Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 211

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The Legendary Man


“H-How can this be? This is impossible!” He stared at the heap of lifeless corpses, then at Jonathan. As
the full realization of what happened started to sink in, his face contorted with a look of horror.

How is this possible? I spend millions every year on this group of hitmen from the black market. Not
even retired special forces could injure them, but now Jonathan has managed to slaughter all of them?

“You have until the count of three. If I still see you in my house, you will be next to join this mountain of
corpses.” Jonathan aimed the weapon straight at his uncle.

Tommy stared at the gun, and his legs started turning to jelly from the sheer terror he was feeling. Even
so, he gritted his teeth and demanded, “How dare you threaten me, Jonathan? I am your uncle! If you
take my life here, you will meet the Goldsteins’ full wrath. Are you certain you can face that?”

“Goldsteins’ wrath?” Jonathan sneered, dismissing Tommy’s wrath. “Do you really think I care about
that?” he scoffed. “If it weren’t for my father, I would have wiped the whole family out.”

The mention of his father took Jonathan down memory lane. It was a cold, dark place which he never
wanted to revisit. Once again, the past that happened ten years ago sprang into his mind.

Back then, Timothy—the eldest son of the Goldsteins—died in a car crash. His wife, Elizabeth, also
passed away with him in the same freak accident.

Jonathan was their son. He was only a ten-year-old boy when his parents died. Despite that, the
Goldsteins exiled him and prohibited him from ever returning to Yaleview.

His parents had just passed away, and he had no one to rely on. Barely any time had passed since his
parents’ death when he was struck by the exile. The Goldsteins chased him out as if he was garbage,
cutting all ties with him.

It was one bad news after another for a young boy. The despair and helplessness piled upon him, but
he persevered and made an eventual, roaring comeback.

When he and the guards came to attack Yaleview, the first thing that came to Jonathan’s mind was to
destroy the Goldsteins. He wanted to murder each and every one of them for the sin they had
committed. Despite that, he held back his urge for vengeance.

He destroyed all the aristocratic families in Yaleview, leaving only the Goldsteins untouched. It was not
because he did not want to, but he decided against it when he saw his father’s grave. It was clean, and
there were flowers placed before the tombstone.

Even though the Goldsteins exiled him, they, at the very least, cleaned his parents’ grave. It seemed
like an unimportant task. Ultimately, that single gesture spared them from imminent doom.

However, if the Goldsteins would try to push their luck and cross the line, he would not mind
annihilating them.

“You think you can annihilate us? You think too highly of yourself.” Jonathan’s threat sounded like the
world’s biggest joke to Tommy. “Jonathan, wake up and smell the coffee. No matter what you do, you’re
still nothing but a mere insect before the Goldsteins. You cannot even comprehend the power we hold.

“Even the Turners are nothing in our eyes, and they are the most powerful out of the prominent families
here!” Tommy made that revelation in all his foolishness, not knowing that it might herald death and
destruction for his family.

“You’re connected to the Turners?” A frown furrowed Jonathan’s forehead.

“Yes. They are just our pawns in Jazona.” Tommy sneered and looked at Jonathan. “Do you really think
they could have clawed their way up to the top in this city otherwise? It was all thanks to us. If it weren’t
for the Kings of War launching a sudden attack and bringing down Jazona’s hierarchy, no one could
even hope to stand against the Turners. Nobody can stand up against us.”

“It seems this has been an oversight on my part.” Jonathan shook his head. He did not know that the
Turners had that connection with the Goldsteins. Had he known about that, he would have wiped the
Goldsteins off the map in the operation the night before as well.

He would allow no family to control Jazona, no matter who was backing them up.

“Stop talking nonsense!” Tommy snorted and looked at him imperiously. “Last chance, Jonathan. Are
you coming back with me or not?”

“I will not go with you.” Jonathan shook his head with no hesitation. “I have told you once; I will say it
again. From the moment the family exiled me ten years ago, they are already dead to me.”

“You had better not regret your decision, Jonathan.” Jonathan’s prompt decision was irking Tommy
even more. “This is your only chance to return to the family.”

“And this is your only chance to leave my sight before I pull this trigger.” Jonathan looked at the bodies
calmly. “I don’t mind sending you to hell.”

“Very well then. If that is your choice, so be it.” Tommy looked at the gun, gritted his teeth, and left.
However, he suddenly stopped and turned around. “I shall tell your grandfather what you said to me.
Before I came, I told him a useless whelp like you could never be successful. You are beyond any help.

“Even if the Kings of War were to kill you during the Jazona bloodbath, it has nothing to do with the
family. We have no need for trash like you. Having someone like you in the family is a disgrace to us.”

After that, Tommy left without saying another word. If it weren’t because of his father wanting Jonathan
to come back because his nephew was still a part of the family, he wouldn’t have come to persuade
Jonathan in the first place.

Ever since their family was established, not a single man became a live-in son-in-law. Until Jonathan,
that was. What he did was an insult to the Goldsteins.

The moment Tommy turned around to leave, he heard the loud bang of a gunshot coming from behind.
A golden bullet scraped his scalp before flying farther into the air ahead of him.

Had Jonathan aimed it even a centimeter lower, the shot would’ve blown Tommy’s brains out. The
immense sense of relief turned his legs into jelly. He tripped over the threshold and fell face-first onto
the floor.

“Jonathan!” Tommy’s face was red with fury.

After he got back up and turned around to yell at Jonathan, he saw his nephew pulling the trigger
again. This time, it was aimed at his head.

“Out of my sight,” Jonathan growled coldly.

Tommy did not need him to say it twice. The prospect of death scared him into scurrying off to save his

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