Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 205

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The Legendary Man

Bloodshed In Jazona

Bang! Terrence drew out his revolver and busted the officer’s head.

Before anyone could react, the bullet had drilled through and out of the skull, creating a puddle of blood
that continued to unfurl.

“Any more propositions, anyone?” Terrence darted cold glances at the officers and raised his revolver
again. They were shocked out of words, and they curled up in distress.

“Take all of them away!”

The Fang Dragon Guards reacted instantly to Terrence’s command and shoved the officers onto their

Meanwhile, something similar was going on at King of War residence.

The bigwigs over there were surrounded by the Fang Dragon Guards and had guns aimed at them.

Before they had the chance to say anything or wriggle, shots were fired straight into their chests.

Dead bodies piled up at the King of War residence.

In less than an hour, the troops exterminated every nob, who had anything to do with the Turner family,
at the King of War residence and the governor’s office.

While the bloodshed continued under the watch of Terrence, Zachary started another butchery with his
Divine Dragon Guards in Jazona’s cities.

Scores of families that had business with the Turner family fell under the guns of the Asura Guards!

The guns stopped them dead like deers in the headlights, and they were captured swiftly.

Before they could make anything out of what had fallen upon them, they’d become captives!

The Turner family, the most powerful people in Jazona and the so-called vice-governor of that state,
was smashed to smithereens within a day.

It was then followed by a thorough cleansing of the state itself.

Families affiliated with the Turners were gone in a night.

As for those high-rank officials of the governor’s office and the King of War residence, who had links
with the Turner family, were either captured or killed.

This prominent family of Jazona would forever cease to exist, and so would the governor’s office.

While Jazona was rocked to its core, Jonathan went back to No. 1 Villa alone.

The mansion was dimly lit.

Josephine was standing by the window and looked absolutely distraught.

She’d never worried so much about Jonathan like how she did today. His disappearance three years
back was less impactful on her.

Even she herself was unaware that he had gradually become someone dear to her heart.

Thud! Jonathan pushed the gate open.

Josephine jolted out of her thoughts and turned around when she heard the sound. She couldn’t hide
her feelings anymore as she dashed towards Jonathan. “Jonathan, are you okay? You aren’t hurt, are

“I’m fine.”

Jonathan smiled and gently stroked her head. “Those amateurs are out of my league. How could they
possibly do any harm to me?”

“Really?” Josephine couldn’t believe her ears.

“Really! Why would I lie to you? I’m Asura. They won’t have the guts to lay a finger on me, anyway.”
Jonathan let out a chuckle.

“Wanna see if I could annihilate the Turner family with just a command?”

“Stop it! I can’t believe that you’re still joshing around in a situation like this!” Josephine stared at him

“Alright, alright. I’ll stop.” Seeing her bloodshot eyes from the sleepless night, he knew that she was on
tenterhooks and stopped fooling around. He caressed Josephine’s head and caringly asked, “Were you
so worried about me that you lost sleep last night?”

“Hmph! Nope!”

Josephine refused to admit it. “I was worried about my parents!”

“Oh, really? Well, don’t worry. They will be back very soon.” Of course, he knew that she was just

Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Hastened footsteps could be heard, and Thud! The gate was pushed open once

It was Connor and Margaret. They were dressed in filth as they pushed their way into the residence.
Behind them were Hugo, Ezra, and Miguel.

“Dad! Mom!”

Josephine rushed towards them and asked if they were alright. She was worried about them too.

“Y-Yeah, we’re fine!” Connor forced himself to gently shake his head.

As for Margaret, she behaved less bitter. Instead, fear loomed in her eyes, especially when they fell
upon Jonathan.

How could she not feel fear?

Who would’ve known that her live-in son-in-law, whom she had been calling trash all this while, was the
legendary Asura? The only God of War in Chanaea!

Never in a million years did she imagine that she would be in this situation!

“Oh dear, it’s great to hear that you’re fine!” Josephine let out a sigh of relief when she saw Connor and
Margaret safe and sound.

Her strung-out nerves finally became slack.

However, her guard was up when she saw Hugo, Ezra, and Miguel. “What are you doing here? I’ve cut
ties with you!”

“W-We are here to apologize.” Hugo took a glance at Jonathan, quickly swiveled towards Josephine,
and started expressing his regret. “I’m sorry, Josephine. I’ve wronged you! I shouldn’t have disowned
you. It was an honest mistake! I now know that I’ve done you wrong. Would you forgive me, please?
Would you give me another chance?”

“Save your sorries.” Josephine hurled Hugo a cold response.

“I’ve cut ties with the Smith family since the day you shooed me out! Whether you’re right or wrong is
the least of my concern!” she continued.

Every speck of endearment to the Smiths had fled Josephine since the day Hugo cut her off in front of
the whole family.

It was pointless for her to live with her so-called family, who would throw her under the bus when they
sensed danger.

“Josephine, I really mean it!” Hugo fretted at Josephine’s nonchalance. “I’m still your Grandpa at the
end of the day, you know. Even if you don’t want to do it for me, do it for Connor! Give us—give the
Smith family one more chance, will you?” He tried hard to persuade her. “If you come back to the Smith
family, I’ll be more than willing to let you be the head of the household! But if you chose otherwise,
please, accept my sincerest apologies.” And he lowered his stance, ready to get onto his knees.

He was going to let his pride crumble!

Kneeling is no big deal. I will be on all fours if that’s what she wants. As long as she’s willing to forgive
me and come back to us, Asura will be our son-in-law! And his wife will be the head of the Smith
Family! I bet no one would dare to start a fight with us in the future.

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