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Chapter 208

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The Legendary Man

Please Come Back

The foul stench of blood lingered in the air of Jazona as the Kings of War rained down death and
misery to those who crossed their master. On that very night, the Turner family, leader of Jazona’s four
prominent families, was eradicated.

The news took the whole city by storm, shaking everyone. None of them had expected a giant like the
Turners to be wiped out so quickly. After all, they held an obscene amount of power in their hands.

More importantly, the citizens of Jazona wondered who was behind the massacre. They thought the
Turners must have crossed someone terrifying, but they had no clue who that mysterious character

All they knew was that the Turners were no more. They were wiped out in a single night.

While the citizens were speculating and coming up with their own theories about the Turners’ fate, the
lockdown on Jazona lifted, and the army of Anima Dragon Guards left the city, allowing it to reopen to
the public.

The army of Fang Dragon Guards massacred everyone in the governor’s office and disappeared
without a trace when dawn broke through the horizon. It was as if they had never appeared before.

The Divine Dragon Guards, who led the crusade against the rebels in Jazona, went back to their
military base under the leadership of Zachary.

The guards retreated silently, as if the bloodbath that happened the night before had never occurred.

Even though the whole city’s lockdown was lifted in the end, one region remained on lockdown—

Lieutenant Reaper and his army of Eagle Dragon Guards were still standing sentry before the gates of
Jadeborough, forbidding anyone from going in or out of the city.

Because of their actions, they isolated the city from the rest of the world.

Military commander’s residence, Jadeborough.

Jonathan was seated in the middle of the living room while Terrence, Zachary, and Dorian stood before
him. None of them dared to sit in his presence. Not before he told them to.

Randall—the mayor of Jadeborough—was not even worthy to be in the presence of the Kings of War
and Asura himself. He had to stand guard by the door. He didn’t even have the privilege of being their
errand boy.

Back in the room, Jonathan took a little sip of the tea and waved the Kings of War down. “Sit.”

“Yes, sir!”

The Kings of War obliged and sat down fluidly, as if they had practiced it a thousand times before. It
was perfect, and not a single one of them sat down slower or faster than the other.

“How is that situation in Beshya?” Jonathan asked.

“Sir, the rebels in the West Region have retreated. Kane is still chasing them down.” Zachary stood up.
No matter what he did, it would smell of discipline and the military.

“Sit!” Jonathan frowned at him. “You do not have to stand when you talk to me here. We’re in
Jadeborough, not Asura’s Office.”

“My apologies, Sir. It’s… a habit at this point.” Zachary scratched his head.

However, if they were in Asura’s Office, he wouldn’t even dare to stand before Jonathan, let alone sit.
He’d kneel before his master.

“Tell Reaper and his army to return to Beshya. I want the rebellion in the West Region culled in one
month. Fail me, and Kane shall serve time in the Northern Crimson Prison.

“Dorian, you shall be on guard duty should that come to pass. If he leaves the prison without my
orders, break his legs.”

Jonathan looked calm when he said that, as if he was just telling everyone to get him a Frappuccino at
Starbucks. It sounded like the devil’s whisper to the Kings of War, and their legs turned to jelly.

There was nobody in Chanaea who’d boast about breaking a King of War’s legs. Nobody but Asura,
although he issued it as an order.

“Yes, Sir!” Dorian stood up immediately, apparently learning nothing from Zachary’s lesson earlier.

“I told you, you don’t need to stand up? What part of that do you not understand?” Jonathan shot him a
glare, and Dorian quickly sat back down in shock. He had no doubt Jonathan would put him through
the wringer if he didn’t.

“All of you will return the first thing tomorrow morning.” Jonathan looked at them calmly. “Your business
in Jazonais done.”

“But, Sir…”

The Kings of War looked at each other, and they saw hesitation in each other’s eyes. Obviously, they
had something on their minds, but they hesitated to talk about it.

“What is it? Talk!” Jonathan frowned. “Don’t dawdle around. Are you men or not?”

“Yes, Sir!” Dorian was the first one to respond. He wasn’t someone who could hold much in, and
everyone in the troops knew he was grumpy. He quickly shot up, only to fall on his knees before
Jonathan. “Sir, we wish to ask for your return to Asura’s Office. We need you to lead us into battle once

After Dorian made his request, Zachary followed suit and knelt before Jonathan. “Me too, Sir! Please,
we humbly request for your return to Asura’s Office!”

“And me too, Sir! We humbly request for your return to Asura’s Office!” Terrence also knelt before
Jonathan like his colleagues.

After Jonathan led them on that epic crusade one year ago and brought peace to the land, he stayed
behind in the Northern Crimson Prison until recently.

They had never even talked to Jonathan once over the last year, let alone meeting up with him.

The Northern Crimson Prison was an independent institution, free of the Kings of War’s command and
rule. They only obeyed Asura’s Office and no one else.

Even the Kings of War must possess Jonathan’s seal and gain the warden’s approval if they wished to
step into the prison’s gates to meet their commander.

“Is that all you want to talk about?” Jonathan looked at them calmly.

“Yes, Sir!” the three of them answered in unison. “We humbly request for your return to Asura’s Office,

“If that is the request, then…” he rejected their request without even thinking, “Then there is nothing
more to say.”


Zachary wanted to persuade Jonathan, but the latter stopped him. “That is my decision. I shall brook no
further attempt at persuasion from any of you. This is what I was prepared for when I made the
decision to leave one year ago.”

The year before, he led his Asura Guards on a crusade to cull all the rebels and threats within and
without the nation, bringing peace to the land. After assigning the guards as Kings of War to protect the
nation, he made a decision that would shock everyone.

Jonathan left Asura’s Office, cutting off all ties with the institution.

When the news reached the Kings of War, they left their armies of Asura Guards and knelt before his
residence for three days and three nights. Even that failed to make Jonathan change his decision.

Not a soul knew why he made such an abrupt decision, nor did they understand why he left. All they
knew was that Asura had disappeared without a trace ever since that day. Nobody knew where he
went or what he did.

Until a few months ago.

The warden of Northern Crimson Prison told them that Jonathan had been living in the gaol for the past

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. Randal came in with a tray decorated with a teapot and
some cups. “S-Sir, the tea has gone cold. Allow me to change them for you.”

Randall’s legs turned to jelly when he saw the Kings of War kneeling on the ground. It tied his tongue
and made it difficult to conjure a coherent sentence.

Gods. The Kings of War! They’re practical gods! We’re nothing but insects before them. Now they’re
kneeling? To Jonathan? And they aren’t even looking up?

“There will be no need for that.” Jonathan stood up and looked at the Kings of War calmly. “I will be
holding my wedding in Jadeborough soon enough. All of you may attend if you wish, but if any of you
try to persuade me again, then heed my words: you are not welcome.”

Jonathan left the room without saying another word, leaving the Kings of War still kneeling on the

They sent him off loudly, “We wish you a safe journey, Sir!”

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