Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 203

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The Legendary Man

The Turner Family Is No More

“You may rise.”

Jonathan stood up calmly.

He stared at the three hundred thousand soldiers kneeling in front of him and felt as though he had
traveled back in time. He recalled how he had led the four King of War and several hundred thousand
men to the battlefield.

Back then, he crushed his enemies and won every battle he was in.

That was how he managed to bring peace to the land within three short years.

“Understood, Asura!”

All three hundred thousand Asura Guards replied simultaneously before they stood up.

The situation was so ridiculous that one look was all it took to get a person’s heart thumping wildly.

Terrence, Dorian, and Zachary were all staring at Jonathan with admiration in their eyes, so it inspired
the others to be even more aggressive.

They felt as though they were on the battlefield.

Like Jonathan did earlier, they recalled the time they spent fighting beside Jonathan on the battlefield.

“Asura, how should we deal with the Turner family?” asked Zachary while still kneeling on one knee.
His eyes, however, shone with an immense desire to kill.

“Kill them all,” ordered Jonathan calmly.

Kill them?

Timothy instantly turned pale, and his lips started quivering.

He couldn’t even control his legs from trembling. A yellowish liquid drenched the middle part of his
pants soon after.

When he took a closer look, he realized that he had peed himself.


After receiving the orders, Zachary showed no hesitation and was quick to get up to go to the exit.

The members of the Turner family, however, instantly became engulfed in extreme fear. Zachary’s evil
glare and stance had scared them senseless.

They had never felt that close to death before.

“Listen up, men. You will now receive your orders,” announced Zachary after he exited the warehouse.
He had his hands up to get his men’s attention before he ordered, “Kill them all!”


It only took a moment for angry roars to fill the entire place.

To the Turner family, however, their roars inevitably had the same effect as the banshee’s cries.

In the blink of an eye, the region right outside the warehouse became hell on Earth.

Agonized screams, merciless execution… it seemed endless.

Thick, crimson red liquid drenched the entire place, and the pungent smell of blood swept across the

They were several meters away from the massacre, but everyone kneeling in the warehouse was still
so scared that they were trembling.

Their faces went pale.

They shut their eyes tightly and covered their ears because they didn’t want to hear or see anything.

A few minutes later, the screams stopped abruptly.

Overwhelming fear instantly filled everybody’s mind.

That was especially true for the sole survivor of the Turner family, Timothy. He was so scared that he
was cowering in the corner and had both hands on his head. At that moment, he looked like a
whimpering dog.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

A series of heavy footsteps echoed from outside the warehouse.

Zachary was drenched in blood, and he had returned.

Every step he took got the people in the warehouse to feel their hearts thumping. In that state, Zachary
looked as though he was a demon that had just escaped Hell.

He inspired the kind of fear that made others feel as if they would die if their eyes met his.

“Done?” asked Jonathan calmly as he looked over at Zachary.

“Yes. They are all dead,” replied Zachary while nodding.

“Then please deal with the last surviving member of the family,” instructed Jonathan. As he did so, he
shot a nonchalant look at Timothy, who was still cowering in the corner. He then walked ahead to lead
Zachary to Timothy.

When Timothy learned that he was the next to die, he stopped trembling in the corner and instead knelt
in front of Jonathan.

“P-Please don’t kill me. P-Please. I don’t want to die,” begged Timothy.

He was so terrified that he was on the border of losing his mind.

He had never experienced fear that intense before and had never been that close to death.

“It’s too late for that. I gave you a shot at redemption, but you didn’t take it,” replied Jonathan calmly
while staring at Timothy.

Jonathan even reminded, “It’s as I said. If Josephine is hurt in any way, shape, or form, I’ll kill you and
your entire family.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the glow in his eyes changed.

Jonathan never gave Timothy a chance to say anything else.

He simply stepped forward and grabbed Timothy’s neck. All it took was a firm twist and a loud crack!
Timothy died instantly as his bones snapped.


Timothy’s corpse fell right onto the floor.

No one could help but stare at Jonathan when that corpse fell onto the ground. Their eyes were filled
with terror.

He’s dead! The last surviving member of the Turner family died just like that.

They would never have believed it if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, but the most powerful of
the four prominent families had fallen within minutes. They were known as the vice governor’s office,
but despite all the power that came from that title, they still fell.

The way Timothy’s eyes had remained open after he died… It was especially eerie, and those who
were still alive couldn’t help wondering, Am I next?

“From today onward, the Turner family will no longer exist,” announced Jonathan calmly.

His announcement also meant that the Turner family, which was so powerful that even the governor’s
office had to be polite to them, had fallen.

“Zachary!” shouted Jonathan all of a sudden.

“I’m here!”

Zachary stepped forward and went down on one knee again.

“Your next mission is as such. You are to lead a hundred thousand Divine Dragon Guards and squash
all remaining influence the Turner family has in Jazona. I don’t want anyone with any connection to the
family to see the sunrise tomorrow.”


One command sealed the fates of thousands.

Zachary was quick to get to his feet and marched out of the warehouse. He stood in front of the Divine
Dragon Guards, all of whom were trained soldiers, and ordered, “Every Divine Dragon Guards is to
follow my lead now. We have a mission to work on.”


Two simple sentences were all it took for Zachary to lead about a hundred thousand Divine Dragon
Guards and had them march out of the warehouse with their heads up high.

After Zachary left, Jonathan turned to Terrence and said, “Terrence.”

“I’m here.”

Terrence hurried over and got on one knee to receive his orders.

“You are to lead a hundred thousand Anima Dragon Guards and annihilate every spy the Turner family
had in the governor’s office. You are authorized to kill anyone who opposes you.”


Terrence got to his feet.

He turned around and raised his hand and weapon to signal his men. “Every Anima Dragon Guards is
to follow my lead now. We have a mission to work on.”


One command allowed Terrence to lead a hundred thousand Anima Dragon Guards to march away.


“I’m here.”

Just as his colleagues did, Dorian rushed over and went down on one knee.

“Lead a hundred thousand Fang Dragon Guards and seal the entire state of Jazona up. No one is to
leave without my permission. Anyone who disobeyed that order will be killed.”


Schwing! Dorian unsheathed his red long sword and waved it in the air. “Every Fang Dragon Guards is
to follow my lead now. We have a mission to work on.”


Again, all it took was a few words to get the Fang Dragon Guards to work in unison.

In the blink of an eye, the hundreds of thousands of Asura Guards standing outside the warehouse left.
All that remained were Reaper and the fifty thousand Eagle Dragon Guards he brought with him.

“Lieutenant Reaper!”

“I’m here!”

Reaper followed his superior’s suit and hurried over before kneeling on one knee.

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