A vortex of anger swirled inside him. He never thought a country bumpkin would have the audacity to
attack him!

“Don’t ever get in my way again, you hear me?” Jonathan gave the young man a cold stare before
holding Sophia’s hand and walking out of the restaurant.

Before they could step out of the door, Troy raised his voice. “Stop right there! Do you think I’d allow
you to leave just like that?”

“What do you want from me?” Jonathan turned around and gave him a sullen glare.

“Do you know what price you have to pay for laying your hands on me?” Troy, who still had a footprint
on his shirt, gradually stood up from the ground.

“Price? What price?” Jonathan asked sarcastically.

“It’s either I break your limbs or feed you to the sharks in Goda River!” The young man gave him a
murderous look.

“Well, I can spare your life because of Sophia. I’ll let you off and pretend nothing had happened, but
you must kneel before me and apologize. Or else…” He ended the threat with a chuckle but did not
explain what he would do to Jonathan.

Since Jonathan had burned the bridges with him, Troy felt he did not need to play nice anymore!

If it were not for Sophia, he would have retaliated by giving Jonathan a tight slap. I’ll not allow anyone
to disrespect me like that!

“What if I refuse?” Jonathan asked again.

“Don’t dream of walking out of this place alive then!” Troy snapped his fingers, and a few muscular men
in black suits emerged from his back!

All of them looked fierce and murderous.

“What do you think you’re doing, Troy?” The color drained out of Sophia’s face.

Troy looked at Sophia and burst into laughter. “I’ve done everything I could to be nice to him, but he
doesn’t appreciate it. So don’t blame me for being the bad guy, Sophia. You should blame this country
bumpkin for constantly stepping on my toes!”

“No one in Yaleview would have the guts to challenge me like how he did. He should have asked
around to find out who I am before challenging me!” he added.

Troy then looked up at Jonathan with a scowl. “I’m giving you one last chance. Bow before me three
times and apologize. If you still refuse to cooperate, these men will break your limbs without hesitation!”

“Do you think these men are capable of breaking my limbs?” Jonathan took a sidelong glance at all the
men in black and asked nonchalantly.

Over the years, tens of thousands of soldiers had failed to take me down. Does Troy really think his
men could defeat me?

“I see. That’s how you want to play the game, huh?” Troy snorted. “Don’t blame me for not showing you
mercy if you refuse to apologize!”

“Boys, teach him a lesson!” he instructed his men. “Break his arms and legs, but don’t kill him just yet. I
want you to torture him slowly! I want him to scream in pain, and I want to watch him suffer!”

“Yes, sir!” all the men responded steadily.

Without hesitation, the men in black surrounded Jonathan. Sophia could not help but look at Troy.
“What do you think you’re doing, Troy? I’ll not let you off if you hurt him!”

“Let him do what he wants, Aunt Sophia. And don’t worry, these men can’t hurt me.” Jonathan grinned
upon seeing how worried Sophia was. “Stay away from us, and take a seat first. I’ll make him kneel
before you and beg for your forgiveness in no time!”

“Jonathan…” Sophia became even more anxious after hearing what he said.

These strong men are clearly well-trained. They could easily throw a punch and injured Jonathan. What
if they beat Jonathan to a pulp?

“Have faith in me, Aunt Sophia!” Jonathan grinned. In a split second, he ran toward them, grabbed one
of the men’s hair, and smashed his face against his knees. With a loud thud, the man’s nose bridge

The man instantly collapsed to the ground before he could even react.

His face was covered in blood, and he had passed out.

Within the next few seconds, Jonathan leaped into the air and took the rest of the men down with just a
few kicks and punches.

Every single one of them collapsed to the ground in no time!

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