Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 200

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The Legendary Man

Executed On The Spot

Bang! With just a kick, the gate broke into pieces.

On the heels of that, innumerable soldiers dressed in black armor swarmed into the Turner residence.

As soon as they stepped in, they held the middle-aged man and the servant he held by the collar at

“W-Who are the lot of you?” At the scene before his eyes, the middle-aged man was still a touch
panicked at that moment despite being the captain of the Special Forces Team Eight.

Just the number of soldiers blocking at the front of the Turner residence amounted to several thousand,
not to mention the legion of soldiers outside who had long since surrounded the Turner residence.

Hundreds of soldiers were aiming their guns at him, and they could instantly riddle him with bullet holes
with just a single shot each.

“The Divine Dragon Guards!”

A cold voice rang out from the troop of soldiers.

“The Divine Dragon Guards?” A flash of surprise fleeted across the middle-aged man’s eyes when he
heard that.

In the next instant, his expression changed, and he questioned sharply, “Which team are you from?
And who ordered you to besiege the Turner residence? Do you know who I am? I’m Yoel Turner, the
captain of the Special Forces Team Eight! Have your commander come forth to meet me!”

Upon hearing that, the soldiers of the Divine Dragon Guards aimed their guns right at his head, not in
the mood to yak with him. “You speak too much! Surrender immediately, or you’ll be executed on the

Executed on the spot?

Yoel’s face contorted with rage the second he heard that threat. “I’m the captain of the Special Forces
Team Eight! Go ahead and harm a hair on my head if you dare! You—”


Before he had even finished speaking, a gunshot pierced the air, the bullet hitting him right at the knee.

With that, his legs went weak.

A thud sounded as he went down on one knee.

“I’ll give you one last chance. Raise your hands and surrender!” The Divine Dragon Guards wore icy
expressions on their faces, exuding murderous intent.

Yoel was visibly shocked by the scene before him, and he anxiously demanded, “Where is your
commander? I want to see him!”

“You want to see me?”

No sooner had his words fallen than a chilly voice sounded outside the fallen gate. Subsequently, a
man in a military green coat stalked in.

The instant Yoel saw the man, his face paled, and he hastily cried out, “The captain of the Special
Forces Team Eight, Yoel Turner, at your service, Sir!”

“Didn’t you say that you want to see me? I’m the commander of the operation this time. Do you have
any objections to that?” Zachary drawled, casting him an airy glance.

“I dare not, Sir!”

Yoel lowered his head immediately, not daring to utter a single word further.

“You dare not?” Hearing that, Zachary sneered. “Is there anything the Turner family dare not do in
Jazona? The eldest son of the Turner family mobilized the Divine Dragon Guards without permission
and captured the entire Smith family, even almost seizing Asura himself. Is there really anything the
Turner family dare not do?”


Yoel’s eyes popped in shock. He gaped at the man incredulously, and even his voice was seemingly

“W-What did you just say, Sir? Timothy almost seized Asura?”

That’s Asura, the only God in Chanaea and also in the hearts of the Four Asura Guards! Back when he
led us all into battle, we defeated the enemies in a mere three years and restored peace to the country.
Yet, that idiot almost took him into custody?

At his shocked expression, Zachary threw him a wintry look. “As a captain of the Special Forces of the
Divine Dragon Guards, you should know full well the penalty of mobilizing the Divine Dragon Guards
without permission, don’t you?”

“Y-Yes!” Yoel hung his head, too afraid to look the man in the eye.

As a captain of the Special Forces of the Divine Dragon Guards, no one knows the rules of the Divine
Dragon Guards better than I do. Every single one of them is an ironclad rule, and violators will be

punished according to military law!

“So, what’s the penalty?” Zachary questioned in a frosty voice.

“The entire family will be executed,” Yoel answered through gritted teeth.

Never had he felt so close to death.

Even back when he battled the nations and almost died on the battlefield innumerable times, he had
never been as terrified as he was right then.

“Since you know the rules, you don’t need me to tell you what you should do next, do you?” Zachary
regarded him coldly.

The color drained from Yoel’s face, turning it ashen.

“I know what I should do. I’m sorry for having violated the rules of the Divine Dragon Guards, Sir!”

After saying that, he gritted his teeth and whipped out a gun from his pocket without warning, putting it
right at his temple.

A bang rang out, and a golden bullet pierced his head.

Blood splattered everywhere on the ground.

Yoel’s eyes remained wide open as he collapsed in his own pool of blood. Resentment remained in his
gaze even after he had breathed his last.

“Well, at least he had some guts and didn’t bring shame to the Divine Dragon Guards!” Staring at the
man’s body, Zachary harrumphed before ordering, “Attention, everyone! Wipe out the Turner family! Do
not spare even a single one of them!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Following that order, the soldiers in black armor stormed into the Turner residence without a second’s

Meanwhile, those at the Turner family’s family banquet were utterly oblivious to everything that had
transpired outside the residence.

Seized by a sense of foreboding, Hank frowned.

Just when he was about to get to his feet and go outside to check things out, heavy footsteps suddenly
echoed in the room. Immediately after, countless soldiers in full armor charged into the Turner

Wielding weapons, they moved in an orderly fashion.

As soon as they stepped in, they promptly pointed their guns at all the members of the Turner family.

“Who are you guys?” someone cried out upon seeing the scene unfolding right before his eyes.

“The Divine Dragon Guards!”

An icy voice came from the soldiers.

“The Divine Dragon Guards?” The moment those words rang out, the initially boisterous banquet
plunged into a deathly silence. Titus, who was at the head of the table, frowned. Standing up, he
inquired, “Why did you barge into our residence?”

“Do you truly not know the answer to that?” Snorting, one of the soldiers in the lead barked, “Everyone,
raise your hands and surrender immediately! Those who resist shall be executed without fail!”


At that word, Titus’ expression swiftly changed. With his gaze fixated on the Divine Dragon Guards that
resembled a black sea, he asked, “Who gave you the order to intrude into the Turner residence?
Where is Yoel? Where is he? Have him step out!”

“There’s no need to look for him anymore; he’s already dead.” Eyeing him glacially, the soldier in the
lead waved a hand and ordered, “Move it, men!”

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