Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 262

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The Legendary Man


Jonathan didn’t have the chance to voice his thoughts. Everything was dictated by Sophia.

He dare not complain or even say anything.

Hmm, it looks like I have to give in.

It was Sophia after all!

She was his only relative.

“All right, you win!” Jonathan sighed.

“You really don’t know how lucky you are…” Sophia chuckled at the sight of Jonathan’s reluctance.
“Ever since I bought the house, no man has ever set foot in the place.”

“Besides, once you move in, you can try out my cooking. I would say I hardly cook!”

“You’ll be the first to try it out!”

“It’s edible, right?” Jonathan was slightly worried.

A socialite like Sophia, who barely had to do anything on her own, surely would not be able to cook

“What did you say?” Sophia flicked his head with her finger again. “How dare you question my culinary
skills? Don’t you know that I have to cook for myself when I was studying overseas?”

“I had to do that for five years…”

“Be it Western, Italian, or French, I know how to cook them all!”

Sophia was absolutely confident in her culinary skills.

Jonathan felt wronged. “Aunt Sophia, can you stop flicking my head?”

At the end of the day, Jonathan was Asura!

He led an army consisting of millions of soldiers. If he wanted to, he could decimate the whole of
Yaleview effortlessly.

But to be treated like a child, and to be flicked on the head as she wished, that would be shocking news
to many if this were to be made known to the public.

“No!” Sophia answered without hesitation. “What’s the problem? I’ve been doing it ever since you were
young. What now? I can’t do it anymore just because you’re all grown up?”

“It’s not that…” As Sophia once again brought up something that happened when he was young,
Jonathan found himself to be cornered. “Aunt Sophia, I’m an adult now.”

Sophia didn’t give him the opportunity to rebut. “I don’t care. In my eyes, you’re the snob that followed
me everywhere and was always asking for sweets!”

“Err, never mind…”

Jonathan shook his head, exasperated by the conversation.

Who would have thought that Asura would one day be cornered by a woman!

After twenty minutes!

When Sophia finished drinking her last sip of the wine, Jonathan too put down his glass.

Sophia’s face was blushed and she looked really drunk. Her gaze looked misty and disorientated from
all the drinking.

“That’s enough. Stop drinking. You’re drunk!” Jonathan quickly stopped her.

“It’s all right. Don’t underestimate me!” Sophia smiled and she looked enticing and seductive.

“Last time when I used to secretly drink alone, I could finish a whole bottle, without getting drunk!”

With a smile on her face, she poured herself a small glass of wine. But soon after, she poured almost
half of the bottle for Jonathan.

“It’s been a long time since I felt so happy. Let me drink more!”

“Come on. Please give me some more wine.”

Sophia grinned.

“Then, this should be your last glass!” Jonathan took a sip after clinking his glass with Sophia.

Such small amount of alcohol was nothing to him.

It was like he was drinking mineral water!

When he was in the army, he drank directly from the bottle! It was during that period of time that he
developed his tolerance for alcohol.

He could even finish a whole bottle in one go!

“All right, I’ll listen to you!” Sophia happily finished up the glass of wine. Then, she waved at the waiter.
“Can we have the bill, please?”

“Ms. Sophia, someone has settled it,” replied the waiter.

“Someone has footed my bill?” Sophia knitted her eyebrows, shocked. “Who was it?”

“It was Mr. Troy!”

The waiter turned his head back before saying, “Mr. Troy specifically instructed us not to interrupt your

“Mr. Troy?”

Sophia’s expression immediately changed. “I don’t need him to pay for my bills. How much was it?
Swipe my card!”

Sophia took out a red credit card and passed it to the waiter. Needless to say, the waiter was put on the
spot. “Ms. Sophia, this is…”

“Don’t you understand me?” Sophia’s tone turned glacial cold.

She no longer looked drunk.

“Yes, Ms. Sophia!” The waiter didn’t dare to speak another word. He retrieved the card and walked
toward the counter.

However, just after the waiter left, a man with a black jacket started walking in Sophia’s direction.

He appeared to be in his twenties!

Perhaps only a couple of years older than Jonathan.

“Sophia, there’s no need to be so mean. Why don’t you let it be?” The young man smiled.

As the young man started getting closer and closer, Sophia put up a straight face, annoyed at his
presence. “It’s not necessary. I can afford to buy myself dinner!”

Her tone sounded distant and impatient.

“Sophia, you don’t have to be shy,” said the young man. Even though Sophia made it clear that she
wanted nothing to do with him, the young man continued to shamelessly pester her. “We’ve known
each other for a few years. It’s just a meal, so why do you want to reject my kind gesture?”

“I’m not really that close to you. I suggest you keep the distance!” Sophia frowned.

Sophia wouldn’t have spoken to him if they hadn’t met under such circumstances.

“All right. I’ll call you Ms. Sophia then. Is that all right?” The young man shook his head and smiled,
obviously unaffected by Sophia’s outburst. “Ms. Sophia, may I know who is this?”

The young man turned his attention to Jonathan.

“He’s my friend.” Sophia didn’t intend to introduce Jonathan.

“Friend?” The young man started sizing Jonathan up. He then chuckled. “I don’t think your friend is
from Yaleview. Am I right?”

“Nope!” Jonathan coldly replied.

If Sophia was clearly annoyed by his presence, there was no need for Jonathan to be friendly with him.

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