Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 204

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The Legendary Man

A Massacre

“Under my order, you will lead fifty thousand men of the Eagle Dragon Guards and siege Jadeborough.
Not a single soul shall leave without my command! Kill anyone who comes in your way!”


Lieutenant Reaper got onto his feet immediately, and under his leadership, the Eagle Dragon Guards
swashed their way to Jadeborough.After they’ve left, Jonathan looked back at the Smith family, who
were on their knees. “I hope whatever that’d happened today will only be known to you and not anyone
else, especially Josephine. Do I make myself clear?”

“Y-Yes!” And the Smiths bobbed their head panickily.

No one dared propose otherwise.

Jonathan didn’t want to waste time on them and walked off right after he’d finished his sentences.

Sigh! The tense atmosphere in the warehouse instantly unraveled when he left. Everyone was relieved,
especially the head of the Smith family, Hugo. Plunk! Covered in a cold sweat, he slumped onto the

Never had he thought that Jonathan would let them go.

He presumed that they would be the next on the list after the annihilation of the Turner family!

His skin got clammier and clammier as he recalled how they kicked Josephine out of the Smith family
back then.

It was so close that it felt like he cheated death just by an inch.

After Jonathan’s departure, Jazona was whirled into new bloodshed!

At the governor’s office, it was as bright as daylight.

The establishment was packed with guards barricading it from a probable attack.

Being second to King of War residence in terms of authority in Jazona, this office always had its
security so tight that even a hovering fly would raise the alarm. Today, instead of guarding themselves
against petty sneak-ins, they would be facing off with hundreds of thousands of heavily armed soldiers.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp…

The army’s march roared so heavily and loudly that it seemed like the ground was going to give way
anytime now!

Waves of armored soldiers rolled into the governor’s office as swift as a sandstorm.

Seeing danger approaching, the security guards at the entrance immediately sat their gun stock on
their shoulders and aimed at the intruders.

However, those firearms were no match for the incoming troops. It was like beating one’s head against
a brick wall.

“Who are you? How dare you barge into the governor’s office!”

The chief security guard steeled himself up and stepped forward.

“I am Terrence Xavier of Kingshinton, and by orders, the Fang Dragon Guards and I are here to
expurgate the governor’s office!” Terrence bawled, and his armor clinked as he leaped off his horse.

“Terrence Xavier of Kingshinton?”

Gulp! Blood drained from the chief’s face when he realized who exactly he was dealing with.

Terrence Xavier, the Cardinal King of War?

What is he doing here in Jazona?

Isn’t he supposed to be guarding Kingshinton with the Fang Dragon Guards?

“The Cardinal King of War is here to expurgate the governor’s office? But by orders of whom, may I
know? I’m afraid that we weren’t notified.” The chief tried to maintain a strong stance.

“You have no rights to know whom I take orders from!” Terrence gave the chief an icy side glance. “You
have one minute. Tell your men to retreat, or else we will kill anyone who gets in our way!”

“But Sir—”

“Out of my way!” Terrence cut the chief off before the latter could say anything more.


“Fang Dragon Guards, on my command!” While the chief hesitated, Terrence raised his arms and got
his men ready for the attack.


His command reverberated across the air, and a plethora of soldiers with heavy-duty firearms stormed
into the building!

The chief was petrified by the sight of a vicious army charging toward him. He immediately turned
around and ran for his life!

The rest of the security guards did the same, and in the blink of an eye, the governor’s office was under
siege by ten thousand elite soldiers. Right when Terrence and his men got into the building, an angry
voice rang. “Who are you to misbehave at the governor’s office!”

An extremely unpleased-looking middle-aged man in uniform walked out of the office.

The armored men who flooded the hall instantly dissipated his haughtiness. Fear took over him in less
than a second, and he fled.

“Mr. Warhol, we are in trouble! We are under siege, and there are a lot of soldiers outside!” that man
yelled as he rushed into the meeting room that was filled with the big boys of the governor’s office.


Kingstone couldn’t quite make sense out of it. “Soldiers have put the governor’s office under siege?”

How is it possible that the governor’s office, second to the King of War residence in authority, be fenced

On the warpath, Kingstone strode out of the room. “Take me there!” he shouted.

A few minutes later, Kingstone got to the front lawn and saw soldiers in dark shiny armors swamping
the governor’s office grounds.

He could smell blood-thirsty beasts in the gun-wielding men as Terrence stood behind them!

“Is that—the Cardinal King of War?”

Kingstone froze when he saw Terrence. “W-What are you doing here?”

Shouldn’t he be in Kingshinton with the Fang Dragon Guards? When did he come to Jazona? How
come I knew nothing about this?

“By orders, I’m here to clean up this office!” Terrence announced his purpose and gave Kingstone a
quick glance. “Mr. Warhol, I’d advise you to stay out of this. My men and I are here to do our job, and
just so you know, we kill anyone who gets in our way.”

Isn’t that a threat? He is outright threatening me!

However, instead of getting hot under the collar, he felt chills shooting down his spine.

By orders? By orders of whom? Wait a minute. Only one person could’ve given orders to the Cardinal
King of War. It must be Asura! That’s it! That’s why they could enter Jazona just like that!

“Please proceed, Cardinal King of War.”

Kingstone retreated from a defensive stance, which hollowed the souls of every person in the

“Fang Dragon Guards, on my command!” Terrence bellowed.



The Fang Dragon Guards flocked in like wild geese. In the blink of an eye, all dignitaries in the
governor’s office were captured.

It took them less than ten minutes.

“What do you think you are doing? We work for the governor! Who are you to arrest us?”

“Let go of me! So what if you are the Fang Dragon Guards? What gives you the right to make an arrest
in Jazona!”

“Exactly! If you don’t let me go, trust me, I’ll put all your actions on paper and make sure that Asura
gets the news!”

The officers relentlessly fought back as they struggled to free themselves.

Their eyes were filled with rage.

So what if Terrence is the Cardinal King of War? This is Jazona, not Kingshinton! Who is he to arrest
the officers who work for the governor?

“Go ahead and write that letter, provided that you could step out of here alive!” Terrence’s eyes didn’t
even flick, and he replied in a steely matter.

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