Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 202

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The Legendary Man


Inside the warehouse, Jonathan sat quietly on the chair.

Timothy, on the other hand, was on his knees and was bleeding all over. Despite his situation, he didn’t
move a muscle.

Heck, he was too afraid to even breathe too loudly.

The warehouse was eerily quiet at the time with nary a sound. Hugo was the most surprised and at a
loss for words. He was actually tempted to slap himself across the face.

He would never have imagined the truth to turn out this way, not even in his wildest dreams.

The live-in son-in-law that he had hated and discriminated against all those years ago… Never in his
wildest would he have thought that the guy would turn out to be the incredible Asura.

The legendary Asura being the live-in son-in-law of the Smith family…

It was simply too wild to be true… heck, it was too wild, even if it was a dream!

Ezra and Miguel were in trouble as well. They were trembling in fear as they knelt on the ground.

They thought about how they treated Jonathan in the past, and that scared them so much that their
sweat had drenched the back of their shirts.

They thought about how Josephine and Jonathan had chased them out of the Smith mansion earlier.
The mere memory of it got them so frustrated that they wanted to slap themselves across their faces.

I can’t believe we were so dumb!

Utter and completely untreatable retardation—that was what they felt like they were.

I can’t believe we chased Asura out of our house! Are we just subconsciously suicidal?


Their minds were drowning in anxiety when a loud boom suddenly came from the other side of the

Bright lights simultaneously shone up from all angles soon after.

That turned the warehouse into a shade of white.

Hundreds of thousands of Asura Guards marched over as soon as the lights came on. They acted as
though they were killing machines, and their unified stomps made it sound as though they could crack
the Earth.

Everyone in the warehouse could feel their hearts thumping to the beat of the steps the Asura Guards

To the ones kneeling on the floor, the Asura Guards’ steps were like the steps of the Grim Reaper.

It was terrifying.


An angry roar filled the place. It didn’t take long before a soldier in black armor rushed into the
warehouse and went down on one knee in front of Jonathan. The soldier then reported, “All five
hundred and thirty-one members of the Turner family have been arrested. No one was spared. We’re
awaiting your orders now.”

“You may leave.”

Jonathan waved his hand and prompted the soldier to get back up and leave.

When Timothy heard about how every single member of his family was apprehended, his vision turned
dark. His heart ached as well, and it was as if he had been struck by thunder.

Thump! He sat down on the floor.

It’s over. The entire Turner family has met its end.

His horror didn’t just end there. After the soldier in black armor left, Zachary walked into the warehouse
with his green military outfit on. The latter went down on one knee as soon as he saw Jonathan there.
“Zachary Lint, Vanquisher King of War, reporting for duty,” said Zachary.

He had just finished speaking when… Thump! Thump! Thump!

It was another series of heavy footsteps. The Cardinal King of War didn’t waste any time. He entered
the warehouse right after and went down on one knee in front of Jonathan as well. “Terrence Xavier,
Cardinal King of War, reporting for duty,” said Terrence.

Terrence? The Cardinal King of War?

Hearing Terrence’s title made everyone even more on edge.

That’s Terrence Xavier, the Cardinal King of War!

He leads an army of a hundred thousand Anima Dragon Guards and is responsible for keeping
Kingshinton safe.

In three short years, he made it so that no one dares to invade the state.

One of his battles took place while he was armed with only one weapon. He destroyed countless
enemies at the time.

That battle earned him the title he owns today.

At first, everyone thought that only the Vanquisher King of War, Zachary, would be there, so they were
surprised to learn that the Cardinal King of War, Terrence, had shown up as well.

Everyone had their eyes on Terrence when a man with a red long sword strapped to his belt suddenly
stepped forward. Thump! The man went down on one knee as well.

“Dorian Chance, Excalibur King of War, reporting for duty.”

Dorian Chance… THE Dorian Chance? The Excalibur King of War?

Boom! Everyone felt like a bomb had instantly gone off inside their minds.

They couldn’t believe that even the Excalibur King of War was there.

So, aside from the Thunder King of War, Kane Dunst, every other King of War has traveled over?

That was when the change happened in their minds.

It didn’t matter how surreal or how improbable things seemed earlier. At that point, they had to believe
Jonathan’s claim about being Asura.

After all, there was only one person on Earth who could get the Cardinal King of War, the Vanquisher
King of War, and the Excalibur King of War to kneel down.

And that person was Asura!

“Lieutenant Reaper, reporting for duty.”

Everyone was distracted, so it surprised them when Reaper stepped forward to kneel in front of

Hearing that name, Reaper, confused everyone and got them curious.

Lieutenant Reaper? Who is that? When did he join the ranks as one of the King of War?

The crowd was confused, but Jonathan was calm when he turned to Reaper and asked, “What are you
doing here? I’ve already said that those from Beshya need not travel over.”

“The Thunder King of War ordered me to take fifty thousand Eagle Dragon Guards over to help you,”
replied Reaper with his head down. He couldn’t even bring himself to look Jonathan in the eye. Reaper
may be stubborn and may disobey Terrence and Dorian, but he couldn’t help trembling endlessly when
he was with Jonathan.

That was understandable since the man sitting in front of him was the legendary Asura.

Everyone in the military regarded Asura as a deity and a living legend.

“How are things in Beshya?” asked Jonathan. He didn’t bother asking about why the Thunder King of
War disobeyed orders and sent Reaper over with the Eagle Dragon Guards.

Instead, Jonathan wanted to know about Beshya.

“The West Region army has withdrawn, and the Thunder King of War is currently chasing after them.”

“They withdrew?”

Jonathan was a little surprised to hear that.

Still, he couldn’t help laughing aloud when he heard about how Kane was leading fifty thousand Eagle
Dragon Guards and was chasing an army of over a hundred thousand men. “That matches his style.
He really is a borderline suicidal punk. I can’t believe he’s chasing after that army with only fifty
thousand men with him.”

The crowd turned to one another when they heard that comment.

No one dared to say anything about it.

The renowned Thunder King of War had led ten thousand Eagle Dragon Guards to keep Beshya safe.

Hence, he was a ridiculously powerful being as far as many were concerned.

Yet, to Jonathan, that man was nothing but a punk.

It seemed that only Jonathan would have the guts to make a comment like that. If anyone else had said
that… Kane wouldn’t even need to lift a finger. Reaper would likely kill that person on Kane’s behalf.

“All right, get up,” ordered Jonathan while waving nonchalantly.

However, no one stood up after receiving Jonathan’s orders. Terrence, Zachary, and Dorian kept

They turned to each other, then to the crowd.

The second they did so, all eighty thousand Divine Dragon Guards they had with them knelt outside the

“The Divine Dragon Guards are here to report for duty.”

Everyone knelt in unison.

Mere seconds after they said that, the fifty thousand Eagle Dragon Guards followed suit and knelt
down. After that, they said, “The Eagle Dragon Guards are here to report for duty.”

“The Anima Dragon Guards are here to report for duty.”

“The Fang Dragon Guards are here to report for duty.”

Their voices were so loud that it felt as though they could fill the sky.

It was also booming, and it was so ridiculous that earmuffs might be warranted.

Their aura of hostility and violence was so strong that anyone could sense them, and one look at the
army could spring anyone to action.

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