Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 261

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The Legendary Man

Slick Fella

Sophia’s was ashen-faced and she looked pale as paper.

Her gaze looked empty as if she just recovered from a major illness.

She was completely shocked by the revelation for she had never expected that the son of Elizabeth
and Daniel, the heir of the Goldstein family, would be chased out by his own grandfather and uncle.

It even happened within a matter of days right after his parents died.

Even if she did not see for it herself, it was sufficient to cause her to tremble in agony from Jonathan’s

So this is the Goldstein family had done?

The Goldstein family that raised me for twenty over years?

Before this, she had always heard similar stories from television or novels. The wealthy families do not
appreciate familial bonds, and would always pursue their own selfish interests.

She had always refused to believe it to be the reality, but she had no choice but to accede now.

A real-life example was before her, and she had to believe it!

“Jonathan, I’m so sorry…” Sophia struggled to stand up from the sofa. She looked at him and
apologized profusely. “The Goldstein family had wronged you in so many ways!”

“Aunt Sophia, this has nothing to do with you!” Jonathan wouldn’t allow Sophia to bear the blame. “You
did nothing wrong. Why are you apologizing?”

“No. Although I didn’t do anything wrong, it was still the Goldstein family’s atrocious doing. As part of
the family, I have to apologize on behalf of the family!” Sophia looked at Jonathan, and her gaze was
filled with sorrow and regret. “You must have been through some really tough times over the years.”

While Jonathan had never mentioned how he survived the years or the suffering that he had to endure,
it wasn’t hard for Sophia to imagine his predicament.

A young teenager at such a tender age found himself to be kicked out by his grandfather and his uncle
after the demise of his parents without any money in his pocket. That must be extremely devastating!

She didn’t dare to picture herself in his shoes. Even worse, she might have collapsed under the
barraging waves of bad news.

“It’s all in the past now.” Jonathan waved his hand. “Besides, ever since I was chased out of the
Goldstein family, I no longer have anything to do with them anymore.”

“However…” Sophia couldn’t accept the fact that Jonathan wanted nothing to do with the Goldstein
family. Just as she wanted to speak her mind, Jonathan quickly interjected her. “It’s fine, Aunt Sophia.
There’s no use discussing this anymore. Let’s not talk about it.”

“Come on. The food is here. Let’s eat!”


Sophia opened her mouth. She wanted to say something initially, but she eventually nodded. “All right!”

After all these years, Jonathan would want to avoid talking about his traumatic experience.

Since that was his wish, Sophia gladly obliged.

“Ms. Goldstein, please enjoy your meal.”

After serving the dishes, the waiter took a few steps back and waited for them to dine.

“All right. Just leave us. Thank you.” Sophia gestured the waiter to leave.

“Yes, Ms. Goldstein.”

The waiter turned and left.

Sophia helped Jonathan with the truffle, and even poured him a glass of Lafite.

“Try this. The truffle here tastes really good!” Sophia held her glass and toasted. “Jonathan, this is our
first time meeting after so many years. Come, let me have a toast with you!”

“Don’t drink too much!”

Jonathan raised his glass to Sophia.

However, Sophia did not listen to him. In fact, she did the exact opposite. Wow, there goes half a glass!

Jonathan took a deep breath and refrained from speaking.

He could tell that Sophia was in a bad mood.

Perhaps she was affected by Jonathan’s statement.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m a good drinker!” Sophia put up a bright smile, and her face blushed red from
the alcohol consumption.

Needless to say, she maintained her looks well.

Although she was in her thirties, she looked like she was in her twenties!

Especially the redness on her cheeks, which amplified her enchanting look!

“Drink slower, you’re drinking it too fast! Although you might not feel it now, the after-effects of Lafite
are really strong! You can get drunk easily!”

It was especially worrying when Sophia had low alcohol tolerance. As could be seen, one glass of wine
was sufficient to make her blush.

“I’m all right!” Sophia answered.

Sophia waved his hand and tried the caviar. “Jonathan, how long do you plan to stay in Yaleview?”

“I’m not sure.” Jonathan shook his head. “I’ll be here for some time!”

“So, you’re staying with me or at the hotel?” Sophia asked. After all, it’s been over ten years since she
had seen her nephew!

Suddenly, she had to urge to spend more time with him!

“I suppose I’ll stay at the hotel!” Jonathan said softly. Although Sophia was his aunt, it would be
inappropriate for them to stay together.

“I don’t think you should stay there. The mattress is so dirty!”. Sophia frowned. “I think you should stay
with me. Don’t worry about it. I’m not staying with the Goldstein family. I have my own place now and
it’s more than enough to accommodate the two of us!”

“I don’t think it is convenient!” Jonathan rejected her. However, Sophia raised her hand and flicked him
on the head.

“What a slick fella! I’m your aunt. How is that inconvenient?” Sophia rolled her eyes. “Do you remember
that you had always insisted to sleep with me on the same bed when you were small?”

“And you always wanted me to read you bedtime stories before you sleep!”

“Have you forgotten everything?”

“Aunt Sophia, this was over ten years ago!” Jonathan said helplessly.

it happened so long ago!

Jonathan was so young at that time. He didn’t know what was considered appropriate and what was
not. Because of his innocence, he genuinely appreciated the interaction with Sophia and wanted to
spend more time with her.

However, he was now in his twenties already. It was highly inappropriate for him to stay with his aunt

“I don’t care how old you are. Even after twenty years, I will still be your aunt!” Sophia refused to barge.
“All right. It’s settled. You’re staying with me!”

“Later, you follow me back after our meal!”

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