Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 212

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The Legendary Man


“I hope you weren’t frightened, honey.” Jonathan tossed his pistol away and turned around to calm his
wife down.

“I-I’m fine, Jonathan.” Josephine shook her head, but the sheer terror in her eyes betrayed what she
truly felt. “A-Are they really dead? All of them?”

“Yes, they are.”

“Y-You killed them?” She suddenly looked at her husband. Panic welled up within her when she
realized what Jonathan had done. She had a guess that he had stacked a mountain of corpses during
his warring days, but that was just in her imagination. Seeing him killing a group of people right in front
of her was still a shocking experience.

The corpses strewn all over the ground and the pools of blood around them told her everything was
true despite her thinking otherwise. Jonathan did kill them all.

“You don’t have to be scared, honey.” Jonathan noticed his wife’s panic, of course, and he held her
close to calm her down. “They brought this unto themselves; they deserved it.”

“B-But what if the police find out about this?” Josephine was still scared of repercussions if the
authorities were to discover what had happened.

“They would never get in my way.” Jonathan smiled at her and took her upstairs. “I’ll take you upstairs,
honey. You need to get some sleep.

“Just pretend that all of this is a dream. It’ll be over when you wake up. Pretend you saw nothing.
Pretend this never happened.”

Josephine was about to retort, but Jonathan did not give her any chance to speak. He pulled her closer
and went upstairs. The moment they left, the Divine Dragon Guards—who had been hiding right
outside the house—quickly came in to clear the scene.

Less than a minute later, all the corpses and blood disappeared without a trace. If nobody knew any
better, it would be as if they never appeared.

Jonathan took Josephine to her room on the second floor. It was his first time stepping into her room,
despite having moved into the villa for nearly a month.

He did try to go in, but every time he did, Josephine would either stop him right at the door, or she’d
refuse his advances altogether.

“Y-You should go back.” Her heart started pounding again when they came to her room. When she
recalled the time Jonathan stayed with her overnight, her face turned scarlet.

“Go back? Go back where?” Jonathan played dumb. “I thought this is my home.”

“G-Go to your room!” Josephine bit her lips.

“My room?” He slowly inched closer to her. “But this is my room.” He smiled.

“Jonathan, what are you-” Josephine was about to snap at him, but Jonathan stopped her quickly. He
scooped her up and made a beeline for the bed.

Josephine was surprised by that. She wanted to gasp, but he had already pounced onto the bed with

She had an incredibly soft bed. At the very least, it was much, much softer than what Jonathan had.
Oh, and it smells really nice as well. There’s this scent of a young lady on it.

The scent from the sheets was tickling his nose. He asked, “Did you use any perfume?”

“I-I did not!” Josephine instinctively retreated backward, but she eventually hit the bed’s corner.

“So that’s how you naturally smell?” Jonathan swiveled around all of a sudden and pinned her down.

Shocked by the sudden and unexpected move, she stammered, “W-What are you trying to do?”

Her face was already bright red, and her heart was thumping furiously.

“What else can I do?” He kissed her squarely on her lips.

Josephine wanted to say something, but Jonathan’s powerful kiss stumped her. She stiffly tried to push
him away. As usual, no matter what she did, he just would not get off her. All she could do was seal her
lips as tightly as she could in protest.

However, a weak protest such as hers bore no effect on him.

Less than one minute later, Josephine was suffocating, and she opened her mouth to get some air. The
moment she did, Jonathan’s tongue slithered in like a snake that saw the perfect opening.

His invasion made her moan. The sound aroused him.

“N-No. Jonathan. You cannot do this…” For some reason, Josephine was feeling more receptive to
Jonathan as well. She was not refusing his advances like how she did. Instead, her objections sounded
half-hearted, and there was a hint of plea in her voice, too.

It was the first time he had seen that hint of a plea in her clear, bright eyes, but that was enough to
make him relent. He rolled over and got off her, then he tapped playfully her nose. “I’ll let you go this


Josephine took that chance to get a breath of fresh air. She was nearly suffocating seconds earlier,
after all. “You meanie!” She shot him an angry glare, but she was not upset in the least.

She realized she was being less and less antagonistic against Jonathan, and she couldn’t bring herself
to hate him like she used to.

For a moment there, she even thought, Hm, will I say no if he actually went ahead anyway? And the
answer she arrived at was… no. She would not refuse him if he tried to do it with her.

“Do you want me to hug you while you sleep?” Jonathan hugged her as he whispered.

“I’m not sleepy yet.” She shook her head and looked up at him. “Was that guy really your uncle?”

“Yes.” Jonathan nodded.

“You’ve never told me anything about him before.” Josephine looked at him curiously. They had known
each other for years. Not once did he bring his family up, nor had she ever seen them before. Even
when they were married, not a single family member from Jonathan’s side showed up.

“Because there is no good reason to.” He smiled. “I’m already out of the family now, but I can tell you
about it if you want to.”

“Oh, you don’t have to if you don’t want to,” she stopped him quickly. Josephine didn’t want him to
relive the bad memories just because of her curiosity.

“It’s nothing, really.” Jonathan shook his head. “I’ve actually been keeping a secret from you.”

“Which is…”

“I’m actually a part of the Goldstein family. The one in Yaleview.” He looked at her calmly. “My father
was Timothy, the eldest son of the family, and my mother was the former diva, Elizabeth.”

“Elizabeth Stone?” Josephine’s eyes widened in surprise after she found out who Jonathan’s mother
was. “Are you talking about the Elizabeth Stone? The famous diva back in the day?”

Elizabeth was a family name over twenty years ago. She was more successful and famous than any
other celebrities in the industry. During the zenith of her career, she chose to marry Timothy. It was
supposed to be a beautiful love story between a celebrity and a young, handsome aristocrat, but a few
years later, Timothy and Elizabeth were involved in a freak accident.

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