Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 210

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The Legendary Man

Kill Him

“Tommy, the only reason you’re still standing there and talking to me is because I showed you mercy.”
Tommy thought his fury would scare Jonathan into submission, but that only fueled the latter’s
annoyance. “You would have been dead if you hadn’t been my uncle.”

Jonathan was looking at Tommy as if he was nothing but a corpse. If it weren’t because Tommy was his
uncle, he would have been a dead man the moment he stepped foot into the villa.

“Are you trying to scare me, Jonathan?” Tommy sneered, thinking that it was just an empty threat. “You
and what army? Even if I were to give you ten years, you would still be too weak to stand up against
me. Just because you know some thugs in Jadeborough do not mean you can rule the place.

“All I have to do is make some calls, and you will lose your backup in seconds.”

Graham Group’s chairman? The most ruthless man in Jadeborough? The mayor? They are all nothing
in front of the Goldsteins. I can wipe them all out whenever I want to.

Even the most powerful, prominent family in Jazona is just our pawn. These thugs can do nothing in
the face of the Goldsteins.

“You have until the count of three. If I still see you in my house, I shall show you no mercy.” Jonathan
gave him an ultimatum, for all negotiations had broken down.

Ever since they exiled him ten years ago, they were already dead to him. If it weren’t because they
were related, he would have flattened them when he led his guards on the crusade in Yaleview three
years ago.

He had allowed the Goldsteins to survive the bloodbath in Yaleview when every single aristocratic
family was wiped off the surface of the world. Do they really think I’m scared of them?

“No mercy? Well, I would love to see it for myself then.” Tommy dismissed Jonathan’s threats. He
sneered and looked at the burly men in black. “Teach him a lesson, but make sure he stays alive. He is
of no use to me if he is dead.”

“Yes, sir!” The men in black obliged and charged toward Jonathan. They were obviously trained,
judging from how they moved. Every time they attacked, they went straight for Jonathan’s vitals.

If it were not for Tommy’s reminder, they would have gone for the kill right from the start.

“Very well then.” Even though the men were charging toward him, Jonathan showed no sign of panic.
He looked at them coldly and took a step ahead, just enough to keep Josephine behind him. Then, he
leaped into the air and slammed his fist against the neck of the man who was leading the pack.

Smack! A loud impact roared through the living room, and the man fell to the ground with a sickening
crunch before he could even react to the attack.

“How is this possible?” The moment his subordinate fell, Tommy felt his eyelid twitch. His eyes bulged
with disbelief.

The burly men in black were professional hitmen he hired from the black market with a profane amount
of money. Over the long years of their professional career, the hitmen had killed countless people, and
Tommy estimated that they would be put on trial for at least a few dozen murders if they were to be
brought to justice.

Not even the special forces were a match for them, let alone Jonathan. Or so Tommy thought.
However, the truth was always ready to teach him a lesson as he witnessed his nephew knocked one
man out with a single punch. To make things worse, that hitman couldn’t even react to it either.

How could this be?

While Tommy was still immersed in his shock, Jonathan leaped once more and slammed his fist
against another hitman’s head. A deafening thud growled across the battlefield, and the hitman’s head
rolled to the side before he blacked out.

Barely a minute after the battle had commenced, he already took half of the hitmen squad out. The
other half remained, but seeing their comrades tasting defeat so swiftly at the hands of a single man
struck fear into their hearts. They looked at each other which only intensified their terror.

Civilians like Tommy and Josephine might not see how powerful Jonathan’s punches were, but these
men could.

Even the world’s top hitmen could take out a fighter down with a single punch, let alone them. Nor
could anyone do that without their enemy showing any retaliation, but Jonathan proved them wrong.

The men in black suddenly came to a unanimous decision. “We have to kill him.”

At that point, they could no longer care about their employer’s orders. If they didn’t go for the kill, they
were certain Jonathan would slaughter them one by one.

Once they made that decision, the hitmen glanced at each other once more and whipped out their
weapons, aiming for Jonathan’s vitals.

Some of them held a triangular bayonet, while some held a gun, and some held a dagger. There were
a lot of weapons around, but their goal remained the same—to take Jonathan’s life.

“Insolent!” Jonathan had shown the men mercy, but they pushed their luck and tried to kill him. That act
of foolishness ultimately sealed their fates. He became a black silhouette as he leaped up into the air,
grabbed the neck of one hitman and snapped it backward.

A disgusting snap was heard through the living room as Jonathan broke the hitman’s neck, and the
latter fell to the ground before he could even make a sound. That was the first death.

“Open fire!”

The sudden murder caught the remaining hitmen by surprise. They were shocked, especially the one
holding a pistol. Panicked, he pulled the trigger and sent a bullet flying toward Jonathan.

The moment he pulled the trigger, Jonathan dodged it quickly and held the man’s wrist. He pulled it
back upward, and another sickening snap was heard as he broke the hitman’s wrist.

The man yelped in pain and dropped his pistol, only to it fall into the hands of Jonathan. Never would
the hitman imagine his last words to be a yelp, but he had no time to ponder on that matter because
Jonathan pulled the trigger and blew his brains out.

As the bullet pierced through the man’s head, blood splattered everywhere as a gooey matter flowed
down the hitman’s lifeless corpse.

The man in black’s whimper was cut short as he fell down with a thud. His eyes were still wide open
with shock and disbelief, contemplating the last moments of his life.

“You have no idea who you are dealing with. Using a gun against me was a mistake.” Jonathan
snorted. He twirled the pistol around his finger and sent a few more bullets flying at the remaining
hitmen. They were trying to attack him, but before they could even get close, they had already fallen. A
pool of blood started to form around them.

When the last hitman finally fell, an eerie silence descended upon the living room.

All the hitmen who were trying to kill Jonathan earlier were lying on the ground, lifeless.

Tommy stood before the horrific scene alone, gawking at his nephew. His soul was filled with fear and

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