Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 206

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The Legendary Man

You Meanie

“We’re done, you hear me? I have nothing to do with you or your family anymore, so leave. Leave right
now!” Josephine chased him off without hesitation.

Ever since Hugo kicked her out of the Smith mansion, she lost what little love she had left of him.

“Josephine!” The old man didn’t want to give up just like that. He gritted his teeth and eventually
kneeled before her. “Josephine, I’m not getting up unless you forgive me. I don’t care how long it

“Then you can kneel here forever. I couldn’t care less.”

It irked Jonathan to see Hugo pestering Josephine with his usual shameless routine. Since the Smiths
would stop at nothing to take her back despite their blatant betrayal, Jonathan saw no reason to show
them any more courtesy.

“As-” Hugo caught himself before he blurted Jonathan’s other name right in front of Josephine. The
murderous glare from his grandson-in-law sent a chill up his spine, and he immediately corrected
himself. “Jonathan, I-”

“Piss. Off.” If looks could freeze, the elderly would have turned into a human-sized popsicle right there
and then. “I want you out of my sight in ten seconds. Your time starts now,” Jonathan said imperiously.

“Y-Yes, sir! Right away, sir! Right away!” Hugo’s legs turned to jelly the moment he met Jonathan’s
gaze. Miraculously enough, he managed to get up and run away despite having jelly legs.

The thought of staying a moment longer terrified him.

After their father scurried off to save his own skin, Ezra and Miguel knew it was their cue to leave as
well. They looked at Jonathan for a moment before turning around to stumble off. They were
frightened, but they wanted to save their skin too.

A moment later, silence descended upon the living room once more. However, it did not last long.

“Jonathan, am I seeing things here? They seem to be scared of you.” Josephine looked at her husband
curiously. After all, she couldn’t believe Hugo could ever look that terrified.

“Who knows?” He shrugged. “They’re not afraid of me, I guess. They’re scared of the King of War.”

“The King of War actually stepped in?” She stared at Jonathan in surprise after hearing about that.
Jonathan actually got Zachary to help? The King of War?

“Yep.” He nodded. “How else did you expect me to save the entire Smith family? I couldn’t have done it

“And the Turners?” Josephine had more questions, but she was hesitating to talk about it. She was still
worried about whether the Turners would keep exacting their vengeance on them.

“Gone. Erased. Wiped off from the map of Jazona.” Jonathan smiled. “They foolishly enraged the King
of War, and it incurred his wrath. He pulverized them. So now you’re free of their threat. They are no

“Really?” Josephine’s eyes widened in surprise. She had a look of disbelief on her face, and it was
understandable. Even the governor had to tread lightly around the Turners. However, the King of War
snapped them out of existence as if they were just a group of inconsequential insects.

That is just so unbelievable. The King of War is an absolute powerhouse!

“Yes. I have no reason to lie to you, do I?” Jonathan smiled at her, then he looked at Margaret and
Connor, who were still hiding outside the door. “Don’t just take it from me. Ask those guys over there.”
They were still too afraid to come in, but they had no choice after Jonathan called out to them.

“I-It’s true. It’s all true. Jonathan did not lie to you.” Connor had mixed feelings about calling Jonathan
by his name so casually. Ever since he found out who the latter really was, he never dared to say his
name out loud.

I must be absolutely insane to call him by his real name. That’s Asura right there in the flesh! He can
wipe my family out anytime he wants to. Of course, I’m not gonna say his name out loud. This is like
that villain in that super famous franchise!

“Jonathan!” Josephine suddenly called out.


“Thank you.” She stared at the ground and kicked the table’s edge lightly. “And sorry you had to clean
my mess up for me.”

She couldn’t even bring herself to look him in the eye when she said that. After all, she had done
nothing except cause a series of problems for him lately.

Jonathan wasn’t angry. “What did I tell you about saying thank you? You don’t have to do that, you
know?” He smacked her head. “This is what you get for ignoring what I said. Stop saying thank you to

“Ow, that hurts!” She covered her head and shot a nasty glare at Jonathan.

“That is quite literally the point.” He rubbed her head happily. “It wouldn’t be a lesson otherwise.”

“Hmph!” Josephine rolled her eyes and looked at her parents. “You guys must be hungry, right? I’ll
make something for you to eat.”

She was about to get up and go to the kitchen, but her mother—who was still hiding behind the door—
was horrified. “It’s alright, sweetie.” She quickly stopped her daughter. “Just stay right there. Let me
handle this!”

Josephine was about to refuse, but Margaret would give her no such chance. She hurried into the
kitchen right after she told her daughter to sit down in case anything else happened.

“I-I’ll help your mother too.” Connor scuttled into the kitchen after his wife.

Once again, only Jonathan and Josephine were left in the living room.

Josephine was shocked when her mother actually offered to cook instead of letting her do it. “W-What’s
wrong with my mom?”

Margaret would never even step into the kitchen to do the dishes, let alone cook. Her father handled
most of the house chores, while Jonathan would pick up the rest of the slack. She wouldn’t even lift a
finger to help, no matter how busy they were.

What was up with that? Why’d she suddenly wants to cook? Did something happen? Something I don’t

“Who knows? Maybe she’s starving. Hunger can change people, you know,” Jonathan made up a
random excuse, but his real goal was to huddle closer to Josephine. Once she was within reach, he
quickly held her in his embrace.

He could feel her warmth on his skin, and she could feel his arms envelope around her. Josephine’s
breathing turned quicker the moment he hugged her, and her face started turning red. A moment later,

even her ears were scarlet.

“W-What are you trying to do, Jonathan?” She struggled to break free of his grasp, but it was futile to
try to escape from him.

“I’m hungry.” He gazed deep into her eyes.

“M-Mom’s going to whip up something soon.” She gulped nervously.

“Oh, I’m craving for something else.” Jonathan stared down and inched closer to her face, eventually
getting close enough to feel her breathing.

Josephine was as helpless as a lamb in front of its predator, but still she asked a stupid question
nervously, “W-What do you have in mind?”

“A snack.” Jonathan beamed at her and shut her mouth with a kiss.

Josephine grunted in protest as he kissed her. She even tried to struggle and resist, but to no avail. It
was impossible for her to free herself.

The crimson hue of her face became even darker. “L-Let me go, Jonathan. Dad and Mom are gonna
see us!” Josephine tried to push him away, but the harder she did, the tighter he hugged her.

“Oh no. I don’t think they will.” He slowly pried her mouth open with his tongue and stopped her
completely from talking.

Despite her protests, she couldn’t even say a word, no matter how much she tried. In the end, she
could only make muffled sounds to tell him she wanted it to stop.

Jonathan didn’t do as he was told. He kept the kiss on until Josephine was almost suffocating from the
lack of air a few minutes later.

“Jonathan, you’re such a meanie!” She stomped his foot angrily. That was my first kiss! And he took it
away from me just like that!

“Yep, but I’m mean to you, and only you.” He looked down again and shut her up with a kiss once

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