Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 260

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The Legendary Man

Her Name Is Josephine Smith

“Yeah, you heard it right,” replied Jonathan calmly as he nodded.

“Really? That’s wonderful,” said Sophia. Her eyes glowed with warmth and happiness as soon as she
got an affirmative answer.

The last time she saw Jonathan was over ten years ago, and at the time, he was still a puny tween.

Who would’ve thought that the tween will grow up and get married in a blink of an eye?

“Where is she from? What’s her name? Can I look at her photo?” asked Sophia excitedly.

“Her name is Josephine Smith,” answered Jonathan. He couldn’t help smiling when he said that name,
and he was still smiling when he fished out his phone and showed his aunt their wedding photos. “We
took these photos when we got married.”

“Let me see.”

Sophia zoomed in on the photo after she got the phone from Jonathan. She scanned every inch and
even scrutinized every strand of hair on Josephine.

“Oh, this young lady is so stunning,” complimented Josephine. She was the kind of woman who held
high standards when it came to beauty.

However, it didn’t matter because Josephine was more beautiful than any blue-eyed blondes on the TV
or any Asian model with warm brown eyes.

Her icy aura, which came naturally, also created a sense of distance that only made her more dazzling.

“Where is she from?” asked Sophia as she handed the phone back to Jonathan.

“Jazona,” replied Jonathan nonchalantly.

“Jazona?” repeated Sophia in surprise. “Have you been there this whole time?”

“Not really,” answered Jonathan as he shook his head. “I’ve been everywhere, but I have stayed in
Jazona for a while.”

“It must’ve been tough for you,” said Sophia as she stared at that strangely familiar face in front of her.
She couldn’t help but sigh. “I was studying overseas when I first heard about your parents’ passing. I
took the first flight home right away, but when I returned, I heard that you had already run away from
home in a fit of anger. It was so disheartening that I didn’t even get to say goodbye to you.

“Seriously, how is your temper so terrible despite being so young?”

“Run away from home?” repeated Jonathan. He couldn’t resist scoffing and asking, “Who told you that I
run away from home?”

“Everyone in the family said so,” replied Sophia. The sneer Jonathan let out signaled that something
was off, and Sophia sensed it instantly. “Was that not the case? I thought you couldn’t accept the fact
that your parents passed away and that was why you ran away from home.”

“Of course, that’s not true,” said Jonathan. He shook his head.

I was only a kid back then, and I had never left Yaleview before. On top of that, I was penniless, so how
could I have run away from home?

“What happened? D-Did everyone gang up and lie to me?” asked Sophia. She looked horrified at the

That was what I heard after I returned to the country. Even my parents, Jonathan’s very own biological
grandparents, said that was the case!

Sophia believed that lie for over ten years.

However, Jonathan’s words got her to think that things might not be as simple as she initially thought.

“You are right. They got together to lie to you,” answered Jonathan calmly as he looked over. “The truth
is that I was chased out of the Goldstein family and was banned from ever entering the city again.”

“What? How is that possible? You are your parents’ only son, and the Goldstein family’s blood flow in
your veins!” exclaimed Sophia. She lost it when she learned that Jonathan was chased out of the
family, and she stared at him in disbelief.

“What’s so impossible about that? And what does my blood have anything to do with being chased
out?” said Jonathan while grinning mockingly.

“With my parents gone, Tommy became the only heir of the Goldstein family. That meant that I pose a
threat to his future. I could take over the family business once I come of age, so his claim and power
will be threatened if I stay on.

“That is why the best option is to chase me out of the Goldstein family and to ban me from ever setting
foot in the city again. That would make sure that no one can stop him.”

“Tommy…” said Sophia. She looked horrified after she heard what Jonathan said because she was a
member of the Goldstein family and Tommy’s baby sister. That meant she knew all too well what kind
of a man her brother was.

Even as a kid, Tommy was cruel and would do anything to get what he wanted.

It didn’t matter that Jonathan was Tommy’s nephew because even Sophia, the sibling Tommy grew up
with, would be chased out of the family if she could threaten his claim to all that power.

“W-What about your grandparents? Why didn’t they stop him?” asked Sophia who couldn’t help

Sophia knew that Tommy was powerful, but he shouldn’t be able to chase Jonathan out of the house.
As the head of the Goldstein family, Emmett could have prevented that from happening.

“Stop him?” said Jonathan. He couldn’t help sneering upon hearing those words. “Hah! Would you
believe me if I were to tell you that the person who chased me out of the family and sent me on exile
was my own grandpa, Emmett?”

Sophia was pale with disappointment and horror when she said, “H-How can that be? You are my
brother’s only son and heir!

“Your parents weren’t even buried yet. H-How can they do that to you?”

If Sophia hadn’t heard the story from Jonathan himself, she would never have imagined how the family
had betrayed Jonathan. The boy’s own uncle and grandpa had chased him out of the house before the
funeral was even held!

And they banned him from ever returning to Yaleview. W-What kind of monsters would do that?

“What’s so impossible about that?” challenged Jonathan in an icy tone. “With my parents gone, I
became nothing but a financial burden to the Goldstein family, so to them, it’s right to be cruel to me.”

“They are too evil!” growled Sophia. She lost her temper after she heard what Jonathan said, and her
hand trembled with anger.


In a fit of anger, Sophia had dropped the glass in her hand and got it to shatter into a dozen pieces.

“What’s wrong?” asked the server who hurried over when he heard the glass shattering.

“I-It’s nothing,” replied Sophia as she waved her hand while looking pale.

It was obvious that she hadn’t recovered from the shock of hearing Jonathan’s story.

“Just leave us,” demanded Sophia. She waved her hand to dismiss the server before turning to
Jonathan. “H-How could they do that to you?”

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