Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 201

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The Legendary Man


One order was all it took.

In a matter of seconds, countless soldiers in black armor stepped forward with their guns locked and
loaded. They would fire at anyone who dared to oppose them.

Fear instantly engulfed the Turner residence and agonized screams echoed.As the head of the family,
Titus was infuriated when he saw what was happening. He roared, “Which Divine Dragon Guards
division are you from? Who authorized this? How dare you attack my home? I will talk to the governor
about this in person and will report this matter to the King of War! Just you wait. All of you will be at the
mercy of a judge in court.”

Titus was so angry that he was trembling a little.

The Turner family was the most powerful of the four prominent families. Although the family might not
be as powerful as the King of War or the governor’s office, the Turners were still strong enough to do
whatever they please in Jazona.

How dare the Divine Dragon Guards come after us?

“Shut up!” said a soldier. Titus had just finished speaking at the time, but the soldier was so quick that
he had already whacked the back of Titus’ head. That hurt Titus so much that his legs gave way, and
he knelt on the floor.

Witnessing that got Hank’s eyes bulged in surprise. He screamed, “Dad!”


Hank barely got to finish his words before a gun went off and a loud bang disrupted everything. Thump!
A bullet had torn through Hank’s knee and forced him to kneel on the floor before he could even take a
step forward.

“We will kill you if you step forward again.”

The barrels of the guns seemed countless at the time, and every single one of them was pointed at
Hank’s head.

That frightened him so much that he didn’t dare to move a muscle.

It took less than ten minutes for the noise in the Turner residence to die down.

Hundreds of members of the Turner family were on their knees. No one was excused or pardoned, and
they all looked pale. Their gaze was blank, so they looked like mindless zombies at the time.

Titus, on the other hand, was gritting his teeth. He glared icily at the soldiers there.

Despite the dire situation, his aura remained strong, and he still acted like the head of the Turner family.
He threatened, “Just you wait. I will definitely report this matter to the King of War. Who ordered you to
come after the Turner family? And how dare he do that?”

Titus’ voice was incredibly icy, and it carried a hint of murderous fury.

Unfortunately, the Divine Dragon Guards stationed there didn’t even bother looking at him.

His threat had no effect on them at all.

Just then, a booming voice came from the other side of the door. A mysterious guy said, “There’s no
need to report anything. I’m the one who issued the order.”

Moments later, a middle-aged man in a military uniform marched into the Turner residence. Titus
stopped being that arrogant, and his eyes bulged when he saw that middle-aged man. The former said,
“King of War!”

“Enough. Stop shouting. I heard you the first time. Titus Turner, do you know why I issued the order to
attack your home?” asked Zachary, who frowned in irritation after hearing Titus’ unpleasant voice.

“I-I don’t know. W-Why did you issue the order?” asked Titus as he shook his head and gritted his

“Oh, is that so?” said Zachary upon hearing Titus’ response. He scoffed and challenged, “Then do you
know that your grandson, Timothy, has used the Divine Dragon Guards to deal with his personal

“He stole military resources?” asked Titus. A glimmer of horror flashed past his eyes as his expression

Sending the Divine Dragon Guards to do anything other than official government work… That… That is
a crime punishable by death! Even family members will be punished for it.

“Hank, what the hell is going on?” growled Titus who instantly turned to Hank and glared evilly.

That glare stirred something within Hank’s soul. Thump! He fell even further down and begged, “Dad, I
had only learned about this just recently as well.”

“That unfilial grandson! Argh, the entire family will die now because of him,” roared Titus. The glow in
his eyes died down a little as the last shred of hope dissipated.

He had spent decades building the Turner family up, and he never imagined that his useless, unfilial
son would end up ruining everything.

“Enough, stop pretending. It’s not like this is the first time your family has done something like this,”
said Zachary when he saw how Titus was pretending to be furious. He showed no hesitance in forcing
everyone to drop their acts. “I’ve long known about what your family did on previous occasions. It’s just
that I was too busy to deal with this matter before. Do you really think that I have been blind to
everything this whole time?”

“Y-You are aware of it?” said Titus. His entire body went limp as though his energy had been sapped,
and he slumped to the ground.

Titus had always thought that his family did everything so discreetly that it was not possible for anyone
to detect anything off. Turned out, Zachary had been aware of it the entire time!

“Your family fought the war by my side all those years ago, and many were wounded or sacrificed, so I
turned a blind eye to some crimes. However, I never expected your behavior to worsen as time passes.
You actually got the Divine Dragon Guards to go after the Smith family and almost attack Asura!”

He continued, “Do you honestly think that your family owns the whole of Jazona? Were you just going
to keep wreaking havoc if I never show up to stop you?”

Zachary’s gaze instantly turned cold.

He looked as though he was going to murder someone, and that caused a chill to run down Titus’
spine. Cold sweat dripped from Titus’ forehead as he asked, “A-Almost attack Asura? H-He’s here? In

Titus’ vision turned dark when he heard those words, and he almost had a heart attack.

That stupid Timothy went after Asura? What the hell? Is he trying to commit suicide? Or does he simply
want to see how fast and far the entire family can fall?

“There’s no point in saying anything else,” announced Zachary. He glared over at Titus, who looked
utterly hopeless. “Men, take them away,” ordered Zachary.


One order was all it took.

Thousands of Divine Dragon Guards immediately worked to take every single member of the Turner
family away.

No one was spared.

In the blink of an eye, the entire Turner residence was emptied. The vast estate was all but abandoned.

The only thing left was the red lantern, which was swaying and dancing with the wind at the side of the

Outside the Turner residence.

When Titus was chased out of the house, he saw that there were tens of thousands of armored
soldiers stationed all around. Every single soldier had pointed their guns at the Turner residence.

Countless cannons were there as well, and they were aimed at the Turner residence.

One word from the right man would turn the entire Turner residence into rubble.

Titus felt his legs turning weak. It got to the point where he was unable to walk anymore.

He was already in his seventies, but it was the first time he had seen something as incredible as that.

“Are these the members of the Turner family?” asked the Cardinal King of War, Terrence. He was
watching from the side when the entire family was taken away. He lit up a cigarette and continued
asking, “Why are we apprehending them? Why not just kill them all?”

His eyes shone with a cruel glint when he spoke, so no one would make the mistake of thinking that he
was joking.

“Asura didn’t issue the order, so I didn’t dare to kill anyone,” replied Zachary. He glared over, then
challenged, “Or… How about this? I’ll hand you the gun, and you can kill them. I’d like to see just how
gutsy the Cardinal King of War is.”

“No, thank you. I’d rather admit to being too cowardly.”

Terrence was so scared that he jumped backward. Similarly, Titus was frightened when he heard the
title of the Cardinal King of War. The former’s legs immediately gave way, and he fell right onto the

The Cardinal King of War is here too? If that’s the case, then the evil-looking guy with a red long
sword… Is that the Excalibur King of War, Dorian?

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